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Ramadan Activity Pack For Children

Ramadan Activity Pack For Children

It’s that time of year again, the holy month of Ramadan. We are pulling out our Ramadan Calendar and creating a special corner for all things festive.
Ramadan is a chance for us to improve ourselves, to be thankful for what we’ve been given and to show generosity and kindness to others. This year it’s certainly taking a new course, with the majority of South African’s spending it in lock-down, Taraweeh will be spent at home due to Corona virus.

In previous years we have created a little Ramadan corner, where we keep all our books, arts and crafts and activities for the boys. While we craft, alot, it’s not always possible to sit down with the boys to do something with them and seeing as thought this year we will be home bound a bit more, I wanted an activity pack to keep them busy. You can find a list here with some of our favourite activities to teach children about Ramadan as well as the values so important to us.

You can find out more about some of our favourite Ramadan Traditions here, as well as a list of our favourite books here.

I’ve been working on a printable activity pack for you. It’s an ever growing resource and i’ll add to it as the years and months go by, but it’s a starting point, and I hope that it can bring joy to children around the world. There are 10 easy to do activities for children up to the age of about 7.

Download your Free Ramadan Activity Pack here.

Ramadan Mubarak Everyone! I hope you find this pack useful. If you print it out and use it please feel free to share amongst the community, and tag me in your pictures!