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Affordable Valentine’s Ideas For The Family

How many times have we heard complaints, “Valentines Day is too commercialised”, “its just a money-making scheme”, “its only for couples”. Out of all the special occasion holidays, Valentines has to be my favourite, because of what it stands for. I wrote a blog last year on why I choose love (and always will), because… Read More Affordable Valentine’s Ideas For The Family

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Valentine Themed Sensory Bin

There are so many wonderful ways to fill and to play with sensory trays and I love any excuse to find a theme to create one. If you follow my instagram and facebook pages you will see a lot more of my other ideas for sensory bins, we do slime, animal environments, snow, rainbow rice, anything I can really! Sensory play has a lot to do with the nervous system… Read More Valentine Themed Sensory Bin