HICH SOUTH AFRICA – Instilling compassion and conservation in our children

We live in a country so blessed to still have wild animals roaming, largely free. We really don’t appreciate how amazing this is until you have lived oversea’s. I grew up in Botswana where conservation is high up on our priority list and I literally had elephants picking fruit from the tree’s in my parent’s backyard. As parents we need teach our children about the importance of animal conservation, this is our only planet.

I remember taking Aadam to the Zoo as a toddler and seeing to beautiful rhinos with their huge horns interlocked. I stood there for quite some time in awe of their beauty, but also sad at the thought of my child possibly never growing up to see a Rhino, with its beautiful horns in tact, roaming in the wild.

A few weeks ago I was approached about a clothing brand, HICH South Africa, that focused on animal wellness and conservation, naturally, I jumped at the chance to help spread the word. My boys are both animal mad, we spend half our day pretending to be some animal or another and they are instantly drawn to animals . Aadam pet his first cheetah before he was 2!

HICH South Africa’s online store launched on 15 December 2017. Each T-shirt holds a powerful message, from saving our rhinos to protecting pitbulls.

Founded by a mother-daughter partnership, HICH stands for – Humility, Integrity, Compassion, Hardwork – all values I wants my children to have and live.

Their designs are young and colourful with the main aim being to bring awareness to animal welfare. A portion of their profits go to various local and national animal shelters and wildlife organisations.

As I was browsing through the 8 designs, I immediately jumped at the “save our rhinos” design as this is a cause I am so passionate in. I also picked “Be Kind to animals” – you can truly tell the heart of a person by the way they treat their animals, and Aadam loves to hug and pet animals. I grew up on a farm, surrounded by animals and every chance I get I take my boys to farms to interact and learn how to care for animals. The range of slogans depicts current conservation issues, with choices such as “Adopt, don’t shop”, “#supportlocalanimalshelters”, “Be kind to animals” and “protectourwildlife”

The range starts from age 3 up to age 12 and the designs retail for R220 each. They are a loose fit and 100% pure cotton, beautifully soft and excellent quality. They make it so easy for us to give back and help us to raise awareness, not that we even needed another reason to shop. You can shop the designs here.

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Thank you HICH South Africa for making a difference in our community. Aadam and Yusuf are proud to be HICH-ers !! Xx

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    1. Absolutely ! Lions in “enclosures” don’t count ! I have sooo many funny tales of going fishing in Zim on damns only for hippos to suddenly pop up out of nowhere. I hope one day my boys will see “wild” as it should be

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