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Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas For Under R150

Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas For Under R150

I asked a question a while back on Instagram regarding stockings (no not the hosiery type), and your family traditions. Who gets in your family? Do you have a budget per item going into the stocking or the overall Christmas stocking itself? In some houses the stocking is the main present, and in others it’s an “extra”. I still receive a stocking from Santa when I am at my mum and dads, and both my mum and dad receive ones too. While the contents may have changed a little over the years, the thought that goes in and the excitement around it has not.

As a child we would wake to finding the stockings (normally pillow cases), stuffed full at the end of our beds on Christmas day. The contents of the stocking would keep us entertained for the morning as typically we would go to church first and then only after our main meal at lunch would we do the main “Christmas tree” presents.  As a younger child it was filled with Play-dough, colours, stickers, sweets and always, ALWAYS, a mandatory orange. As a I grew older the contents shifted more to make up, stationery, luxury bath products, chocolates and still the orange 🙂 I love the fact that when we are with my family the boys still get to share in the excitement of Christmas. It adds a little bit of magic in their lives which I think is so important for children.

I spoke a little in my previous post about how some of my favourite Christmas memories were funnily enough shaped by CNA, so in collaboration with South Africa’s leading Stationery Store, I have put together some of my favourite stocking filler items, all under R150. These are mostly for children (of all ages), but you may find some inspiration for the whole family here too. It’s the ultimate range of adorable gifts.


From top left to right:

How cute are these Novelty Pencils? At R29.90 they literally are the perfect stocking filler.

Playdough tubs are always a hit with younger kids – R49.90

These Christmas Activity Books are absolutely adorable! I’ve bought them for my boys and there is a whole range available from Christmas Sticker Books to carry along activity packs. R29.90.

PJ Masks has the perfect Christmas eve entertainment with their “Hello Christmas” DVD. R59.99

I kid you not, on the top of my sons wish list is a Rubix cube (he’s 5). You can find yours here for R139.90

Marvel Avengers Super Activity Case – For the superhero fans in your life, this pack contains over 700 Stickers! Hurry they are selling out fast . R129.90

Simba Art and Craft Bead Set – When I was growing up I would spend hours and hours making my own bracelets, earring and necklaces. This is the perfect introduction at R79.90

CNA’s adorable range of stockings this year starts at R29.90 and you can find one for everyone in your family, even your pet!


Stationery – An ever popular item from Santa in our family. These are some of my top selection :

GoGoPo has the cutest, most affordable range at CNA. Mini Silicon Purse – R34.90

These Highlighters  are a steal at R34.90

Glitter sticks, who doesn’t love glitter? A must for every craft box – R26.90

Cute 3 Pack BallPoint Pens – R39.90

How cute is this Aztec Printed Clipboard R49.90

My gold and rose gold obsession continues Notes 8 piece paper clips – R119.90

These glass fun crayons are perfect for younger kids, we use ours in the bath as well! Amos Colorix Glass Fun – R114.90

My love for glitter is known to all and this 2019 diary is sure to brighten up your year! R109.90

The Light up Water Pen and GoGoPo Neon Fluffy Pen – Perfect for the tweens in your life, you guessed it R34.90

I personally have this rose gold glitter pencil bag and its glorious! R49.90


Books in our family were another popular stocking filler and CNA has the most adorable Christmas books in stock. Starting from as low as R29.90 its something that everyone can afford !


From top left to right:

Playhouse box set – The Story Of Christmas – This incredible fold out book folds out like a carousel to create a 360-degree play scene. It contains little characters so that you can act out the nativity scene. R129.90

Felties: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Other Nursery Rhymes – Elanor Best, Shannon Hays (Board book) – A perfect touch and feel book for the babies in your life. R139.90

Reindeer’s Nosy Christmas: Kali Stlieman (Board Book) is the most gorgeous touch and feel book which tells a sweet rhyme about a lost reindeer who must follow his nose to find Santa. R109.90

Chalk Away – A little obsessed with this one – Discover the alphabet and doodle your ABCs with traceable, erasable chalkboard pages, perfect for first time learning. R129.90

Made with love from me at Christmas – The cutest art and craft book R99.90

Build up your own groovicorn palace and characters with this play model set and then act out the story. R99.90

If you ever meet a Groovicorn is a magical story for any little girl R109.90

Have Yourself a Hairy Little Christmas: Rosie Greening (Board Book) – Santa needs a new haircut and the elves offer to help! Why do I see this story ending in a bad way? 🙂 R129.90

Push and Play: Unicorn Dance ends off our magical theme with this adorable tale R109.90


Puzzles are some of my favourites and the educational range at CNA is second to none.

My best include, from top left to right:

Map of Africa (36 piece) – We are getting this as my eldest has been instructed to practice his puzzle skills, and what a perfect way to get to know our continent. R49.90

Zoo Wooden Puzzle (36 piece) – R49.90

Puzzles on the Go: Crosswords – R49.90

Map of South Africa (17 piece) – The perfect choice for little hands learning to fit pieces together. R49.90

Paw Patrol Match Game: My boys adore this memory game! R59.90

Farm Animals Peg Puzzle (6 Pieces) the best introduction into puzzles for little ones R49.90

World Map (50 piece) – We have been practicing this to see where all the family live. R49.90

Mermaid Puzzle (36 piece) – R49.90

Colour Wonder Puzzle – Comes in a range of Blaze and the Monster Machines, Cars, Barbie these are fantastic at R99.90


What would a wish-list be without making my own little list? Here are some super cute favourites that I just couldn’t leave off

From Top Left to Right:

Its not Christmas without some sort of crown or headpiece, I’m in love with these glitter antlers at R29.90.

Include your pet in the action with this gorgeous festive Pet Deluxe Bandana at R29.90.

“I need a Vacay” Tote Bag is perfect for the beach in my opinion and I adore those Pom Poms! R99.90.

I Love a good mug, this “working from home” mug would have been my perfect gift! R119.90.

For the budding chefs in your life, these mini Cooks Corner Cook Books are the perfect stocking filler. I own a few copies myself. They are an absolute steal at R39.90 and the series covers a wide range.

GoGoPo Selection of Washi Tapes – R34.90.

This Cat Bling Keyring would make sure I never lose my keys again! R59.90.

Who says crackers have to be just for the table? These mini novelty crackers are perfect for stockings! R39.90.

There are a huge selection of fashion notebooks available, I love this Cute Slim Flamingo Wiro Notebook R39.90.


So there you have it. That’s my ultimate stocking filler list, all done from one single shop, and all under R150 each!

I hope you found some inspiration here and I would love to hear about your favourites?




*This post was written in collaboration with CNA.

**All thoughts, opinions and selections are my own.