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Things I Pray I Never Forget

Things I Pray I Never Forget

I don’t know if I am ready. I look down and feel your soft cheek and stare in awe at your long eyelashes. Squeeze your tiny foot and notice how it fits into my whole hand. You are growing so quickly and have slipped into our family with such ease, I feel like we are missing the moments, the milestones. You’re grabbing things with intent now and try to put them all in your mouth. I don’t know if I’m ready for you to be my last baby. The last one I get to cradle and comfort. The last one I get to nurse, the last one I get to squeeze and kiss.

So here are some things I hope I never forget:

  • Your superman like stretch when I lift you up after a feed. Your arm goes up your back stretches out and you make the cutest little expression on your lips.
  • Your sweet sweet milky kisses
  • Your chunky, chunky, chubster thighs and all their beautiful squishiness
  • The way your little feet kick like crazy in the bath
  • The way you have discovered how to suck your thumb, and the intent you look at your hand with as you turn it to put into your mouth
  • Your chubby little hands, soft fingers and dimpled knuckles
  • Your sweet little gurgles and baby sounds
  • The way you giggle when I tickle your neck
  • Your little mouth pulling down and your button nose wrinkling up when you are upset
  • Your chubby, chubby soft cheeks (there’s a chubby trend here in case you didn’t notice)
  • Your call at night when you wake for a feed, it’s like a little kitten
  • The way your arm rotates and hits me in the chest when you are nursing, and the way you stare into my eyes
  • The way you sometimes stop, mid feed, just to pop your head up to look at me. You make me laugh so much!

Motherhood is always such a catch 22. You want your child to grow up strong and healthy but at the same time you never want them to grow up at all. Some people think I’m absolutely mad, not knowing if you are my last baby or not, but its easy to consider another when you are so very easy to love my Raya Bug. Thank you for choosing us to be your parents and thank you for coming into our lives.

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