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A new look and formulation for our favourite all purpose cleaner. Handy Andy goes greener !

A new look and formulation for our favourite all purpose cleaner. Handy Andy goes greener !

You may have noticed a bit of a change to your beloved Handy Andy Cream. In keeping up with Unilever’s Clean Future Strategy, the new bottles of Handy Andy cream feature a new modern look, improved product formulation and an innovative packaging.

The bottles are now 100% recyclable and is actually made with partly
recycled materials, while the cream itself has an improved formula
consisting of 100% natural cleaning particles and a 100% biodegradable fragrance. Yes it may be gentler on the environment, but its certainly tough on stubborn dirt and grease, leaving shiny clean surfaces with no harmful residue. You can clean the grease and grime off your kitchen counter with an easy to rinse formulation that allows you to simply wipe off the dirt and enjoy hygienically clean and beautiful surfaces.

As South Africans we are looking for effective cleaners, that are safe for our families and the environment. A product, like Handy Andy Cream, that we can use across different surfaces and for various different uses. It leaves no harsh residues behind and is easy to rinse, this is great news for parents who worry with their children crawling everywhere!

Tying in with the more natural feel, Handy Andy has also replaced Ammonia with a new, uplifting Eucalyptus fragrance. This new variant comes in 500ml, 750ml and 5L. It leaves behind a wonderful, fresh scent and is harnesses on the powerful properties of Eucalyptus.

The Handy Andy cream is available at all major leading supermarkets across the country.

** This article is written in collaboration with Unilever and Handy Andy South Africa.**

Handy Andy makes it easier to go green.

Handy Andy makes it easier to go green.

We all want to “go greener”, but it’s often harder to achieve then we thought, especially when it comes to cleaning products. Handy Andy launches a new innovative Floor and All-Purpose in bid to reduce consumer plastic waste

Have you seen the new Handy Andy Floor and All-Purpose concentrated refill? The new 200ml refill allows consumers to refill and reuse their Handy Andy 750ml Floor and All-purpose bottles for life.

Unilever’s commitment to decreasing the use of virgin plastic and single-use plastic is part of their Clean Future Strategy and the 200ml and 750ml bottles are 100% recyclable once the plastic cap and labels are removed. Unilever has committed that by 2025 it will halve its use of virgin plastic, by reducing its absolute use of plastic packaging by more than 100,000 tonnes and accelerating its use of recycled plastic.

The refill contains a 3,75x concentrated formula, delivering the same superior clean for which Handy Andy is known and loved. It’s made with 60% less plastic (compared to a 750 ml bottle). In this case, going smaller is certainly better; as the refills are lightweight, on both your pocket and on space which is something I ALWAYS need. The 200ml Concentrated Refill contains Handy Andy’s cleaning expertise, combined with the germ-killing power of Domestos that kills 99.9% of germs while leaving your home smelling great with that added streak-free shine. An added plus for me is that there no bleach in Handy Andy Floor and All-Purpose products, giving me more peace of mind with the kids always all over the floor.

To dilute; simply pour 200ml concentrated refill into an empty 750ml Hand Andy Floor and All-purpose bottles and fill with 550ml water. Close lid and shake well to mix. The 200ml Concentrated Refill comes in 3 variants, Ocean Fresh, Lavender Fresh and Pine Fresh. Handy Andy floor and all-purpose cleaner can be used on laminate flooring, tiles, or polished concrete, so you can have shiny clean floors and surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and all areas of your home. Not recommended for painted wood or metal, or linoleum floors.

Handy Andy offers a range of home cleaning products with great, fresh scents, to cater for your every cleaning need. For more ideas and tips, check out :

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Handy Andy South Africa

5 Habits To Implement Today To Keep A Tidy Home

5 Habits To Implement Today To Keep A Tidy Home

We all have that one family member or friend who just knows how to keep a clean house. It never really matters what time of day you visit them; their home always looks the same, spotless! There are no dishes in the sink, kids toys or clothes strewn around, no dust and grime build up on their surfaces. It’s something I DREAM about, having 4 kids in a pretty open plan house, you will always find bowls in my sink and toys scattered everywhere. Staying at home as much as we have has forced me to try to be more organised and neat, just to maintain some sense of sanity.

The truth is though, keeping a tidy home does not always mean having to spend long hours cleaning from top to bottom. In reality, all it takes is a few good housekeeping habits to help you keep your home tidy, with minimal effort. Together with Handy Andy, I have put together five of my best daily cleaning and organization habits, to try to keep my home in order.

1. Freshen up your bedroom first thing every morning

All those TikTok videos and boarding school rules can’t be wrong! While many people might see this as the “least essential” task in cleaning, something as simple as making the bed sets the tone for keeping your space neat and tidy. It also helps you start the day productively, which is likely to be carried out throughout the day.

2. Clean as you go

We have all heard this one before, even though we often forget just how important it is. Putting things away immediately after using them or cleaning up even the tiniest messes can be the difference between a tidy home and an unkempt one, TRUST ME, this has been one of the biggest lessions learn’t cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner for 6 everyday. Adopting this habit will make your life just a little easier while allowing you to use your time purposefully. For example, when walking from room to room, tidy up while you move along. Teach your children that before they take out a new toy to play with, they need to put the other ones back. Wash your plate immediately after eating, or wash those utensils while the food is cooking. Next time you’re in the kitchen waiting for the water in the kettle to boil, try grabbing your cloth and your trusted cleaning product to get a quick clean. It’s amazing what you can get done in those 5 minutes. For a quick spray on and wipe off clean, try the Handy Andy Kitchen Spray. It is fast-acting and highly effective on daily kitchen dirt, leaving your surfaces hygienically clean in just 10 seconds.

3. Don’t forget your floors

Floors are the one surface in your home that experience the most traffic, which means they can get quite messy quicker than any other surface in your home, especially when you have white tiles like we do! When your floors are clean, it lifts the entire room, it’s definitely worth the time put in. The cleaning products you use on your floors also matter, so make sure that you invest in quality products that get the job done efficiently and don’t leave a sticky residue. A product like the Handy Andy floor and All-Purpose cleaner is an excellent example of a product worth purchasing for your home. Not only does it clean stubborn dirt on floors and other surfaces around the house, while killing 99.9% of germs I might add, but it also leaves a streak-free shine and a fresh fragrance.

4. One room at a time

The thought of having to clean various spaces at the same time can often leave you feeling overwhelmed before you even begin. To avoid that daunting feeling you get when it comes to cleaning, try tackling one room at a time. I’ve learnt for example, to NOT start with my kitchen, in fact it doesnt even make sense to go in there until after everyone has finished their breakfast runs. Dedicate specific days to deep cleaning certain areas and use a multiple purpose cleaner so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of swapping out products based on the room you are focusing on. The country’s most trusted multi-purpose cleaner, the Handy Andy Cream, gets rid of grease and stubborn dirt with ease making it the perfect tool to help you tackle the dirt around various surfaces around your home. Everyone loves a product that gets the job done right in a fraction of the time, right?

5. Have a spot for everything

Finally, and this has been my pet project over the last year, the tidest homes often “have a place for everything.” This means being a lot more organised and, at times, chucking out the things you might no longer need. Keeping your home tidy daily becomes much easier when you know where everything needs to go. Put things back in their designated spots immediately after using them, (don’t put it down, put it away), hang up your clothes if they are clean after taking them off or simply throw them into the laundry basket immediately after use. Try strategically placing storage baskets or containers around the house, for example, we keep a basket on our stairs for shoes. I went label mad last year and now everything has it’s own place.

So there you have it, five daily habits for a clean and tidy home which have helped me, as one of the world’s messiest people, get my life back in order. Hopefully, these tips will motivate you to begin making these minor changes for a spotless home. Remember that adjusting to new habits may take time, so don’t be too hard on yourself when you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, ust take it one room at a time. Try out what seems manageable for you, and set yourself “15 minute” challenges. Did any of these help? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

  • Disclaimer – This article was written in collaboration with Handy Andy South Africa.
12 uses for Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid

12 uses for Sunlight Dishwashing Liquid

Sunlight Liquid dish soap is a staple in most households around Southern Africa, but do you really know ALL the ways you can use your dish soap? We use Dishwashing liquid on stains, for kids’ fun, as a degreaser the list is endless, so I thought I’d put together a full list of my favourite Sunlight Hacks.

Easy Window Cleaner

I’ve often made up this concoction if I run out of “normal” window cleaner, and you can never even tell the difference. Sunlight liquid makes a fabulous window cleaner. Mix up a teaspoon of vinegar with 2 teaspoons of Sunlight dish soap and about a litre of warm water Soak a clean cloth into the mixture and wipe your windows down, dry immediately with a microfibre cloth. Apply the same method to your shower door if its glass!

General Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser

Sunlight Liquid can pretty much be used in every area of your home. It’s great on tiles and is pretty darn good at getting grout clean too. Struggling to get that garage floor clean? Try mopping/sweeping it with a solution of Sunlight and water. Use it diluted as an all-around solution for Kitchen Counters, walls, and floors. 


I’ve showed this before on my Instagram, but we LOVE to make our own bubbles with Sunlight. Grab an old tennis racket and a nice big dish. Mix about ½ cup Sunlight with 1 tablespoon of glycerin (totally optional, I’ve made it without as well), and about 3 litres of warm water.  Warm water always gives better bubbles and don’t “stir” too much, just a gentle mix to incorporate it into the liquid and you’ll get nice big bubbles. 

Carpet Stain Remover

Ok, so using Sunlight to remove carpet stains might sound a little weird, but stick with me, it actually works on a multitude of stains, we even use it in our laundry. To get the stains off your carpet, mix a little Sunlight with hydrogen peroxide and pour it into a spray bottle.  Spray the mixture unto the stains and leave for a while.  You will be shocked at the result.

Jewelry Cleaner

Has your ring lost its shine? Maybe you should wash some dishes 🙂 Sunlight is very gentle on your precious gems and won’t damage them. Mix up a bowl of warm water with a squirt of Sunlight dish soap.  Dip an old toothbrush in the mixture and gently scrub your jewelry until it is looking brand new again. Dry with a microfibre cloth.

Tool Cleaner

Garage tools, especially when used on your car, tend to get really dirty and greasy. In a bucket with warm water, pour a small amount of Sunlight into it. Leave your tools in to soak for about 30 minutes and dry them off well to prevent rust. My dad would always come into the house after working in the garage and wash his hands with some dish soap to get the grease off.

Brush Cleaner

There are many ways you may clean your makeup sponges. I alternate between my hair shampoo and Sunlight, depending on what I have on hand. Squeeze a little Sunlight Liquid straight onto your hand and rub your brushes on your palm in circular motions to remove all make up. Repeat until it runs clear and rinse well. Dry flat on a towel.

Weed Killer

This is one my mum taught me, not only does it kill certain weeds, but it works well to repeal certain pests as well.  Using Sunlight will quickly solve the problem.  Mix 1/2 cup salt, about 8 cups of white vinegar, and 1 teaspoon dawn dish soap.  Spray the mixture directly onto the weed.

Sensory Foam

Another winner for kids’ activities. Take about ¼ cup of Sunlight Liquid with a small amount of water (probably about 1/8 of a cup), blend up with an electric beater until you get firm bubbles. Add in food colouring to add a little colour to your foam.

Glasses/ Scuba Mask Cleaner

Glasses are one of the hardest things to keep clean and they always have a habit of fogging up, especially with face masks! To keep your glasses from getting too foggy, just use a little sunlight liquid. My uncle always swore by this and still does it with his scuba/snorkeling masks. Use a clean cloth and rub a small amount of Sunlight onto the glasses, and wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth. 

Braai Cleaner

The anti-grease powers of Sunlight work wonders on a braai stand. I once read a fantastic tip that said to put about 3 liters of water into a tub with a cup of Sunlight. Soak overnight and in the morning give it a soft brush and voila! Easy peasy.

Paint remover

I’m talking about your kids paints here – Oil paint stains on your favourite table or counter? Rub them away with some sunlight liquid!

How many ways do you clean with Sunlight Liquid?

How to clean with minimal effort

How to clean with minimal effort

2020 was the year we all started to clean, just a little more and I don’t think that trend is going anywhere in 2021. We are all spending more time at home, trying to juggle work, family, cleaning and household chores while everyone remains at home. Time is a commodity, and how we spend it is crucial. This is why when cleaning your home, using the right products and a routine makes the world of difference especially when it comes to your time and making your life easier. Finding the right cleaning product for the job—whether it’s removing stains on your kitchen stove or eliminating the stubborn grime in your bathroom, finding the right product to do the job is half the battle won.

Together with Handy Andy, we’ve put together some simple tips that will help you keep your home spotless with minimal effort.

Declutter as often as you can

Yes, coming from the queen of clutter, I am saying DECLUTTER. Thank you to all who joined me on my recent Declutter challenge, but I’m not done yet! Keeping your home spotless with minimal effort means incorporating changes that will make the cleaning process quicker and hassle free. One of the best practices you can incorporate into your cleaning routine is decluttering the spaces around your home as often as possible.

Clean as you go

Another thing I am starting to practice more of, especially as I spend more time in the kitchen with everyone at home! Sometimes it’s easy to put cleaning the tiny messes you make around the house on the back burner, but these end up contributing the most to the bigger mess you have to clean in the near future. Cooking in my house typically involves a lot of peeling, chopping and of course using every pot in sight. To minimize the mess, clean the tiny messes you create along the way such as discarding the peels, rinsing the spoons and wiping your surfaces immediately after spilling something on your stove to avoid stubborn stains. I’ve been loving the Handy Andy Multi Purpose spray and Kitchen Cleaner that cleans and disinfects any surface in just 10 seconds.

Find a product that does it all for general cleans

Handy Andy multi-purpose cream is an all-in-one product that works on removing stubborn dirt on all surfaces around the home which eliminates the hassle of having to use various products on the many surfaces around your home. I use it on my bathtubs, on my floors, diluted in water for surfaces if need be. Its really is a multipurpose cream.

Keep the dust away

It may not seem like much, but it does make a difference and will save you time in the long run. Wiping down a dusty surface with a wet cloth tends to smear it leaving a muddy residue which we do not want right? So why not try using a damp cloth which will trap the dust particles while cleaning your surfaces without leaving an unpleasant residue. Dusting the surfaces around your home does not take much time or energy but the difference sure is visible.

Try using a product that is tailored for your space for more specific area’s

By this I specifically refer to Kitchens and grease. For surfaces such as stoves and countertops, apply a product that is tailored to all your kitchen cleaning needs. It’s important to always go for a product that is highly effective on daily kitchen dirt, that degreases quickly and easily while leaving your surfaces sparkling clean.

Develop a cleaning routine and pattern

Everyone has their own personal preference, whether you focus on room by room, or dusting on a certain day. Cleaning, especially when you are not used to it or when it’s not your favourite thing to do may feel like a daunting task, but the good news is developing a routine might help take that anxiety away.

Organisation and Consistency

Finally, the key to keeping your home clean at all times is organisation and consistency, something I am slowly learning to be better at. It is important to consistently clean your home and to maintain a level of cleanliness even with these quick and time saving tips. It makes it easier and less of a daunting task. Cleaning  your home should not feel overwhelmingly alarming but more of something to look forward to and to incorporate into your day to day tasks.

Disclaimer : This article was sponsored by Handy Andy

5 tips for cleaning and caring for your floors.

5 tips for cleaning and caring for your floors.

I often get asked what products to use on different types of flooring. Laminate, tile, wood all require different care, and different homes have multiple types of flooring which might leave you, as a homeowner, asking yourself how you should maintain your floors and keep them looking new. Together with Handy Andy, I’ll be sharing a few tips to keep your floors in top shape.

Ammarah Chand, brand manager at Handy Andy, says “While the task of cleaning your floors may seem like the simplest one on your list, it is important to remember that different floors have their own set of cleaning needs that will help keep your floors looking sparkling clean.”

The best floor care comes from knowing the most effective way to clean and sanitize the kind of flooring you have which is why we have put together five tips that will help you start loving your floors again and most importantly- with only a few products.

  1. Get to know your floors: Find out what type of floor you are cleaning. How you clean laminate or vinyl flooring will differ to how you clean hardwood floors and tiles; knowing the floors you are dealing with helps make the decision of buying the right product even easier.
  2. Less is more: It’s pretty daunting to find a product that is just right for your floors, which may lead to you buying more products than you actually need. “Try to avoid using multiple products and stick to trusted cleaning products that can remove dirt, add shine and are suitable for multiple surfaces. I recommend using a floor cleaner that has germ killing properties such as the new Handy Andy Floor and All-purpose Cleaner which has the power of Domestos. This product has multiple benefits including removing tough dirt and grease, streak free shine, it kills germs, it’s suitable for multiple surfaces and leaves
    surfaces smelling fresh,” adds Chand.
  3. Choosing the right product for the right floor: When shopping for cleaning equipment and supplies, always check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that you are choosing the right product for your type of flooring. This is where usage instructions come in handy.
  4. Take care of them: Try to incorporate simple practices which will help you take care and protect your floors such as not pushing or dragging your furniture. Make use of; an area rug, furniture pads or furniture wheels.
  5. prep your floors well: “always remove any form of dirt or dust from your floors prior to cleaning them with a solution. Use a soft bristle broom to sweep any dirt from the surfaces well,” concludes Chand.

Thanks Handy Andy, for those top tips, always remember, when cleaning laminate or wood flooring to make sure your mop is damp and not wet, you don’t want to place a wet mop on any wooden surface. Happy cleaning and keep following for more top tips!

Favourite Cleaning Products Giveaway

Favourite Cleaning Products Giveaway

To celebrate the beautiful milestone of hitting 6k on instagram, and all the fun we have had this year with organising and home hacks, I have been promising a giveaway of “a few of my favourite things”

Firstly, I do want to mention, I am a firm believer in multi-purpose products. I think my mother taught me that. She would literally clean the entire house off 4 or 5 products max. Of course, when I hit teenage years and discovered the wonders of certain cleaning products, she would always fight with me when shopping; I would throw in certain products and cleaners and she would always say “you’re wasting my money”. She did, however, have a very valid point, and one that has stuck with me. As much as I adore trying new things and new ways to clean, I will always return to a few old favourites. I think it’s important to emphasize, because otherwise, you can end up on spending thousands of Rands unnecessarily in the cleaning aisle.

Keeping your home clean and free of germs doesn’t have to be difficult. Its something we have all had to focus more on with this worldwide pandemic. Whether you’re cleaning up your bedroom, living room or kitchen there’s a handful of basic products (that you may already own!) that can help you get your home into tip top shape.

So, I have put together “a few of my favourite things giveaway” to celebrate the fun we have had over the past year, and all the extractor fans, silverware, and limescale we have cleaned along the way!

What’s in it?

Good old Vinegar and Bicarbonate – My old faithfuls

Yes, I know its not so exciting to include in a giveaway, BUT, as you can see from my article here, with these 2 bad boys, you can pretty much clean your entire house.

White Vinegar is brilliant for getting rid of bad odours, cutting grease and shining glass. I call it my “magic mist”. Just by using vinegar you can take something dull and lifeless and transform it and make it look clean and shiny. It doesn’t leave a waxy residue and lasts a lot longer. Surprisingly, if you use vinegar to clean, your home wont actually smell like vinegar :). We used to clean our windows with vinegar and newspaper. These days I keep one in a spray bottle to mist onto carpets, and furniture for a dustless and odourless result.

Bicarbonate of Soda – the all-time refresher and natural abrasive. You’ve seen me use it on my carpets, on my mattresses, in my washing machine and down my drain. I’ve used it to clean the oven and my grout and it is still often my first go to for anything that needs a pizzazz. Ever seen me polishing silver with it? You need to watch that video, its magic before your eyes 🙂

Addis Microfiber cloths

Whether you colour code are not, these beauties need to be in your cleaning cupboard. They are very absorbent; not only for dirt but for liquid. Used wet or dry they make the ideal cleaning cloth. They are also eco-friendly and can absorb a tremendous amount of liquid. So far Addis has been my favourite brand to find good quality cloths in.

Tip: You might want to buy these in bulk since you’ll be using them for everything!

Chemico Paste.

Another essential in my life, and together we have tackled extractor fans, rust, hard-water toilet stains and grout. This tiny, inexpensive “pot of pink gold” performs miracles before your eyes. It lasts for ages and if it does dry up you can just add a little water, it is something you want to keep in your household supplies. Have a look at all the different ways you can clean with your Chemico Paste here.

Omo Washing Powder/Liquid

I will be honest; we swap between the liquid and powder in my house. As much as I adore how “pretty” the capsules are, I don’t use them because they are not cost effective to me. Again, going back to “multipurpose”; I don’t only use my Omo washing powder to do the laundry, I use it for cleaning the outdoor tiles and the playroom playmats. It’s perfect for these because it foams up wonderfully and you can “scrub” with it. I always use the liquid on more delicate items.

Comfort Fabric Softener

This has been a more recent swap over for me. Up until recently I used another well known brand, but once I smelt comfort, I could never turn back 🙂 Initially I was worried about the stronger scent with a family of eczema sufferers, however we have had no issues at all with it, and wow the aroma that fills my home when I pop clothes into the dryer is incredible 🙂

Sunlight dishwashing liquid

A staple, across all households in South Africa. Since they launched the nature range last year, I have been a convert 🙂 Whether you buy the blue antibacterial or the softer “lemon” it doesn’t matter they are both beautiful (literally I love the packaging). Sunlight is another product in my home that gets used for everything, (both the traditional green bar and the dishwashing liquid), from washing the car to removing oil stains from clothes 🙂


A multipurpose thick bleach second to none, and it is NOT just for the toilets. The more recently released “white and shine” baking soda range is a favourite with me and you can literally use it to clean both your tiles and your toilets 🙂 The formula provides excellent hygiene, eliminating E. Coli and Rotavirus.


I don’t think there is a day that goes by without using Vim in my house! A scouring powder I thankfully introduced my mum to as a teenager and one that she’s still using today too. If you have stainless steel pots and you don’t have vim, you are not living 🙂 We have owned our pots for well over 10 years and apart from one broken handle, they are literally still sparkling. Not to be used on non-stick, but I couldn’t have a cleaning giveaway without this staple.

Handy Andy

A bit like Vim, a product we are never without. I don’t think there is anything it can’t clean, from stove tops to floors and bathtubs. This multipurpose cleaning cream always stands in if we every run out of anything else. Fun fact, my husband once “burnt” the stainless-steel drains and plugs in our bathrooms when he poured a drain cleaner down them. They were literally all black and I tried everything (including my beloved bicarbonate and chemico paste), Handy Andy (with its ammonia, was the only thing that restored the plugs shine)

More specialised products

So those are my basics, items that you will always find in my kitchen cupboard. There are two areas in my house however, that I will always use specialised cleaning product for (sorry mum) – my kitchen and my bathroom (showers).

Astonish Cleaners

Recently launched into South Africa I have fallen in love with the Astonish range. From a curiosity point of view, I think I have tried everything from the range, but I do have some firm favourites. The range is extremely affordable (seriously, and the bottles are big) and they are all proudly cruelty free and vegan. There is still so much of this range that I want to try out but these are a few of my favourites:

The Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleaner is an absolute WINNER in my eyes, I LOVE the fact that it doesn’t actually smell of anything (I don’t want to spray my kitchen counters where I prepare food with strong smelling chemicals) and the size of the bottle is brilliant.

The Citrus Grove Kitchen Cleaner ; I love the soft citrus scent and it is fantastic for cutting through grease. I use this for my kitchen cupboards, everyday wipes on the stove and oven, and on my appliances to cut through that “sticky kitchen grease stuff”.

Window and Glass Cleaner ; I think like most South Africans, up until this year, I used another infamous blue window cleaner. I stumbled onto the Astonish from a curiosity point of view and love it. Used on mirrors or windows its streak free and doesn’t hold a strong smell.

Mr Sheen

Another range that has recently expanded its coverage in South Africa. We could always get a few things, but they have brought in a much more comprehensive range recently and I am loving it. I keep the Disinfectant Spray by the kitchen door and use it on all shoes, packages and school bags before they come in 🙂 I also use the Multi Purpose Surface Spray because I love the soft vanilla and lavender scent. It doesn’t leave “an oily residue” like some of the other furniture polish sprays so that makes me feel like it’s gentler 🙂

In my giveaway I am including the Daily Surface Spray– If I can’t find my Astonish Antibacterial, this is my go-to, especially on Kitchen counter tops. It is a daily disinfectant spray and claims to kill 99.9% of cold and flu viruses, something we ALL need right now 🙂

Dr Beckman

Oh, where do I begin – from the moment I tried out the miraculous “Colour & Dirt Collector Sheets” last year a love affair began. Seriously, if you haven’t seen how these sheets save my laundry, you need to go watch my home hacks highlight. It will change the way you wash 🙂 Since then I have trialled a number of their range, but my absolute top picks have to be the “Carpet Stain Remover”; this bottle and product is just so handy to nip out for any spot stains or treatment needed on fabrics. It is an incredible product to keep on hand if you still have upholstered car seats like me 🙂 The “Service It” Washing Machine cleaner is also fantastic. I typically do my monthly cleans with Washing Soda and Vinegar, but to use this every 3-4 months or so is a treat, it claims to remove 99.9% of all bacteria which puts my mind at ease. Made with Active Carbon, it acts like a magnet to all dirt and odours.

Scrub Daddy Sponges

Last but not least and another new addition to my cleaning cupboard, (and this giveaway), thanks to are my “Scrub Daddy” Sponges, Typically you wouldn’t find these in my house because they are not readily available in South Africa. However, all the UK and USA cleaning “gurus” swear by them and I know so many “hinchers” in South Africa were dying to get their hands on this nifty little sponge. I have included two in my giveaway. A sponge is a sponge right? Not necessarily, Scrub Daddy is a “scratch-free sponge” that eliminates needing a different sponge for various uses. Its FlexTexture material allows it to change texture under different water temperatures — warm water makes it soft and perfect for wipe downs and washing dishes, while cold water stiffens it for tough pot and pan jobs. The smiley face makes it easy to hold and handle as you use it.

So there you have it – All of the products included in my favourite things giveaway and some of the items you will always find in my kitchen cupboard. To top it all off i have included one of my favourite IKEA “Variera” Boxes, which I store my cleaning products in, so you can jump on your organisation game like I have 🙂

All entries will be on my instagram page, so head on over to enter and follow me for more home hacks and tips !

20 ways to clean with Chemico Paste

20 ways to clean with Chemico Paste

There are very few cleaning products that can claim to get into everything, from floors and grout in tiles to jewellery, patios, ovens and extractor fans.

You’ve watched my Instagram stories on my cleaning hacks and most of the time I end up resorting to my trusty Chemico Paste.

South Africa’s answer to “The Pink Stuff”, which has gained cult status thanks to the endorsement of Mrs Hinch,  this cleaning miracle tackles Saucepans, braai’s, ceramic tiles, glass, rust, sinks, garden furniture are just some of the varied assortment of household items and surfaces it can be used on.

It is a mildly abrasive cream cleaner that can be used to remove stains, grease and grime leaving surfaces shining like new.

How to use Chemico Paste

Depending on what you are cleaning, it is as easy as getting a damp sponge or cloth, dip into your Chemico scraping up some onto your cloth. The texture is quite thick so it will stay on the sponge.

Test on a small area of what you are cleaning first, just to make sure the paste does not damage what you are cleaning. It is not recommended for plastic surfaces, fabrics or acrylic surfaces . Rub in small circles until the marks have gone. On tougher stains you may want to rub Chemico Paste into the stain before leaving it for an hour or so before wiping off.

So what can you use Chemico on?

1. Your Oven

One of the best places to use Chemico is on your Oven. It is mildly abrasive so it does most of the hard work for you in getting rid of grease, burnt on food and grime. I use it for my oven deep cleans. Add a bit of water to a sponge rub it in the oven and let is sit for a while, put in a bit of elbow grease and your oven will sparkle like it is brand new! It will also restore your oven racks to their former glory removing all signs of grease.

2. Extractor Fan

I literally could not finish cleaning my extractor fan without my Chemico, I had to stop halfway and go and get some more because nothing else removed the stuck on grease like this paste does.

3. Kitchen Sink

Is your Kitchen Sink stainless steel? Do a test on a small part of your sink. Chemico does a great job at restoring your dull sink. Wipe it down with the Paste and buff it back to life!

4. Stove Top

Whether its a glass top or gas burners, Chemico Paste works wonders on your stove. It actually seems to buff out any small scratch marks on my glass stove top.

5. Deep Fryer and Air Fryer

Nothing removes tough grease like Chemico. I tackled my Air Fryer this weekend and used it on the tray as well as inside.

6. Tiles and Grout

I did a test on this using 4 different types of cleaners, and nothing got my grout as clean as Chemico. From bathroom tiles to flooring, apply to the tiles and use an old toothbrush to work it in. It removes any discolouration and mould.

7. Glass 

Is your glass looking a little worse for wear or water stained?
Chemico can actually transform water-marked glass in no time. Buff the paste onto the glass with a sponge and then leave for 10 minutes. Rinse off to reveal a beautiful finish. 

8. Outdoor Furniture

Get rid of mould, rust, and grime from outdoor furniture by giving it a clean with Chemico Paste. Just remember, it’s best suited to metal furniture, not plastic.

9. Braai Stand

If you are looking for a place to test the miracle wonders of this cleaning product, then this is the place to start. Covered in scorch marks and build up, braai’s are a tough place to start. Rub it into the grill racks and leave it to sit for a bit, rub it off to restore the true colour of your braai.

10. Pots and Pans

Are the base of your pans looking a bit unsightly and brown at the base?Massage on Chemico Paste with a little bit of time and scrubbing, they’ll be sparkling again.

11. Rust

Chemico Paste works a dream onto rusty tools, taps, and anything else that could use a little loving care. As a mild abrasive, it’s not recommended to use it on shiny stainless steel .

12. Remove Limescale

Clean limescale off shower heads, taps and kettles with ease. Just be sure to rinse and dry thoroughly after you’ve cleaned. 

13. Stained Work Surfaces

If you have wooden or Melamine work tops, stain build up from grease and spices can occur. Just rub the stain with some of the paste and your counters will look as good as new. 

14. Trainers

Chemico Paste works fantastically on white trainers in need of some love. Just rub the paste onto the soles and edges and wipe off to look brand new.

15. Tyres

If you are looking for the best way to shine up your rims then this is it 🙂 Goodbye brake dust, hello super shiny mags 🙂 Chemico works wonders on your wheels.

16. Bicycles

My Husband decided to pull out his old bike again and safe to say after collecting dust for the last 4 years it needed a good wipe down. I turned straight to Chemico to bring the wheels and the frame back to life.

17. Toilets

You heard me, your toilet. I was battling with hard water stains down the back of my toilet bowl and it was driving me nuts! I tried the bicarb and vinegar hacks and nothing worked, until I used Chemico. You can check it out on my Instagram highlights, but I actually laughed at how easily it came off.

18. Shower

From your plug hole, to your taps and shower glass, Chemico will help to remove any limescale build up.

19. Toaster

Chemico works brilliantly on the top and outside parts of your toaster. Just be careful to not get too much water inside your toaster.

20. Window frames and window sills

It will get rid of any rust, mould or grime build up in a flash!

Some Notes:

  • Always test on an inconspicuous area before trying on a new surface.
  • Be gentle when applying – the abrasive paste can scratch surfaces. 
  • Always wait for your surfaces to cool down first, do not use it on a warm surface..
  • Don’t use it on plastic, acrylic or highly polished stainless steel.
  • Not recommended for use on fabrics

What is the difference between Bicarbonate of Soda and Soda Crystals?

What is the difference between Bicarbonate of Soda and Soda Crystals?

I have had numerous messages on “Soda Crystals”, how and where to find them in South Africa and what to use them for. Stick around, this is truly one of the most versatile cleaning agents to have in your home.

In Europe, you will almost always find Soda Crystals aka “Washing Soda” in the laundry aisle at grocery stores, but this cleaning wonder doesn’t just belong next to your washing machine! Soda Crystals make a useful cleaner for bathrooms, kitchens, and more! Let’s talk a little bit about what washing soda actually is, and why is makes such a useful cleaning agent!

But what is Washing Soda (Soda Crystals)?

Washing soda is also known as sodium carbonate, soda ash, or soda crystals. They are related to baking soda, but are processed differently. Washing Soda is MUCH more alkaline in comparison to Baking Soda, it has a pH of 11, which is why it is so effective at breaking down stains. It is also a base component of many laundry powders, but can cause minor skin irritations, so wear those gloves.

Both Bicarbonate of Soda and Washing Soda can be used to clean laundry, both can be used for household cleaning, but one can be eaten and the other absolutely should not be. “Soda Crystals” have a caustic base and are NOT EDIBLE !

Baking soda is the name commonly used for Sodium Bicarbonate. Baking soda has a mild base that is often used as a leavening agent to raise baked goods. It is edible and is mild enough to be used as toothpaste or taken as an antacid. Baking soda is edible . It has a neutral pH of 8.

Soda Crystals are white-ish in colour with larger granules that can be seen and felt (a little like yeast).

Soda Crystals:

  • Dissolves slowly in water and will leave a white residue if not well rinsed.
  • It makes a more abrasive cleaner that can scratch delicate surfaces but cleans well.
  • Great for cleaning sturdy surfaces or fabrics that are easy to rise (bathtub, shower door).
  • The washing soda will clean without damaging the item and can be washed away easily.

Baking Soda:

  • Sturdy surfaces that are hard to rinse (oven floor or floor grout)
  • Delicate surfaces that can be scratched (natural stone counters)
  • Areas used by children and pets (carpet, pet beds)
  • Food preparation surfaces (kitchen sink, cutting board)
  • Easier to rinse and no residue worry

Brilliant Uses For Soda Crystals

1. Laundry Stains

To use on cottons or linens – soak heavier fabrics in a solution of warm water and washing soda. Just fill a bucket and add about 1/2 cup of Soda Crystals and give it a stir. Soak the stained clothes for an hour or two (or overnight). Remove the items from the washing soda solution and wash as usual.

2. Softening Your Water

One of the most popular ways to use washing soda is as a water softener in your laundry. Add 1/2 cup of soda crystals to your wash load, then add the amount of detergent recommended for soft water. (This can also help prevent limescale buildup on the inside of your machine). You can also use it in your swimming pool!

3. Outdoor cleaning

Washing Soda is very effective at removing moss or algae from patios and pathways. You can also use it to scrub down outdoor wooden furniture.

4. Ovens, & Gas Burner Pans

Dissolve about 1/2 cup to about 3 litres of warm water to clean your oven, grill pans and burner tops of gas stoves. Washing soda can help make some of your toughest cleaning tasks easier. Remove the burner pans and soak them for about 30 minutes. For your oven, dip a damp sponge into the solution and scrub the inside, if it’s really stubborn you can sprinkle it on directly.

5. Pots, Pans, & Cookware

Where are my VIM fans? I’ve used Soda Crystals to help dissolve tough food messes in my pots and pans, and it works like a charm! Just add a couple of tablespoons of washing soda and a small squirt of dish-washing liquid to the pot, pan, or dish, then fill it with hot water and let it soak. Don’t do this on aluminium though!

6. Bathroom Cleans

Use a regular solution of washing soda with a sponge or scrub brush to scrub your bathtub, sink, or shower clean. Washing soda will help to cut through soap scum, greasy residues, and limescale!

7. Your Car battery

Yep, by mixing up that 1/2 cup solution, Washing Soda is hugely effective at removing corrosion around your car battery.

In South Africa “Soda Crystals” are not as easy to purchase as oversea’s. I buy mine from Essentially Natural, but you can also pick them up sometimes at hardware stores, in the pool section!

Bring On The Clean – With Housewife’s Cleaning Products

Bring On The Clean – With Housewife’s Cleaning Products

Let’s face it, lockdown has pretty much brought out the inner “Martha Stewart” in us all. Whether its baking, cleaning or DIY-ing, we have all focused on things we usually wouldn’t have time to do ourselves. For a large portion of South African’s, that includes cleaning.

Now more then ever we are more focused on keeping things clean and hygienic, with an uncertain economy we are all more cost conscious but we also need to focus on supporting local. Enter Housewife’s Cleaning Products. A proudly South African brand that produces a full range of cleaning products, from a braai and grill cleaner, all the way through to a “spot stain remover”. It’s a proven fact that cleaning helps to curb anxiety, and with products that are so affordable, we can all get in on it!

I was sent the range to review pre-lockdown and over the past 40 days, I have been testing them throughout my home. There are a few “hero” products in the range that I would certainly recommend to anyone who is unsure where where to start.

Firstly the super economical, lemon scented, Housewife’s Dishwashing liquid, compares strongly to leading brands. Trust me, my sink has been used multiple times a day throughout this period and I have really been impressed with how long this lasted. The Thick Bleach is another winner and I use it on my toilets and down the drains to keep them fresh and deodorised. The Multi Purpose Cleaner is a fantastic all round surface cleaner and I have been using this on counter tops and bathroom basins. Our floors have been mopped daily (actually sometimes multiple times a day) with both the Floor and Tile Cleaner as well as the Pine Gels (my favourite being the lavender).

Pine Gel has a bit of a “bad rep” in South Africa, for being a “cheaper” or a more “low budget” cleaning product, but I challenge this. When diluted to the right ratio, it creates a wonderful floor cleaning agent with minimum wastage and no residue and is an incredibly versatile multi-purpose cleaner. Housewife’s pine gel creates a wonderful foam, which for some reason always leaves me with a sense of satisfaction. Talking about floors, Housewife’s Carpet Cleaner is also on my #itsrecommends list.

Lastly, I also highly recommend the Grill and Braai Cleaner, having tested this on my most stubborn, grease riddled grills. Leave them to soak overnight and in the morning you’ll have a grill that looks new!

Overall, I have largely been impressed with this extensive range of cleaning products, seriously, they literally have every room and every appliance in your house covered. They even offer a range of luxury hand wash and bubble bath, so after burning all those calories cleaning, treat yourself to some me time with a bubble bath!

Housewife’s cleaning products are available through selected retailers, including Spar, PicknPay and OK Stores.


I’m giving away a full range of Housewife’s cleaning products for you to try out yourself! Head on over to my Instagram page, and make sure you are following Housewife’s on social media to enter!