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Chocolate Sensory Soap Foam

Chocolate Sensory Soap Foam

We love getting messy, and “special occasions” always give us the perfect excuse to theme our crafts or sensory play ideas. Valentines Day is one of our favourites, last year we did a different sensory tray with “dry ingredients” which I actually pulled out the other day to replay with, you can read more about that here.

So this year I wanted to do something different and we havent made any soap foam in a very long time. I originally saw the idea on another blog, “And next comes L”,and adapted in and chucked in some ingredients from last years tray including heart-shaped tins and plastic shapes to add in a little variation. I also added in a bit of glitter, because well, its Valentines Day, and what says Valentines Day more than chocolate and flowers?

This deliciously chocolate soap foam is as soft and velvety as it looks and sounds. It smells so amazing, I even added in a pinch of vanilla essence and had to remind the boys they could not eat it!

Heres all you need to make this sensory wonderland:

Dishwashing liquid

Coco (I had just ran out so I used hot chocolate mixed with a little coffee to deepen the colour).

To make chocolate soap foam, use an electric mixer to mix a generous amount of dishwashing liquid (or liquid hand soap) with a splash of water and a teaspoon of cocoa powder. Try to use as small amount of water as you can as you really want the bubbles and soap to take over and not the water, so you really just need a dash. Beat it up for as long as possible to get a nice “stiff” bubble.

As with any soap foam recipe it does get pretty messy, but as its soap its super easy to clean up (or hose down). Older kids will love mixing it and making potions, lotions and soups; younger kids love to explore the texture on their hands and squish away. Dont be afraid to play with different mediums as well, I gave the boys spray bottles filled with a little food colouring, to spray onto the bubbles.

Have fun exploring and experimenting with your kids !!