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Design A Friend Doll Review And Giveaway

Design A Friend Doll Review And Giveaway

Still wondering what gifts to get for the festive season? Well look no further for the perfect gift for little fashionistas 🙂

The girls were recently sent a “Design a Friend” Doll and they are besotted, to say the least. She goes everywhere with them.

I never thought I would have “girly girls”, being a boy mom for so long, I hardly even know how to plait hair, let alone have daughters that love dolls, tea parties and all things pink. Funny how life works because my daughters ask to wear pretty dresses everyday, and their toys of choice? Any doll or baby.

We got “Candy” – she’s a gamer, just like my daughters brothers 🙂 As her name suggests she’s as sweet as can be but when it comes to gaming she’s as competitive as they come.  Each “Design a Friend” doll has their own special character, with a unique outfit and special charm bracelet.

Candy Girl measures 46cm tall, I love that she is so big, the girls “walk” with her and it really does make her feel like a “best friend”.

Candy wears the cutest pink ‘Gamer At Heart’ sweatshirt, a skater skirt, trainers with satin laces & super cute unicorn gamer headphones, can we make these in real life child sizes please?

She has blue eyes that close when lying down & super silky pink hair for styling in the latest trends. A super soft, huggable body for lots of cuddles, but can also raise her arms and legs in life like positions. Design A Friend dolls celebrate childhood, encourages imaginative play and inspires children to be themselves.

Designed for the love of fashion, every Design-a-Friend doll comes dressed in on-trend, fashion quality outfits so you can dress her, style her, change her outfits as you do every day. A little girl’s dream.

To find out more about the full range, check out more at 


To celebrate the Festive Season, I’ll be giving away 1 x Design A Friend Doll (Candy) and 1 x Design A Friend Doughnut Time Pyjamas.

To enter:

Drop a quick comment below (In the comment section)

Make sure you are following @inthesestilettos on Instagram, and like and comment on the Design A Friend post there too.

That’s it! Quick and easy and you could be wrapping one of these beauties up as a gift

This post was written in collaboration with Design A Friend

Flash Giveaway – Win tickets to the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 premiere

Flash Giveaway – Win tickets to the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 premiere

Lockdown 2020 saw my boys being introduced to the world of Sonic (and gaming). They are obsessed, they LOVE the movie, they LOVE the game and they LOVE the character. We were sadly disappointed at the lack of Sonic merchandise available in South Africa and even considered shipping some in from the UK for birthdays last year. Retailers, could we get some more Sonic toys please?

The good news in our favourite little blue hedgehog is back for a next-level adventure in SONIC THEHEDGEHOG 2. After settling in Green Hills, Sonic is eager to prove he has what it takes to be a true hero. His test comes when the villainous Dr. Robotnik returns, this time with a new partner, Knuckles (my son Yusuf always chooses to play this character), in search of an emerald that has the power to destroy civilizations. Sonic teams up with his own sidekick, Tails, and together they embark on a globe-trotting journey to find the emerald before it falls into the wrong hands.


We get our first screening in South Africa this week, and the boys are SO EXCITED! To celebrate the launch of the new movie, i’ll be giving away 3 sets of tickets across Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg for the first screening on Wednesday 30th March at 17h30.

To enter: Simply comment below with your email address, city of choice and the name of the villain from the Sonic movie. Please ensure the email you leave is one that is checked regularly, as I will be communicating the winners details through that.

Details are as follows:

Cape Town

30th of March at Cavendish 2 at 17h30


30th of March at Rosebank the Zone 3 at 17h30


30th of March at Gateway 16 at 17h30

Each person will win 4 tickets to see the movie, including popcorn and drinks.

Giveaway will end on March 29th at 12 noon, winners will be announced through Instagram that evening.

Healthy School Lunch Box Ideas + Giveaway with Kiddylicious

Healthy School Lunch Box Ideas + Giveaway with Kiddylicious

Hands up to all the moms of serial snackers !! From the moment my kids wake up to the second they lay their heads on the pillow at night, I feel like they are constantly asking for snacks. I am always on the look out for new snack or lunch box ideas so when Kiddylicious approached me to “swap out” the unhealthy snacks, I jumped at the challenge!

I’ve found myself in a bit of a rut recently with school lunches. Whether its lack of time, laziness or just uninspired because its the end of year, I’ve been feeling like a pack the same lunch for the boys every day of the week. I previously shared some lunch ideas on the blog which kept me going for some time, but preferences also change. For example, I have been told that I’m not allowed to pack pizza anymore, because its cold (turns out his preschool teacher used to warm it up for him all this time) – so that quickly eliminated that option. Schools also place restrictions on bringing nuts or granola bars with peanut butter in etc, so it limits our options a little more.

I sat down to create 4 new lunch ideas, swapping out the cookies and chip treats I added in the last one, with healthier options from Kiddylicious.
Why 4? Well, because once I week I let him order tuck 🙂 Every mama needs a break right?

We always use Sistema lunch boxes because of the bento style layout. These are perfect for serial snackers and allow me to separate everything comfortably.

Option 1: Tomato and cheese skewers, biltong for a protein, Kiddylicious cheese stars, a citrus, grapes and our cult favourite, Kiddylicious coconut rolls.

Option Two: “Crustless quiches” (egg muffins are sooo quick and easy to make), popcorn, grapes, cheese, Kiddylicious fruit wriggles and some veggie straws.

Option Three: Chicken pops, rice crackers, strawberries and watermelon with Kiddylicious cheese straws and a strawberry fruity bake as a treat.

Option Four: There is nothing wrong with a good old sandwich, I try to steer away from them too much as the kids get a sandwich and fruit for their first break at the school, so I don’t give them everyday. Yes, this is on white bread and yes, my kids do eat brown as well (just in case there is judgement here). A cheese sandwich with cucumber and carrots, a citrus served with Kiddylicious strawberry fruit wiggles and the divine apple soft biscotti.

Option Five: Tuck Day 🙂 He always orders a toasted cheese sandwich in any case, but if you really wanted one; go with some mini meatballs (woolworths does a great option for kids), yoghurt covered rice cakes, apple slices, yoghurt served with Kiddylicious banana coconut rolls!

Its so easy to make sure no unhealthy treats slip in with brands like Kiddylicious helping us to tackle good food options.

GIVEAWAY – Win a hamper filled with Kiddylicious snacks and a Sistema Lunch Box

Make sure you are following In these Stilettos and Kiddylicious over on Instagram. Tag a fellow mum who could use some inspiration.

Comment below on what you would swap out in your lunch box?

Competition is open only to residents of South Africa, winner will be announced on Friday 15 October 2019.

Sleep Aids To Help Baby – The GRO Company

Sleep Aids To Help Baby – The GRO Company

Just when the boys started sleeping through the night (well almost, apart from jumping into our beds every other night, but that doesn’t count does it?), we go and dive into the newborn realm again. Cue broken sleep, swaddling and constant bags under my eyes.

I thought we were pretty sorted, with Raya being our third child there wasnt much that we “needed” in terms of product, in fact, for my baby shower, I asked for vouchers just to stock up on nappies etc. Let me just tell you however, since having Yusuf 4 years ago, so much has changed! There are alot of new products on the market that we never had with the boys.

The GRO company recently launched into the South African market, through TommmeeTippee and over the past month I have been using some of the award-winning sleep aids that they produce.

Both Raya and my youngest son are winter babies, which typically involves a ton of temperature control and sleeping sacks. The GRO Company was founded by two parents who battled to get their baby to sleep, they were introduced to “Sleep Bags” and after a 12 hour sleep as a result, the Grobag was born! Since then they have diversified their range all with the aim to help with a better nights sleep. So if you’re a mama to be, or are battling with bed time, you may want to read on and add some of these products to your wish list!

The GroEgg2

The GroEgg is a fantastic addition to any sleeping space. In the blink of an eye you can glance to check that the room temperature is comfortable for baby to sleep in. It changes colour based on the temperature, blue being too cold of course and red being too hot. At optimal temperature it gives off an orange/yellow hue. It also acts as a fantastic night light.


Our little “Owlie” is a gorgeous addition to the nursery and as baby gets a bit older will be a great soothing comfort to her (if her brothers give it back to her). The little friends can attach to the side of the crib and play soothing lullabies. They are sound activated and can sense crying, so when baby wakes the Gro Friend plays sounds to soothe and comfort baby. Its travel friendly and also has a nightlight option.

  • Their built in CrySensor allows them to listen out for noises made by baby. When the CrySensor is activated, the Grofriends will automatically start playing their soothing sounds and help settle your child back to sleep.
  • Ollie The Owl and Percy The Penguin can hear all noises within a room but are specifically programmed to react to crying or sharp sounds which may disturb your child.

The GRO Snug

This has been used every night for the past 3 weeks! The GroSnugis a 2-in-1 swaddle and sleep sack. You can keep baby’s arms in, or open up the poppers to let them out. Raya has quickly outgrown hers (she is super tall) and we will absolutely be buying another one. Ours is a gorgeous coral/pink colour it has a unique shaped skirt giving baby plenty of room to kick and sleep in a natural froggy legged position. Its suitable from birth upto 5.5 kgs. Personally I LOVE that it opens up from the bottom, meaning you can easily do night time nappy changes without disturbing baby.


One of my favourite products from the Gro Company has to be the GROclock. My boys are absolutely loving it! I was struggling with my youngest son waking up at the crack of dawn and not going back to sleep. The GROclock allows you to set a “wake up” time. The LCD screen shows images of the sun, moon and stars to communicate sleep and wake up times. It shines a sunshine yellow when its time to “wake up”. It has a digital clock but it also has visual imaging. Once you set the clock for the night, it has “stars” around the face, with each star representing an hour of sleep. So for kids that can’t tell the time, they can easily wake up and see “there are 3 stars left”. It has an alarm clock feature, which my eldest loves. Now when they wake up all the do is glance at the screen to see if its wake up time.

Other features include a handy key lock option so kids can change the time by themselves as well as an option to set two separate wake-up times; one for nap time and one for night.

The boys anxiously waiting for their clock to turn to sunshine, which means they can leave their room.

GRO Swaddle Dry

All hooded towels are NOT created equal. This uniquely shaped swaddle towel is an absolute game changer, especially in winter! Made from the softest puredry mirofibre it makes for super quick and easy drying for baba, wrapping her up in a blanket like warmth after her bath. The swaddle shape helps me to wrap her up tight and settles her quickly after bath time.

Its machine washable, can be tumble dried and it comes in 4 fun characters. The Swaddle Dry is suitable for upto 6 months and from there they can move onto GRO Towels which are made from the same super soft and absorbent puredry microfibre, as well as the GRO Robes which I think I need to get for the boys.

The Gro Company products are available from, Baby City, Loot, Charleys Boxes, or selected BabiesRUs stores.


As a mum of 3 I know the value of a good nights sleep. I have reached the depths of exhaustion and have tried every single trick in the book. Together with the GRO company I will be giving away a hamper to one lucky parent.

The prize includes:

  • 1 x Grotowel
  • 1 x Grobag 1 TOG 0-6m
  • 1 x Groegg2
  • 1 x Grolight

To enter: Make sure you are following In these Stilettos on Instagram and Facebook. All entries will be done via the social media pages and winners will be announced on Thursday June 20.

Win a Keedo Voucher – Eid Outfit Inspiration For Kids With Keedo

Win a Keedo Voucher – Eid Outfit Inspiration For Kids With Keedo

The excitement of the morning, waking up before sunrise to prepare for the morning prayer, getting dressed in your very best clothes, eating delicious food and receiving “Eidee” (presents/money) from family. Eid is such a special day for children around the world. Its a celebration of accomplishments and the blessings that we have to be thankful for, to signify the end of the holy month of Ramadaan. With a little over a week to go until the special day, parents everywhere are starting to shop around for Eid outfits for their kids.

It can be hard to find something that looks good, feels good, and can last for a whole day of prayers and festivities. I normally find it to be such a challenge to find cute outfits for the boys that they are able to comfortably play around and last the whole day in. Its either got to be super casual, because if I do go more formal, the jeans are normally too stiff for them to play at ease.

Keedo’s new “Twilight Garden” range has a slightly more formal look to it, whilst still maintaining the comfort and durability that they are known for, making it perfect for special occasions like Eid. Keedo is one of my favourite brands for children, and the fact that I can finally venture into the pretty girls side, makes my heart jump for joy! They are proudly South African and are ethically made, producing clothes that are made for the “adventurous child” who embraces life to the full and loves to be outside and exploring. Sounds like my boys!

I chose for the boys (or rather they chose for themselves), for Yusuf: the “Bookworm Top”, I love the classic lines of this long sleeve top and its a gorgeous thicker fabric with a stretch to it. Stone wash jeans and a Canvas Jacket. For Aadam we chose the “Take Flight” vest, Tab Shirt, Boys Jeans and Smart Cap. I even picked up something for baby Raya Maryam!

The boys will be able to comfortably play around and last the whole day in their Eid clothes this year, and they are already fighting over who gets which outfit! Check out your nearest Keedo Store or online to have a look at your Eid Inspiration.

Giveaway – Win a Keedo Voucher

To help you along the way together with Keedo, I’ll be giving away a R350 Voucher for you to spend towards your shopping! Entering is as simple as following both “In these Stilettos” and Keedo on Instagram and commenting on the picture what you love most about Keedo! Winner will be announced on Monday June 3rd 2019, allowing you enough time to squeeze in your Eid shopping!

Eid Mubarak !!

*Disclaimer* I received a Keedo Voucher to purchase these items, but all opinions and views are my own.

Get in on the action with the Oreo Cup Challenge

Get in on the action with the Oreo Cup Challenge

One thing you are guaranteed to find in our house, at any given point, is a good old pack of Oreo’s. We like the original ones, with vanilla cream. We also love a good competition, in fact, I’m a little nervous at how competitive the boys are becoming! The timing of the Oreo Cup Challenge which launched recently, has been perfect, with a little extra time to spend with the boys on maternity leave, I have been introducing Aadam to the world of gaming (he already considers himself an F1 guru on the PlayStation 🙂 )

Oreo’s have always been about bringing people together, whether you are twisting, licking or dunking, the brand stands for uniting people, creating conversation and connecting people with lighthearted fun. The range currently spans across the newer Golden range, Original, Oreo Chocolate Crème and a fan favourite, the Oreo Enrobed. If you currently have any of these packs around your house, you can enter the game.  These wonderfilled games will continue to encourage people to come together as they are and connect with the people and world around them.

The Oreo Cup launched globally early on in March and will run till 31 May 2019. It is really simple to enter: simply take the last 4 digits from your barcode number on your favourite Oreo product. The size doesn’t matter, whether it’s an individual 4 pack, or giant-sized Oreo Golden you are set. Each time you enter a barcode number, you receive credits which you can use to play and compete with people from across the world.

If you are lucky enough to get on the leader board (trust me, it’s harder than it looks), there’s a Huawei P20 mobile phone up for grabs, cash prizes and even a PlayStation 4. There are also weekly prizes including Takealot vouchers, airtime and HiSense Smart TVs available to win.

To play any of the games, buy any participating OREO and dial *120*8826# or visit Once you’ve logged into the cup website you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different games: There’s Oreo Ladder Dunk, Oreo Crazy Twist, Oreo Flash Lick, Oreo Seesaw Twist and Oreo Spiral Dunk. Follow @Oreo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

If you are in the following areas, you can join in the fun with the Oreo Cup Activations:


  • Mall of the North – Pick n’ Pay Court: 27 and 28 April

Kwa-Zulu Natal

  • Gateway – Game Court: 4 and 5 May

Port Elizabeth

  • Pier 14- Shoprite Court: 11 and 12 April

Cape Town

  • Canal Walk – Checkers Court: 17 and 18 May
  • Tygervalley – Woolworths Court: 24 and 25 May 

I’m still trying to practice enough to get score over 1000, and beat my husband but so far, I’m failing dismally at both. Word of advice the Oreo Seesaw Twist is way harder than it looks. I think it may be easier to do on a phone rather than a computer.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page for a little snippet of us trying to make our mark globally, but right now I’m off to buy another packet of Oreos, not like I needed an excuse in the first place 🙂

Giveaway + Review : Natralogic, South Africa’s Leading, All Natural Maternity Skincare Range

Giveaway + Review : Natralogic, South Africa’s Leading, All Natural Maternity Skincare Range

Something about becoming a mother changed my whole outlook on life. My overall awareness of dangers around us and what we put into and onto our bodies. I became more aware of all the harsh chemicals in the products we use (particularly on my children), so why should the products I use be any different? Lauren, founder and creator of Natralogic, felt the same way when she became a mother. Most products for pregnant mothers contained harmful ingredients that are actually not recommended for use during pregnancy and are associated with a number of health issues. She saw a gap in the market and jumped on it, and I’m so very glad she did!

A few weeks ago I featured Natralogic on my “Love Local” series, and I have been using the products close to 2 months now. I wanted to do my review as always, after a using the products consistently over a few months. I have to be honest, at the time Lauren contacted me I had never even heard of “Natralogic”, but now that I’ve started using it, its something I want to continue to purchase, even after baby is here. You can read more about Lauren and her story here.

Let’s dive into my review of these proudly South African, all natural, maternity skin care range.

First up and most important, in case you weren’t aware: Natralogic products are cruelty free (certified by Beauty Without Cruelty), COSMOS NATURAL certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to COSMOS standard, Certified Vegan by the Vegan Society, Clinically and Dermatologically certified and are formulated with Certified Organic Ingredients – Did you get all of that??

The full product range currently consists of (available online):

Cooling Leg Gel – To be honest, I would not even call this a gel, as that conjures up images of a thick sticky solution. It’s almost like a liquid lotion, does that make sense? All active ingredients are focused on healing and anti-inflammatory and it has a fabulous peppermint smell that is an instant pick me up. In fact, across all of the products, the natural scents are deeply relaxing. This cooling leg gel improves circulation and reduces water retention and is a welcome relief after a long day at work or running after the boys.

Exfoliating Crème – This instantly transports me to a spa. It’s an absolute treat to rub this into my tummy and thighs before jumping into the shower. The only two improvements I could think of are that  I would like to buy it in a slightly bigger bottle, and I feel the product could be a little bit thicker. That’s me really trying to think of a reason it could improve. The idea behind the Exfoliating Crème is to remove dead skin cells, to speed up cell renewal, and to boost the skin’s natural repair process. It prepares the skin for better product absorption of the toning massage oil. It’s recommended to use the two together to maximise benefits and minimize stretch marks! It leaves my skin fantastically smooth and it has literally become a pre shower “treat” to use.


Toning Massage Oil – An absolute winner! It has a subtle citrus undertone that instantly uplifts your mood. The unique blend of natural oils and ingredients are meant to help shape your contours and reduce the appearance of cellulite. To be perfectly honest, the appearance of cellulite is not high up on my priority list whilst pregnant so I haven’t actively looked or noticed a difference in that regard, but I do know that its kept my skin wonderfully hydrated it, and I literally feel like I’ve had a full body treatment at the spa. Its fast absorbing and doesn’t leave an oily residue at all.

 Tummy Crème – I want to call this “Yummy”, I know that’s a weird word to associate with a beauty product, but that’s exactly what this cream is. Its luxurious and well, “creamy”. It was specifically designed to prevent and improve the appearance of stretch marks and I’ll be using it well after pregnancy too. The ingredients focus on promoting collagen and elastin which improves overall skin tone and elasticity. Again, my only complaint about this product is it’s not big enough!!! I also wouldn’t mind seeing in available in a tub as an option, but that’s just so I can scrape out every last inch of it 🙂

Nipple Crème – I’ll be honest in saying I haven’t really “tested” this yet, because I’m still patiently waiting madam’s arrival. I can speak however from the perspective of a mum who has breastfeed two kids so far in saying a good nipple crème is a huge in your breastfeeding journey, and I have tried and used a lot of brands. Natralogic use 100% ultrapure medical grade lanolin and it’s consistency did not come across as sticky at all. I’ll report back on this one after a few weeks, but so far I like what I have seen.

So there is my honest review on the range and I mentioned it in my previous post, but I want to emphasis it again, I am completely and utterly impressed by the luxury and feel of these products. To have something of such a high standard, created by an incredible woman, just blows me away. If you have any questions on the products feel free to comment below, I would would love to hear from you!

Natralogic is available to purchase through their online store – shop here.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

This review is sponsored by Natralogic, but all views and opinions are my own. 

GIVEAWAY – Here comes the exciting part!

Together with Natralogic I’ll be giving one lucky mama to be a hamper worth over R1000. This range is truly luxurious and is the ultimate treat! I honestly want to spread the word far and wide over the quality of this range.

You can enter either via Facebook or Instagram, by clicking on the relevant links.

Competition closes at Midnight on April 17th and winner will be announced the following morning.

My Ultimate Christmas Wishlist {Giveaway}

My Ultimate Christmas Wishlist {Giveaway}

I’m not that fussy when it comes to gifts, in fact, one of the most memorable gifts my husband has ever given me, I’ll never forget, was the year he gave me a pack of socks for my birthday! Of course, there was another gift attached to it, but he bought me the socks because he knew that all of my socks were “holey”. It honestly was the most thoughtful gift and one that I will remember forever.

So here’s my ultimate Christmas Wish List. Some smaller, some bigger but all are perfect for me, and you of course ! Keep on reading and there may even be another little giveaway involved, something just for you, because we all need a little spoiling!


From Top Left to Right:

  1. I have made no secret over my love of Lush Products. This Stardust gift set contains some of my absolute favourites including the Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt and the Snow Angel Shower Gel. R785
  2. This pregnancy has got my legs and feet aching almost daily. A famous “Mama Mio” Pregnancy Massage from Life Day Spa would go down an absolute treat! R710
  3. I am in dire need of a new purse. I think I’ve been using the same guess wallet for the last ten years and I’ve been lusting over this “Cara Wallet” from Poetry South Africa. R650
  4. I almost cried when Urban Decay announced they were discontinuing their original “Naked” Palette, thankfully they have redeemed themselves with this incredible Naked “Cherry” Palette. R875.
  5. A lady can never have too much jewelry. This Pandora Reflexions bracelet offers a
    range of mesh bracelets that are elegant, feminine and timeless. They can be personalized with clip on charms ! R1199.00
  6. I think a scented candle tops my wish-list every year, I could have one burning in every room. A scented candle adds glamour and elegance into any room and this Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede candle tops my list! Available from Woolworths at R565.
  7. Since they launched a few weeks ago I have been obsessed with these Festive Gift Sets from Dermalogica South Africa. My choice would be the “your most radiant skin set” which includes the raved about rapid reveal peel as well as Dynamic Skin Recovery. Available from their new stand alone store in Sandton, online, or any Dermalogica approved retailer. R1295.
  8. Le Creuset has had my heart for years and I cook daily in their cast iron pots. This Pasta/Salad Bowl in Carribean Blue is the perfect accessory to any summer table! R670.
  9. Of course I couldn’t choose just one and the “Sleepy” Shower Gel” from Lush South Africa is possibly one of my favourite scents in the whole world. R315/520g
  10. I think I feature a marble and rose gold cake stand every year from Woolworths South Africa. This year the trend continues and as does my love for this two tier Marble and Copper Cake Stand. R599.
  11. This “White Lily and Peony” glass scented candle from Poetry South Africa would look perfect on my dressing table. R199.



I promised a bit of a treat 🙂

Together with Pandora South Africa, I will be giving away one beautiful Reflexions Bracelet to spoil either yourself, or someone special in your life worth R1 199.00. Pandora wants you to get the perfect reaction this festive season with their range of beautiful jewellery pieces. PANDORA Reflexions offers a range of mesh bracelets that are elegant, feminine and timeless.

To enter:

All you have to do is comment on this article on why you love Pandora Jewellery.

Make sure you are following one of Pandora’s social media accounts; Instagram: @theofficialpandora

or Facebook: @PandoraSouthAfrica as well as “In these Stilettos”.

Share this article to spread the love !

Competition will close on December 16th 2018. Open to Residents of South Africa Only. Winner’s name will be picked at random.

#PerfectGift #PerfectReaction #PandoraStyle #ArtofGifting


Top Tips For Travelling With Kids {Giveaway with Trunki South Africa”}

Top Tips For Travelling With Kids {Giveaway with Trunki South Africa”}

As families across South Africa start gearing up for their annual summer holiday, a load of parents may be faced with anxiety about flying with their kids. My boys have been fortunate enough to fly a few times and I’ve put together some of our “flight saver” tips. I’ve spoken about general travelling tips with children before, but today I want to focus on packing the perfect in flight bag.

Before you fly

Thinking about the time of your flight. If it’s a long haul night time flights are often the best so you can prepare your child for a night time sleep. Try not to book at peak hours as hopefully there should be a little extra space.

Get them excited – an airport is probably one of the most exciting places in the world for kids. Prepare them on what’s to come, read stories about flying in the sky, get them their own little suitcase and let them choose their own comfort items. Trunki South Africa plays a huge part in creating this excitement. They believe that “travel is about creating new experiences, creating memories and making every journey just as exciting as the destination.” Every little traveler needs a Trunki, and trust me mama’s it will make your life a whole lot easier. It’s great for keeping the kids entertained during long waits in the departure lounge and it can also be a handy way to pull them along when little feet get tired. The design options are incredible and it was a tough choice between mummy’s favourite “Pedro the Pirate” or the boys choices which were “Rocco Racer” and “Tipu Tiger

Preparation of your in-flight bag

It all comes down to careful planning.  I map out essentials needed for the flight so we are never left in an awkward situation. Separate packets that contain snacks, medicine, entertainment, so its easy to quickly whip out.

Activities to keep to them entertained.

You want to pack non bulky items that are easy to grab and don’t have a thousand and one pieces involved (no lego please).

Melissa and Doug make the cutest “On the go” range which are always included in our travels. One or two small toys – for us that’s super hero figurines and cars of some sort. Activity books – these range from colouring books to sticker albums and our favourite Tower Kids activity packs for easy and convenient entertainment. Of course we bring along a tablet with our favourite Netflix series downloaded when we need quick saves.

Emergency Medicine

My kids are typically quiet healthy the whole year around, bar birthdays and travel. Isn’t life funny? All of a sudden my healthy 5 year old will come down with a fever or tummy bug the day of travel.

As they are a little older now so thankfully our medicine pack is a little smaller but I never travel without Panado/Nurofen, celestamine for pesky post nasal drips, and a saline spray. Alongside that I pack in Tissues, some Dettol Wipes and the water-less hand sanitiser.

Comfort Toy/ Warm Jacket

We never travel anywhere without our favourite travel pillow and the boys best teddy or toy. It’s no secret that aeroplanes are freezing, I always pack a warm hoodie and extra socks to change into.


You can never have too many snacks on hand when travelling with kids. Our favourites include the Kiddylicious snack range with its yummy wafers, coconut rolls and cheesy straws. Yoghurt covered rice cakes are a staple in our house as are good old apples. Crackers, raisins and of course you need a few bribery items for meltdowns. Mini Marshmallows are our trick!

The right luggage

A durable suitcase is a must for flying, you don’t want to be dealing with sore shoulders or broken zips. Our Trunki came just a few days after ordering and I can safely say these things are darn durable. They have been through the wars already with the boys racing around the house, so that 5 year guarantee is pretty handy! It has convenient lockable latches and a and handy key keeping all your secrets safe and sounds, with the key cleverly added into the tow strap, so you will never have to dig in the endless pit of your handbag. The 18 litre storage capacity carries all you need and then come and when comes to the actual flight itself, preparation is key.

All of this fits into their very own Trunki Suitcase which they pull along. Once we are on the plane I pull out the essential items and away we go! PS the Trunki can also double up as a foot rest on the plane for the kids. Slide it between the seats and the kids can sleep with their feet up!

You can find out more about Trunki here:





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{Giveaway} – The Importance of Oral Hygiene In Our Children

{Giveaway} – The Importance of Oral Hygiene In Our Children

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with an Oral Hygienist from Colgate-Palmolive and we spoke about all things related to Oral Health, not only ourselves, but in our children as well. I have a life long fear of the dentist (don’t tell my kids), and I’m determined to pass on positive oral hygiene habits. Having a sister in law as a Dentist adds to the pressure 🙂

As parents I think we all face the same struggles getting our toddlers to brush their teeth. My eldest has always been easy going and has pretty much mimicked mum and dad, down to the gargling and all. My youngest on the other hand, had to literally be pinned down whilst screaming just so I could get in and do a quick sweep of his mouth. I certainly didn’t encourage this, I’ve always “given” my boys the toothbrush and let them learn through experimenting. My youngest however always just bit the brush and then threw it down, with his affiliation to anything sweet I knew I had to do more. Thankfully that period of persistence has paid off and now he confidentially brushes his teeth with mummy doing a “once over” afterward.

On our first few trips to the dentist we took a teddy with to make it a more positive experience. The dentist first did a once over of “teddy’s” teeth, before moving onto the boys. This in itself created a fun, positive experience.

I asked if you had any questions related to Oral Hygiene in your kids and I have your answers, and then some! Have a read to see some of the most common problems we all struggle with as parents:

– I sometimes have to literally hold my two year old down screaming while i brush their teeth, is this normal? Should I continue to force him until he gets used to it, or should i adopt a more gentle approach?

The best way to teach a child to brush is through mimicking their parents. That being said up until the age of about 10 years old, children should be supervised by their parents when brushing, to ensure an effective brush. Sometimes children do need a “little forcing”, its not something that should ever be done in a rough way, but its essential their teeth are clean. Routine keeps kids safe so starting that routine of morning and night time brushing as soon as possible is important.One of the best things to do with your children is to let them brush their teeth in front of a mirror, so they can watch themselves brushing.

– What age should you let your child start brushing their own teeth?

You should start brushing your child’s teeth from the time the first tooth erupts. In babies you can wipe their gums with a damp face cloth. Its recommended that parents brush their child’s teeth until about 9 or 10 years old.

– Can drinking cows milk before sleeping (after brushing teeth) cause erosion?

No. Simply drinking from a bottle cannot cause teeth decay, however, it’s the length in time you let a child suck on that bottle that can cause milk caries. Sometimes referred to “early childhood caries”, a common problem among children under the age of five, but can be avoided through awareness and prevention. White spots on a tooth’s surface are early symptoms of baby bottle tooth decay. At this stage, fluoride treatment or placing fluoride varnish can be used to remineralize all of the teeth.

– What is the recommended age for a child’s first trip to the dentist?

From the time the first tooth erupts. The sooner you go the better. Even if it Is just to familiarize them with the environment. Remember a Dentist’s office is very clinical. There are scary looking instruments, masks and gloves, so taking a child from as young as possible just to eliminate fear is often a good place to start.

– Ive heard children are starting to loose their first teeth earlier? previously I thought it was 6 and 7 but now I hear children as young as 5 are, is this normal?

Yes perfectly normal. There is a broad spectrum and depending on genetics and care, children between the ages of 5 and 7 can loose their teeth. There is an eruption chart but this is only a guideline.

– At what age do children start using a normal fluoride toothpaste? Should it be when big teeth come through?

Children can use an “adult” amount of fluoride toothpaste from the age of about 6. The Colgate toothpaste for 6 years + actually contains the same amount of fluoride in it as adults toothpaste, its just the flavor that differs. You should always use an age appropriate toothpaste for your children as higher amounts of fluoride in the toothpaste can damage younger teeth. Colgate’s toothpaste are all designed to cater for the age groups with the appropriate amount of fluoride in them.

– Is there a proven correlation between strong teeth and calcium intake in children? Should I be making sure my kids drink full cream milk/ yoghurts?

Genetics has a strong role to play in overall teeth and bone health. We should always encourage a healthy diet in our children

– How long should we brush our teeth for? 

Two minutes is the ideal amount of time. You can use a little sand timer to show your children the length of time, or some of the more expensive tooth brushes also play songs or have a light.

– What age can a child use mouth wash?

Mouth wash is not recommended until 6 years of ages. All of Colgate’s mouth washes are alcohol free. For children between 6 and about 10 its not advisable to use a mouth wash daily, rather twice a week.

So what is the “correct way” to brush your teeth?

Yes, ill admit it, I’m a bit of a “scrubber” when it comes to my teeth, but there is a recommended way that we should be brushing:

For effective oral cleaning, its always best to use a soft toothbrush (not medium or hard as this can cause gum erosion) . Hold the toothbrush horizontally against the teeth, with the brush halfway between your tooth and your gums. Brush in small circles, focusing on the areas between the gum edge and tooth to gently remove plaque. When it comes to the surface of your molars, there it is effective to ‘scrub” back and forth. Always remember to brush your tongue from back to front and to rinse with water well afterward.

Buy a brush, help a child:

Colgate is also running an incredible CSR initiave. Everyone deserves a future to smile about, and now you can help too! In partnership with the Dis-Chem Foundation, Colgate-Palmolive South Africa is running the“Buy A Brush, Help A Child” campaign. For every toothbrush bought at a participating Dis-Chem pharmacy, a toothbrush, toothpaste and access to oral care education will be given to a child in need. With the help of Dischem, the aim to is reach 1.7 Million Children. So if you need to stock up on new toothbrushes, head on over to Dischem and purchase a Colgate toothbrush to help a child in need.


Ill be giving away a hamper from Colgate-Palmolive valued at R400 to one reader. The hamper is packed full of Colgate products for your whole family, including new toothbrushes and toothpastes.

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