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Natural Cold and Flu Remedy With Letibalm – the balm for nose and lips

Natural Cold and Flu Remedy With Letibalm – the balm for nose and lips

I think its safe to say that Winter is on our doorstep. In terms of fashion, I am definitely a winter baby. I adore the boots, scarfs and coats and feel much more comfortable dressing up in Winter’s cozy layers then wearing flip flops and shorts. One thing I can’t deal with however is the havoc it causes on my skin. Over the last week I have noticed the change in the boys skin, their cheeks are dry, red and starting to get a bit chapped and they have also had a rough time with runny noses becoming dry and sensitive from all the blowing and wiping. Its time to pull out the humidifier and stock up on tissues.

Thankfully Letibalm can help keep your lips, nose and the skin between your nose and lips soft and protected. It’s the only balm on shelves that has been specially designed to care for lips, nose and the skin in between, so you don’t have to reach for multiple products to do the job of soothing and softening, and they have one specifically for children as well! For moms, It also acts as a fabulous primer for lipstick, with all the matte trend lipsticks around it serves as the perfect lubricant to help glide the lipstick over with ease. We all know the matte look is not so great with peeling lips!

Letibalm gently moisturizes dry skin, helps to repair painful cracks and calms irritation. It also creates a protective layer on the skin to prevent further chapping.  Thanks to natural decongestants menthol and camphor, Letibalm also helps to ease breathing. (I can hear every mum breathing a collective sigh of relief here).

The kind folks from Letibalm sent me the most incredible Honey/Lemon Winter Remedy to help fight of colds and flu naturally. I’ve been using this combination for years but was quite shocked at how long it can be stored.

You’ll need:

1 cup of honey

2 lemons sliced

A chunk of freshly sliced ginger

Layer the lemon slices, ginger and honey in a sealable container/jar. A layer of lemon slices, a chunk of ginger and a big spoon of honey, repeating until you get to the top. Seal and place in the fridge for at least 12 hours for the flavours to infuse together. Stir before use as natural separation may occur and then add a big heaped teaspoon to your hot tea/water. If sealed this can last up to 2 months in the fridge. Keeping hydrated is half the battle won in winter and using this natural combination helps relieve any uncomfortable cold and flu symptoms.


Letibalm is available at a recommended retail price of R69.90 from Dis-Chem, selected Checkers stores and independent pharmacies. It comes in 3 variants:

  • Letibalm fluid (10ml tube) – RRP R69.90
  • Letibalm (10ml jar) – RRP R69.90
  • Letibalm Paediatric (10ml jar) – for children 0 to 8 years – RRP R69.90

Here are some top tips to caring for your nose and lips this winter: 

  1. Keep the skin well-moisturised.
  2. Use super soft soft tissues or toilet paper with aloe vera or calendula.
  3. Gently pat or blot the nose rather than wipe.
  4. Apply Letibalm nose and lip repair balm to protect, moisturize and help heal the skin.
  5. Wash with lukewarm water, avoiding harsh soaps or exfoliators.
  6. Use a saline spray to keep nasal passages moist.
  7. Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air (this really makes a huge difference with this kids skin).
  8. Drink plenty of water, or herbal teas.


For product information visit http://www.ivohealth.co.za/product-category/letibalm/ or contact distributor Ivohealth on 021 448 2677 or emailinfo@ivohealth.co.za.

Do you have any other natural remedies that you turn to in Winter? What are your go to items to stock up on at the start of the season?