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Best Beauty Buys 2020

Best Beauty Buys 2020

This post has been sitting in my drafts since December 2020 and I have finally have some time to click “publish”

Throughout the year I am blessed to be able to trial a few beauty and make up products as well as always use my own, these are a few of the products that I have used in the year that I have selected as my top choices.

Hair Care

I’m a typical Leo and I LOVE my hair, but I also have quiet wavy/curly hair that demands a little extra care. In 2020 I was introduced to the latest in John Frieda’s innovations. The “Hydrate and Recharge” Range coupled with the “Detox and Repair” Range. I combine and alternate the two depending on the week. If I have had a week where I have blow-dried or used a lot of product in afterwards I always go in the detox and repair range and if my hair needs a little extra TLC and hydrating masque is a treat.

The John Frieda Hydrate & Recharge shampoo and conditioner collection quenches thirsty, lifeless hair with a powerful punch of moisture. It’s a more natural blend of ingredients with less harsh chemicals and the hydration boost it gives, is an absolute treat. The hair masque is the perfect addition and my hair soaks up every last drop. On the other end the Detox & Repair range has been formulated with nourishing avocado oil and green tea. This line comes with a shampoo, conditioner, and a heat protection product. I have tried a few other avocado based hair care products where I find the smell a little over-bearing and I can comfortably say this one is spot on! You will not walk out the shower smelling like an Avo 🙂 I really feel this strips my hair of any build up (especially if I have used a dry shampoo) and the heat protection spray works fantastically before the use of straighteners.

Everyday Make up

During lockdown I fell in love hard with my products from Luma Beauty. This makeup range is brilliant for everyday, no fuss makeup that leaves you with a natural glow. My two hero products are the LUMA On The Glow Highlighter Stick and the LUMA “Beyond the Brow” Grooming Gel The highlighter is soft enough for everyday use and it contains crushed pearl for instant illumination. The brow gel is a powerful combination as it not only provides colour but fluffs, fills and enhances the gorgeous brows you were born with.

My everyday choice for mascara still has to be good old Volum’express Colossal Big Shot Mascara from Maybelline – I have been using this for quite a few years now and it still impresses me for the best “drug store” buy. Loreal’s infallible foundation continues to be my “ride or die” for everyday coverage- it’s long lasting, doesn’t transfer and provides excellent colour and coverage.

Everyday Skincare

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of the Cetaphil for everyday basic skincare.

I find the scrub the perfect combination; grains are effective enough for me to “feel” a good scrub, without being too harsh It’s sulphate free and perfect for sensitive skins, gentle enough for everyday application. I wash my face at night with the oily skin cleanser. For my babies, I use the Pro-Eczema Range the moisturiser and the wash, it truly is the most effective thing to solve tricky newborn skin conditions.

I normally finish my daily beauty routing with a toner of some sort (before moisturising) and lately I have been loving both Johnson’s Micellar Water Fresh Hydration Rose-Infused Cleansing Water as well as a surprising find from Woolworths; Fragrance Free Micellar Cleansing Water . Formulated with acai berry, chamomile and cucumber extracts, it contains tiny micelles that attract and draw out impurities without drying out the skin. Gently removes make-up and cleanses for soft, healthy looking skin with no rinsing required. Both of these micellar waters are soft and gentle on my skin and are of a similar price range..

Speaking about Woolworths, they have really picked up their game in terms of beauty products and all of their products are animal friendly and the vast majority are Vegan too! Some more amazing finds I have come across from them are the full range of clay face masks. They focus on a different range of issues, from the the detoxifying clay to rejuvenating and brightening. At R89.99 it’s a fantastic self-care treat to pop into your trolley.

My next favourite find is the Eucalyptus and Mint Foot Mask. It comes with two plastic “booties” to slip onto your feet and I’ve slept with it overnight as well. For tired preggie feet this has honestly been one of my favourite finds!

A little more Luxe – Serums

Two of my cult favourites have made the list for another year running

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair, will always be my go to for a smart sleeping serum . It helps to restore my skin overnight and I always wake up with a smoother appearance. For daytime I swear by Dermalogica’s Biolumin-C to brighten up my skin and to boost hydration.

These are just a few products that I use everyday, what tops your list?