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My Top Winter Skin Essentials For The Family

My Top Winter Skin Essentials For The Family

I think over the last week we can officially say we have welcomed the winter season. In case the weather outside didn’t give you a clue, your skin certainly would have! Cold, drier weather brings out its own set of challenges and suddenly we have to up our game in the hydration department. I’ve put together a few of the winter essentials that we have recently been using as a family.

Body Care

I’ve mentioned it numerous times before but all the men in my family suffer from eczema. Add in the Highveld winters as a factor and it doubles the problem. I have really found the product that works best on their body is Aveeno. As a family we use the entire range. Hubster uses the Dermexa range which helps to relieve the effects of psoriasis, I use the daily moisturizing lotion and the boys the baby range of course. Up until trying the Aveeno Baby range I had not found an effective moisturizer for them, I found that lotions sat on the top of their skin and after a day their body still felt dry, this has been a game changer. I only ever buy this now.

Face Care

I’ve been trying out Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Range just to give my skin that extra moisture surge.

I love the fact that it has hyaluronic acid in it. This delivers a hydration reservoir to your skin, acting as a sponge for dry skin, hydrating it continuously throughout the day. No tight or dehydrated feeling at all.

City Shield Hydrating Lotion SPF 25 (RSP R139.95) – It’s a myth that in winter we don’t have to think about SPF, The sun is actually even closer to the earth in the winter months, despite what your heating bill says. Even though it packs a hydration punch, it doesn’t have that “heavy”, sticky feeling at all. I went for a facial recently and the therapist commented that the small bumps on my face could be directly related to pollutants.I love the fact that this lotion helps defend the skin against pollution. Its packed with antioxidants which protect the skin from pollution damage.

Smoothing Exfoliator Gel (RSP R99.95): We still need to exfoliate our skin in winter. To stop the skin from becoming itchy, we need to exfoliate regularly. It’ll trigger a natural repair process to help build collagen. I have quite a sensitive skin and I’ve been using this once a week with no problems. It also contains that hyaluronic acid, proven to increase skin’s hydration level and lock it in.

Eye-Awakening Eye-Cream (RSP R139.95): I have to admit I have never really been a fan of eye cream. I have always found them a bit pointless and just figure its an “extra step” to add onto my daily beauty routine. Ive never really seen a “difference”. This one made me swallow my words. The absorption is fantastic is literally gets sucked in by your skin and doesn’t leave the greasy residue at all. I haven’t really noticed a difference with “dark circles” but i actually don’t think any eye cream would combat them.

For my boys I have use Eucerin’s Aquaphor (RSP:R99). It’s quite a thick skin balm but nothing works better on their dry, chapped cheeks. I have noticed a gap in the market when it comes to children’s facial products, and typically would just use a little coconut oil. The harsh winter air plays havoc with their baby soft cheeks and a little dab of this at bedtime has them all kissable again in the morning.

Hands On

Hands can really take a knock in winter. Skin around your nails in particular takes a beating from stripping soap. I loving Clinique’s Deep Comfort Hand and Nail Cream. I hate “oily” hand creams, the kind that leave a residue so slick that you can’t even open a door. This hand cream absorbs and leaves a decadent, deeply moisturized feeling on your hands. Healthy hands mean healthy nails.

Treat your Feet

Milk Solutions Milk & Honey Hydrating Heel Balm (RSP R158)

Every single person I know suffers from dry heels in winter. I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Beauty Warriors in Johannesburg last month. In our goodie bags was a tub of this life saver. This is deeply nourishing and honestly penetrates the skin. Just one application of this overnight will see a difference in your tootsies. It’s not a cream, it’s a thick, wax like balm to lock moisture in, while the milk and honey promise to heal and hydrate the skin. Maybe now by the time summer comes I wont be ashamed to wear open shoes.

Lip Talk

I’m not a regular user of lip balms, these days most of the lippies and glosses have a moisturizing aspect. In winter at night, I have to use a protectant. My go to’s are normally Labello or good old Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream. Labello does has a slightly better taste on your lips.

There you have it. That’s what we use daily in the winter months as a family. Another life saver that should get a mention is Bio-Oil. Generally I dab a bit on after the shower. What products do you consider to be your winter essentials?