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One of South Africa’s favourite food company, Kellogg’s is on a mission to inspire and evoke a renewed sense of creativity in the kids of Mzansi by transforming ordinary family moments into extraordinary bursts of fun and inspiration.

To do this, the Coco Pops & Rice Krispies vanilla brands have joined forces with art supplies company, Crayola as they seek to nourish the creative juices within each child. The iconic brands have come together in a campaign that serves as a vehicle to bring families together by transforming the lives of kids as they give away educational prizes worth R250 000.

All South Africans  have to do is get their hands on the unique, hard-to-miss Coco Pops and Rice Krispies vanilla packs, enter via USSD and if you colour it in, you get an extra entry to  stand a chance to win educational prizes including school bursaries, tablets, stationary and more.

The Kellogg’s kids’ brands want to promote joy in having families spend time together and reconnecting through the fun on-pack activities. Breakfast can now be a great opportunity for parents to, not only nourish the growth and development of their kids through a great breakfast choice, but they can also help to unleash their creativity and have fun together.

It is Kellogg’s belief that creativity resides not only within the artistically-inclined child, but in all children and it need only be nourished. They aim to show parents and all children that with just a little creative imagination, anything is truly possible.

Kellogg’s will also be sharing some beautiful content pieces of children exploring their wildest imaginations as they respond to the question of how they would make the world a more colourful place and the kind of society they wish to grow up in.

Make sure to stay up to date with the latest fun and creative exploits of South Africa’s future stars by following Kellogg’s South Africa on Facebook and Instagram.

**Disclaimer – This article is a paid for advert by Kellogg’s South Africa**

Why is saying goodbye to your childhood home so hard to do?

Why is saying goodbye to your childhood home so hard to do?

After well over 3 decades we have said goodbye to my childhood home. I never knew that something like this could have such a big impact on my emotions, but the fact is, I’m sitting here typing this with tears in my eyes. This was always “home”. My parents moved across the globe a number of times for work, but home was always there. Whether we were renting it out or not, it was always ours. It was always there.

When I was just 3 years old my parents bought a plot of dusty land about 20 minutes outside of Gaborone. Rocky, dusty, and filled with thorn trees, it was the start of something amazing. We didn’t even have a telephone line there, our first “phone” was a radio phone!

As a young girl, it was nothing short of magical. I played outside to my hearts content, running around barefoot, making forts under thorn trees and growing our own vegetables. We had so much freedom, riding our bicycles down the newly tared road, chasing cattle and donkeys out of the garden and saving our pets from snakes (puff adders and cobras mainly). I started driving down those farm roads at 12 years old with my dad and eventually at 14 would take my mums car out by myself (don’t tell the cops).

My mum always had grand plans of building a thatch style “farm” house, so to begin with, they put up a pre fabricated house, as a temporary start. Of course, life happens and the garden was developed around the house. Extensions were built and pipes laid, and that “prefab” house still stands today.

As a grew into my teenage years, I wished that my parents lived in town like the “cool” kids, it would make it easier for friends to fetch us or come visit us, nights out in town would have been easier but I am so very glad they never did.

The plan was always for my brother, sister and I to each have a portion of the plot as we grew up, and I always somehow felt that I would “return home” and take over my mums business. Life had other plans, and I settled down in another country and my grand life plan never did happen, but perhaps that’s why I still took every opportunity to visit home whenever I could, because some small part of me still clings to that ideal.

Whenever the stress of “city” life and growing up became too much, I drove towards home. Letting the rolling hills and thorn trees ease my stress and ground me again, the older I get the more I yearn for home. I love taking my children to experience the magic I feel. My sons love their narnie and grandpa’s house and I’m so grateful for the times I have managed to share with my older boys. We have picked veggies, roasted marshmallows on an open fire, looked for snakes, gone horse riding, ridden their bikes in the dirt and taken them on the river. We have swum from morning till sunset and checked if the chickens had any eggs. They’ve napped in the hammock and gone “shoeless” for days, relishing in playing with the kitties. Hopefully they will remember.

To see my children searching for “chongololos” or chasing the chickens around the garden like I did fills my heart with so much joy. Taking them at the crack of dawn to go pick their own vegetables, or letting them ride their bikes unsupervised is something I can never do living here in Johannesburg, but it’s something I did every chance I got when we were home. Washing as much of the “city” out of them as I could. Now that’s never going to be the same. They can never again wake up for a 6 am swim (In Botswana you can literally jump into the pool at any time of day its so hot), it will never be “our pool” again.

But what I have also realised is home is where the heart is. In this period my parents have lived in 5 different cities across the world, including islands in the South Pacific and the Caribbean. Wherever I visited, wherever they are is “home”.
I know it was a necessary move. As my parents grow older and need to downsize, this is the first move in the few that will see them land up in the UK, but I guess I just wanted more time.  I wanted more time for my daughter to experience those things now. I wanted her toes to get all dusty and to take in the fresh “bush air”.

So as I say goodbye to our house for the past 3 decades, I realise it is just that. A house. It has a roof, a fireplace, a kitchen and a garden, It is two people that turned it in to a home. This house reflects the life and family my parents created together. The adventures and trials we have gone through together, and this home thrived because of them. So did I. I am always welcomed with open arms. I feel the most comfortable being me. I will always hold these memories and how they made me feel close to my heart. Memories of planting and selling vegetables to our local spar, spending Saturday mornings picking fresh spinach and radishes with my dad and rinsing them off in the swimming pool to taste. Building up bookshelves from scratch or redesigning my room for the 5th time. Having pool parties with my friends on the weekend or just driving around the farm roads blaring our favourite music to pass the time. This was the home that saw me through primary and secondary school, university and marriage. This was the home I brought all 3 of my children to as babies, to let Gogo Mary spoil them, as she spoilt me. This was the home that held first boyfriends and breakups, and staying up with friends until the sunrise and then trying to sneak back into the house. Weddings and family reunions, our house always had people in it, sitting under the lapa enjoying the cool of the shade.

So I may never drive down that gravel road again, the boys will never steal “chappies” from Mary’s shop again and I will miss seeing my mom’s garden bloom and flourish. I will miss walking into the house and seeing the familiar dark tiled floor or the cats water bowl in the kitchen, and It makes me sad. However, I also know that home is indeed where the heart is, and we will make new memories wherever my family goes.

Thank you Notwane, for giving me the most ideal childhood. For all the adventures and dramas, for all the love and warmth. I only hope that I can give my children the same freedom and sense of adventure that you gave me.

When Baby Goes On A Bottle Strike

When Baby Goes On A Bottle Strike

We are well back into the swing of things at work after a beautiful 2 week break. Not having to worry about the rush of the school run, not having to worry about expressing in between breaks and while driving, not having to worry about how much milk I have left in the freezer for our precious baby girl.

Enter our second day “back to work” however and I got an urgent call from our childminder to say that our 9 month old was refusing to drink from the bottle. It all happened out of nowhere, she had always taken the bottle like an absolute champ, but suddenly, she was pushing it away, playing with it or simply sealing her mouth shut and shaking her head (this girl knows what she wants).

I briefly remember experiencing this with my first born, but it was a brief phase that passed very quickly. So I put a poll up on my instastories on who has experienced this and gathered together most of the advice received.

What to do when your baby goes on a bottle strike:

Apparently its more common then you think, especially between 8 and 9 months. They are starting to get more mobile, more distracted during feeds in general. Its way more fun to crawl and reach out to everything then sitting through a feed.

If your baby is going through the same thing, don’t worry. We tried a couple of combinations that worked for us, but these are the most common suggestions I received.

Offer smaller amounts more frequently

Drinking is not their priority. Try offering smaller amounts more frequently. It’s not ideal, but at least you are getting the mls in. “Snacking” throughout the say. Warm up half the amount you would normally do and offer that at different times throughout the day, or when they are eating their meal. Either way, you’ll want to measure the bottles in smaller amounts so you don’t waste the milk. This goes for both breastmilk and formula fed babies. If you are freezing milk, freeze it in smaller batches. With formula measure out half of what they usually take.

Change up the environment

Try feeding your baby in a different place. Take them outside or in a different bedroom the novelty of drinking in a new place may be enough to get them to finish their bottle. In the same breath you could move to a quiet room with less distractions. No TV’s or radios or pictures on the wall to look at. Sit in a darker room or draw the curtains to create a calming environment.

Change your bottles flow

Bottle teats have various different flows. What worked initially as a newborn may be too slow and difficult to suck. Change up one level to see if it has an impact.

Offer the Milk in a different bottle

We shifted to a sippy cup instead of the typical bottle and its worked wonders. Start with transition sippy cups to make the move from bottle to cup smoother. 

Changing the temperature of the milk

Yep – this worked for us weirdly. I think it might have been the shock factor. Expecting something warm and then getting it cold that peaked her curiosity.

It often makes sense if you step back and just think about changes occurring in your life and how that may have impacted them. For me it was definitely all the time spent at home, feeding on demand and not having to worry about a schedule. Youll often find with a little persistence and time things will get back to normal. Sometimes babies may get into more of a reverse cycle feed and they will often end up drinking more at night whilst you are away in the day. As long as they are staying hydrated you shouldn’t worry. If they are refusing to drink even at night I would advise seeing your pediatrician.

What worked for us:

Babygirl is back to drinking her milk while I’m away at work. What worked for us was offering it to her in smaller amounts, out of a sippy cup, and in smaller amounts. She plays and crawls, and takes a sip. Plays and sips until the bottle is finished. Like most phases, this should just pass. Its more common then you think and persistence is key. She is still hugely distracted, even when feeding directly from me. She drinks for 2 minutes, pops up to look around and play and then carries on. Its almost a game now, with each time she comes up, a huge smile forms across her face.

Whatever method works for you, persistence is key. At times, baby can also start to “reverse” feed. Taking in more milk at night when they drink. It’s all part of growing up I guess. One thing is for sure, the way that they can adapt and the way they have such determination in what they do; babies amaze me!

Inspired by unique South African Stories, Clorets creates a limited edition board game.

Inspired by unique South African Stories, Clorets creates a limited edition board game.

Do you ever find yourself in situations that take longer than you expected? Moments that require confidence to help you push through them in hopes of a better outcome. Those “I think we should talk” moments or simply an interview which took longer than you had anticipated.

Clorets, the #1 fresh breath expert, believes that in moments like these we all need a little more confidence and a boost that will make us Breathe Out Proudly, For Longer.

This is why Clorets will be calling game-time on life’s awkward moments as it sets out to create Mzansi’s first limited edition board game this summer.

Breathe Out Proudly, For Longer – The Game, will be a culmination of SA’s best awkward moments, that when played, will embrace, tackle and eliminate all those awkward moments through a boost of confidence and laughter!

To create The Game, Clorets will need your help and they will be calling on you and fellow South Africans to share stories where you needed that extra bit of confidence to keep going.

To participate and help drive the collection of these stories, tune into Hot FM, Algoa FM and Smile FM from 18th to 22nd of November 2019 during the breakfast shows.  Hear top South African comedians Chris Forrest, Ndumiso Lindi and Glen Biderman-Pam share their stories on air and participate by submitting your own funny awkward story via Whatsapp voice note on 084 221 2919 (Hot FM), Telegram voice note on 0617 940 940 (Algoa FM) and on the Smile 90.4 FM app or via their SMS line on 35904. Data rates apply.

The fun doesn’t end there, listeners who submit the best stories, will stand a chance to win instant prizes worth R3000 per day.

Also spreading the word and helping to collect more side-splitting stories for The Game are comedians Kurt Schoonraad and Dave Levinsohn who will be embarking on a comedy roadshow with Clorets.

The comedy roadshow kicks off on the 14th of November 2019 in Johannesburg from where the funny duo will road trip to perform in Port Elizabeth, Knysna, Pringle Bay and Cape Town. Consumers stand a chance to win tickets to their live shows in those respective cities. All consumers have to do is follow Clorets Facebook and lookout for the competition post to win tickets to the shows.

Join Clorets with Kurt and Dave on:

  • 15 November 2019 at 20h00 – Protea Marine Hotel Venue in Port Elizabeth
  • 16 November 2019 at 19h00 – Knysna Yacht Club in Knysna
  • 18 November 2019 at 20h00 – Hangklip Hotel in Pringle Bay
  • 20 November 2019 at 20h30 – Cape Town Comedy Club in Cape Town

Clorets will also be collecting your stories at the following activations across the country:

  • Johannesburg
    • 30 November 2019 – Soweto Comedy Festival
    • 13-15 December 2019 – Fourways Mall
  • Pretoria
  • 22-24 November 2019 – Menlyn Mall
  • Durban
  • 15-17 November 2019 – Gateway
  • Cape Town
  • 29 November-1 December 2019sss – Cape Town festival of Beer

“Clorets SA wants to enable people to show up and show off with that extra confidence in whatever moment they’re in. We also want to involve South Africans in the creation of this exciting game, because it will allow us to share a lot of human truths that we can all relate to. We want to reassure South Africans that it’s okay to find themselves in those awkward moments and serve a reminder to everyone that with Clorets, you can help make it better.” says Nadia Matlala, Category Brand Manager for Gum at Mondelez.

Clorets 40 Minutes, with its active ingredients of extra Actizol and Chlorophyll, is the only gum that not only masks bad breath, but eliminates it, helping you Breathe Out Proudly, For Longer. Available nationwide in Green Mint and Eliminator.

Breathe Out Proudly, For Longer with Clorets and be part of The Game! Simply tune in to the participating radio stations, pop in at any of the Clorets activations and Comedy Roadshow performances.

Like and follow #BreatheOutProudlyForLonger on the Clorets Facebook and @CloretsSA Twitter pages for more information.

T’s & C’s apply.

**Paid partnership with Clorets SA**

We Are Counting Down Until Comic Con / Kids Con 2019.

We Are Counting Down Until Comic Con / Kids Con 2019.

Pop-culture fans unite! We are gearing up for the most interactive four-day pop culture festival, Comic Con Africa, and this year Kids Con is joining in on the action!

Comic Con Africa focuses on all elements of pop culture, including cosplay, comic books, anime, manga, film and series, games and books and authors. The festival also features a large range of pop culture and entertainment elements in animation, toys, gadgets, clothing, collectible card games, video games, webcomics, and fantasy novels and the ever-popular Artists’ Alley.

This year sees a programme that is bigger than ever before, catering to the hardest of pop-culture fans, newcomers and kids. Five halls jam packed with competitions, seminars, workshops and over 160 hours of content, you can bet we are ready to geek out! It’s pop-culture paradise with almost 300 exhibitors offering event specials on everything from gaming hardware and accessories, apparel, pop-culture merchandise, comics, figurines and much more, my boys have been counting down for weeks! We have a superhero wish list ready to go!

As usual there will be no disappointment when it comes to the list of appearances, international stars like legendary actor, author, producer and director, William Shatner, as well as Anthony Mackie, (Falcon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe), these are just two of the big names who will be at Comic Con Africa 2019. Visitors will also be able to meet and interact with local trailblazers like Jason Masters, who has worked on various Batman titles including Legends of the Dark Knight, Guardians of the Galaxy, Wolverine and X-Men as well as Sean Izaakse, a Marvel illustrator and comic artist who has worked on comics such as The Thunderbolts, Avengers, Deadpool and Captain America.

It’s not only the ultimate kids paradise with all the superhero’s they can think of, but one of the partner sponsors of KidsCon this year is Jaguar Land Rover. A number of exciting activities have been arranged for children to experience the thrill and technology of Jaguar, and adventurous nature of Land Rover. There will be giveaways from Jaguar Land Rover for young adventurers willing to get their hands dirty, a collection of branded goods for all age groups will be on sale and a full-size Jaguar F-PACE like you have never seen before ! Brands such as Lego and Hasbro have jumped on board and will be providing entertainment and activations for the kids, along with the best of the best in terms of merchandise to purchase.

Dress up in your best cosplay outfit to join the hundreds of singing stars at the Cosplay Karaoke Café, and compete in the Championships of Cosplay competition. If you are a gaming enthusiast, geek out in a dedicated gaming hall with freeplay zones, racing SIMs and the latest gaming equipment.

Don’t miss a moment, keep “App” to date with all things Comic Con Africa by downloading the Comic Con Africa App. It allows attendees to plan their experience and gives a full breakdown on whats on in each hall.

Where to buy tickets:

Comic Con Africa and Kids Con 2019 takes place this weekend, the 21-24 September, at Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand. A ticket to Comic Con Africa gives you access to the dedicated KidsCon Hall. Get your Comic Con Africa tickets now at or


Head on over to my instagram page and you may just get lucky and win tickets for a family of 4 to attend Comic Con 2019, on Tuesday 24 September!

Journey through Breastfeeding – What to Expect And What Is A Myth

Journey through Breastfeeding – What to Expect And What Is A Myth

4 years, well 47 months to be exact, and going strong. That’s how long I have been breastfeeding for. It’s something I hold so close to my heart and its accounted for many special bonding moments between my kids and I. It is something that I very nearly gave up however, and I certainly had no idea it would be as “hard” as it was. This post is aimed to educate new mothers about breastfeeding, because it truly does take a village. Whether you choose to breastfeed for just one day, or if you choose to do formula feeding, there is no judgement here at all. “Fed is best” at all costs, and a happy mommy is most important. HOWEVER, the amount of mothers that give up on their breastfeeding journey due to lack of support or mis-education is huge, and it’s those mothers that I hope to try and help. So If you are expecting, or if you plan to breastfeeding, PLEASE read this post. PLEASE try to remember the points I make and lets dispel these myths, one by one. Welcome to my “Ted talk”.

Lets begin in the early days, because if you have just started your journey you will relate.

Congratulations, and welcome to the crazy journey of motherhood. Its actually one that has made me so in awe of our creator. The whole process of growing a human, giving birth and then being able to nourish this tiny being, is mind blowing, and it’s just incredible to see what our bodies can do. The moment your little one is brought into this world, they can “crawl” their way up your chest to find milk. It’s incredible to watch and even more amazing to experience. The best piece of advice I can give for the early days is to “feed” baby as much as possible. Demand feed. Baby wants to be connected to you again in some way so let baba nurse as often as they want. As a new other you have no idea what to expect or what is “normal” in terms of milk. The amount of times I have heard “I don’t have enough milk” is shocking, but as a first time mother, how are you meant to know what’s normal and what is not? We see these big bottles of formula filled up and we presume our milk should be the same amount. I’m here to tell you ITS NOT. The reason the formula has to be such an amount is because it has to try and replicate the nutrition that babies get from just one drop of breast milk.

Myth 1: I “couldn’t” breastfeed

I have heard a lot of aunties and people say these words. While I don’t know their personal circumstances, the vast majority of women are physically capable of breastfeeding, as long as they have the help and support they need. Even if you haven’t physically given birth (adoptive mothers) you CAN breastfeed. Unless you have a rare condition called mammary hypoplasia, where women don’t have enough of the right type of breast tissue to produce milk, you are able to breastfeed. Whatever your breasts or nipples look like, you are equipped for the job. 

Myth 2: I don’t have enough milk

I want to scream when I hear this. I want to scream even louder when I hear nurses telling a mother this when a baby is only 2 days old. Bar a serious medical condition or medication, there is NO such thing. Refer to the graph below. Your baby’s’ stomach is the size of a cherry, a cherry! All it needs for the first few days is a teaspoon amount of your colostrum at a time. It is truly the perfect 1st meal for a baby. Don’t expect your breasts to fill up straight away. Colostrum is made up of living cells, it forms a protective lining inside baby’s gut and protects them from germs outside the womb. It also has a natural laxative effect, helping baba to clear out their system. Literal liquid gold. That’s why I say even if you only manage a few days, you have done an amazing thing. Newborns don’t need much but as you learn each other and your bodies, let baby suckle for as long as they need. Initially the feeds will take longer (20 minutes or so), but this often decreases as time goes on.

But how can I tell my baby is getting enough milk?

Before you turn to formula, the best way to tell whether your baby is getting enough is to look at his nappies. Up until about day 3, there should be about 3 wet nappies a say. Then from day 5 there should be at least 5 wet nappies a day. Always measure the nappies. Newborns tend to feed between 8 and 12 times a day.

My eldest was a little fighter (funnily enough he is now my softy), but as a baby my word he tested me. He had an incredibly strong latch but in those first few weeks, despite him gripping onto me like a bulldog there was clearly some air getting in somewhere and I ended up with blood blisters. Enter the all saving nipple cream that other mums swear by. Yes, it provided some relief but actually I found that “air drying” was the best. He would pull on my boobs, cry out in frustration, get wind and then get reflux, it was like a vicious cycle. He would scratch me, wack me in the face with his arm, I felt like giving up on more than one occasion. Then, without even realising it, one day it just clicked. We found our grove, which looking back, probably would have come a little quicker if I had seen a lactation consultant. Then I started expressing in my preparation to go back to work. Imagine my horror when I realised that I could only pump between 80 ml and 120 ml at a time! SURELY he was drinking more than that? According to the formula tin we needed about 180 ml per feed? Guess what? 3 kids later and I still only pump between 80 ml and 150 ml per feed. That’s what my babies drink, and its raised 3 pretty healthy kids. That’s the beauty of breastmilk. The amount may not change, but the nutrients inside do! Magic right?

As you start getting into the swing of things and you get over all the initial fullness and discomfort, your baba starts to mature a little bit and will start experiencing typical newborn winds and cramps. You may think your baba is in pain or is even constipated because they are struggling to “push”. Firstly, please remember that a baby needs to adjust to the world. They don’t come out walking and talking. Their muscles have to develop and their bodies have to learn. Their skin has to adjust to the air, material against their skin, dry air. This is typically when baby acne or little spots can start to appear. This is also when the next round of myths typically appear.

Myth 3: Your milk is too rich (or too weak)

I’m sorry but your milk is freaking perfect! It’s from you, and you are perfect! Breast milk is always just right and adjusts to babies needs. If you start expressing, you’ll notice how your “foremilk” will be a grey, watery consistency and then gradually as becomes a thick creamy consistency. The thinner milk is high in protein, sugar and vitamins and minerals. Its “refreshing”, (think coconut milk), while the creamier hindmilk has a higher fat and calorie content, to “fill baba up”. Your milk is not too rich, spots and cramps come with newborn territory and it is generally just their bodies adjusting.

Myth 4: My baby is allergic to my milk

Errrr no, sorry, they are not. Your milk is perfect. Baby COULD be allergic to something you have eaten that could pass through your milk, but typically, the biggest advantage to breast milk, is that it is introducing all these flavours and tastes to your little one “through a filter”. Breastfed babies often have less allergies as they have been exposed things all the way through. Newborn babies are often are most sensitive to the protein found in cow’s milk, or in soy and their tummies have a hard time digesting it. Cramping can occur, so if you suspect this try cutting it out of your diet to see if it improves. In addition, if you notice any blood in their stool it is typically a sign of an allergy.

Myth 5: Why is your baby rooting all the time, is she hungry all the time? You aren’t feeding her enough

Want to scream yet? I know I did! Your newborns stomach is the size of a fist. They need to fill it up little and more frequently, sometimes they drink to fill and other times they drink for comfort. Breast milk is also easier to digest then formula, so it digests quickly. There is nothing wrong with frequent feeding, if anything, in the early days, it’s setting you up for a great supply and it’s giving you time to just bond with baby.

Myth 6: You should feed every 4 hours.

This is a newborn we are talking about. Why would you want to “time” them? Feed on demand in the early days. Their appetites will vary every day so for the first few weeks just follow their cues. I always used the “4 hour rule” as a “must feed”, so if we were out and about and baby hadn’t had a feed for 4 hours, I knew to stop whatever we were doing to feed. When we were home however, I always fed on demand. As they hit the 3 or 4 month mark however, I do use the 4 hour rule as a guide.

As your baby grows, your milk matures.

Typically around 2 to 3 months the “let down” sensation wont “hurt” as much. Yes I found that tingling sensation to be so strong at times it hurt. It should all settle down and you will find your natural groove. The “struggle” will fade and the fighting and the “fighting” will not be as bad. You will feel more comfortable to feed in public now. You may have to start thinking about returning to work and expressing milk to freeze. Make sure you have the best quality pump you can afford, please don’t buy a second hand one. You can read the reasoning behind that here. Building a stash takes some time but its worth it. Be patient with expressing and try to stick to the same schedule every day (muscle memory). The more you express, the more milk you will get. Remember that demand always equals supply with breast milk. Its during these 3 – 4 months that you may notice that your milk supply varies. A number of factors influence your production, mainly, hydration (yours), stress and sleep. You could be starting to worry about your return to work, or you may have just have had one to many sleepless nights. When I see my milk supply decreasing at all I take it as a sign that I need to take a little time to slow down. Rest a bit more, increase my fluid in take and by eating certain food groups you can help to increase your supply (thanks Mrs.Milk). Medela has always been my pump of course, and I have used the swing, the swing maxi as well as the freestyle. Each pump is deigned for different price ranges and “lifestyle” needs.

Myth 7: You will have to stop breastfeeding when you return to work.

I’m here to say that I have worked with all 3 of my children and have managed to express for all of them. I fed my eldest for 15 months, my youngest son for 2 years and 4 months and know babygirl is on 4.5 months. Know your rights at work as well. Your workplace has to provide a safe place and give you 2 30 minute breaks to “feed your baby/express” up until 6 months. Remember, once you start your solids journey you may be able to drop a feed in the day as well. For anymore tips on breastfeeding while working you can read my previous article here.

We finish off by dispelling the biggest myth of all:

Myth 8: You can’t fall pregnant whilst breastfeeding

Well hi there, my name is Rebecca and I fell pregnant when breastfeeding 🙂 So did a few of my friends. If you are exclusively breastfeeding, a minimum of every four hours, then your chances of falling pregnant within the first 6 months are LESS, but still possible (Month 7 over here !). Its definitely not the most reliable plan for a contraceptive.

A few top tips to help you on your feeding journey:

  • Approach breastfeeding with determination and a strong mindset. You CAN do this, it may be natural but it doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Persistence pays off.
  • Get comfy – Before you sit down to feed make sure you have everything around you within reach. Some water/tea, your remote etc. Get comfortable. Feeding pillows are the BEST and help you and babe to be more comfortable.
  • If you are ill – I’m sure you have read it before but if you or your baby become ill, keep feeding! Your body produces breast milk containing more antibodies which protects your baby’s immunity. I have fed through flu, tummy bugs and bronchitis.
  • What happens when you get Mastitis – Blocked Milk Ducts and Mastitis will be experienced at some point, no doubt. It is uncomfortable and painful but it is manageable. Speak to a healthcare professional or a lactation consultant. The best way is to sit in a warm shower and massage your breast to try and “unblock” the duct. Warm face cloths and expressing can also help. If your nipples are extremely sensitive or baby is struggling with a latch, nipple shields and expressing can also help you get over the hill.
  • Nipple care: With your first baby in particular, you need to take care of yourself, and your milk makers 🙂 Its an adjustment and they go through a bit of a tough time. It does get easier, and with each child after a little easier still. Use a nipple cream (works for some and not others. Some people are actually allergic to lanolin. I preferred not to use it as I didn’t like the sticky feeling). Air dry as much as you can – don’t put your bra on straight away. Sit for a few minutes after each feed and let them dry naturally. If you are at a low point or are suffering, use a nipple shield. A few moms I know swear by them.

Don’t be afraid to reach out for help. It truly does take a village. Please share this article with any new mum to be. We are all in it together. If love to hear if you have any other stories or tips. The challenges you faced and how you overcame them. You can make a difference in one persons life.


In light of giving back and helping another woman in their breastfeeding journey, I have partnered with some of the brands that helped me along the way. I’ll be giving away 1x Snuggletime feeding pillow, 1 x Medela mini-electric pump, Natralogic Nipple Creme and a variety pack of Mrs. Milk lactation bars.

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Fathers Day Gift Guide 2019

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday 16 June and thankfully progressed so much further then beers, braai’s and socks (though i couldn’t resist and included one pair of socks). Gifts have expanded; we can now buy experiences (my favourite kind), artisan coffee making courses to custom designed sports goods. Here are a few of my top picks for this year. All links are attached and you can purchase most of these goods online.

From top left to right:

The K-Way Men’s Harlow Down Jacket is perfect for cold weather outdoor pursuits, its wind and tear proof and is perfect for dad’s daily commute or a weekend hike. I want to get one in black for the whole family! R1 999, available for purchase in store only.

Personalised fleece gown from R499.95 from Netflorist

My husband adores his mini tool kit, you can grab yours from Mantality
at R175.00

Camel Leather Belt from Trend and Miller at R299.

You can never go wrong with a great cologne. YSL Kouros Gift Set from Edgars R1400.00 .

Sweet tooth? How about some Sugar Cookies from Sugar and Paper Parties, ranging from R60 to R130.

Organise all the important things in dad’s life in one space with this
Stand Organizer from Mantality R749.00

Silvery has so many gorgeous options I’m not sure where to start, from the “Compass Coordinate” Cufflinks”, which start at R950 to the personalised KeyChains and Neck pieces which start at R450. Why not engrave their thumbprints or a personal piece onto the Keyring?

Whats Fathers Day without a pair of socks? Best Dad in the Universe from Trend and Miller R79.

Impress the golfer in your life with this Callaway Chipping Shot Net R699.99 avaliable online at the Pro Shop.U

How sauve is this Unisex Leather Vanity for the traveller in your life, avaliable from Thandana at R792.00

The Tekut Bamboo Biltong Slicer will make slicing biltong easier and dad will have endless biltong for those rugby matches and afternoon snacks. Just R399 from Cape Union Mart.

The Leatherman Rebar with Leather Pouch is ideal for handy dads. Again, I think I must have bought my dad at least 3. This is perfect for camping, hiking, or weekends away and comes with convenient features such as screwdrivers, pliers, a file and a saw to name but a few, there isn’t much he won’t be able to do. R1 199 available to purchase in store and online.T

I Love a good leather bag, think there is something so chic about this Medium Traveller Bag from Thandana, R3227.00.

You can never buy a man too many Swiss Army Knives, no seriously, you cant. I’ve bought my dad about 5 (word of advice, don’t keep them in your pocket going through airport security.) The Victorinox Spartan 12 Function is a great entry at R325 from Cape Union Mart.

Netflorist has an incredible range of personalized T-shirts and hoodies. To suit any type of dad, whether you he’s a retro geek or he loves golf, you’ll be sure to find one for your family! From R299.95.

How cool is this laser keyboard? Perfect for the techie dad and small enough to be carried across the world. Laser Keyboard – R799.00 from Mantality.

That’s it! I could have gone on and on but those are my top picks for this year. Happy “daddy’s” day to my dad and my wonderful husband. Anyone can be a father but being a dad is truly a lifetime responsibility.

Party Inspiration – A Perfectly Pink Peppa Pig Theme

Party Inspiration – A Perfectly Pink Peppa Pig Theme

Its “feature friday” and I have been meaning to get this blog out for the past two weeks, each Friday slips past and I forget to click “publish”.

A little more than a month ago Meg from “Mommalike” and I did our last party together, before Megan spreads her own wings with “Buntings and Blooms”.

The venue of the party was the huge Beans & Stikkies Adventure Park, in Roodepoort. There is such a wide array of activities for kids to do from a zipline, to a castle or pirate ship. It probably has one of the biggest bike tracks I’ve seen and a mini garage to refuel your transport. Wendy and her team were so incredibly friendly and supportive in helping us set up. Its definitely on my list of recommended venues!

Peppa is probably one of the most popular themes for both little girls and little boys alike. Its a firm favourite in our house and has saved us from many a tantrum at the dinner table. Sugar and Paper Parties helped us bring our backdrop vision to life by designing a simple backdrop with Peppa’s famous hill, sun and house on the hill.

To complement the bright sunshine we used Peppa themed Sun cookies and flowers on a stick which we stuck into wheatgrass picket fence boxes. Whats a “Peppa Party” without Muddy puddles? I made up some “Muddy Puddle” Chocolate puddings and we accented the table with the birthday girls gumboots filled with flowers. The centerpiece of our sweet table was the incredible two tier masterpiece created by Kelly Jayne’s Cake Boutique.

For the kiddies table (and to encourage healthy eating) we spread “Grandpa Pigs Fruit” down the center of their table to snack on, served alongside the infamous “Mr Potato’s” Chips. Grass runners added in some detail with some rubber ducks scattered around. (The ducks are never far from a picnic!) A very special glass of strawberry milk was served alongside a sprinkle cookie and was paired with the birthday girls favourite pink blowers.

We custom made the party packs and filled them with some homemade play-dough, a pink milkshake straw, a strip of Peppa Pig stickers, a little yellow rubber duck, a Peppa Pig iced cookie, and a few sweeties.

A few other notable details were brought in with “Duck Pond Water” and “Mummy Pig’s” Pigs in a blanket.

Sam, I hope Bella had the time of her life and thank you for allowing us to play a special role in her day. I love understated themed parties, we managed to create a simply themed Peppa Party without splashing Peppa’s face on every paper plate 🙂 I hope I have managed to spread a little party inspiration with this post!

Don’t forget; if you have a party you would like to be featured email me at :


Cake: Kelly Jayne’s Cake Boutique

Baked Goods: Bake My Day

Venue: Beans & Stikkies Adventure Park

Balloons: Party Spot Northgate

Sweets: Party Spot Northgate

Backdrop Design: Sugar and Paper Parties

HICH SOUTH AFRICA – Instilling compassion and conservation in our children

HICH SOUTH AFRICA – Instilling compassion and conservation in our children

We live in a country so blessed to still have wild animals roaming, largely free. We really don’t appreciate how amazing this is until you have lived oversea’s. I grew up in Botswana where conservation is high up on our priority list and I literally had elephants picking fruit from the tree’s in my parent’s backyard. As parents we need teach our children about the importance of animal conservation, this is our only planet.

I remember taking Aadam to the Zoo as a toddler and seeing to beautiful rhinos with their huge horns interlocked. I stood there for quite some time in awe of their beauty, but also sad at the thought of my child possibly never growing up to see a Rhino, with its beautiful horns in tact, roaming in the wild.

A few weeks ago I was approached about a clothing brand, HICH South Africa, that focused on animal wellness and conservation, naturally, I jumped at the chance to help spread the word. My boys are both animal mad, we spend half our day pretending to be some animal or another and they are instantly drawn to animals . Aadam pet his first cheetah before he was 2!

HICH South Africa’s online store launched on 15 December 2017. Each T-shirt holds a powerful message, from saving our rhinos to protecting pitbulls.

Founded by a mother-daughter partnership, HICH stands for – Humility, Integrity, Compassion, Hardwork – all values I wants my children to have and live.

Their designs are young and colourful with the main aim being to bring awareness to animal welfare. A portion of their profits go to various local and national animal shelters and wildlife organisations.

As I was browsing through the 8 designs, I immediately jumped at the “save our rhinos” design as this is a cause I am so passionate in. I also picked “Be Kind to animals” – you can truly tell the heart of a person by the way they treat their animals, and Aadam loves to hug and pet animals. I grew up on a farm, surrounded by animals and every chance I get I take my boys to farms to interact and learn how to care for animals. The range of slogans depicts current conservation issues, with choices such as “Adopt, don’t shop”, “#supportlocalanimalshelters”, “Be kind to animals” and “protectourwildlife”

The range starts from age 3 up to age 12 and the designs retail for R220 each. They are a loose fit and 100% pure cotton, beautifully soft and excellent quality. They make it so easy for us to give back and help us to raise awareness, not that we even needed another reason to shop. You can shop the designs here.

To follow HICH South Africa go to:

OR visit their Instagram page , or Facebook page .

Thank you HICH South Africa for making a difference in our community. Aadam and Yusuf are proud to be HICH-ers !! Xx

Craft fun – Raised Salt Painting

Craft fun – Raised Salt Painting

We went on an arts and crafts spree last week when the boys were battling with fevers. Id seen a mesmerising video on instagram doing the rounds of the watercolours spreading through a “snowflake” and had been itching to give it a try. Continue reading “Craft fun – Raised Salt Painting”