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Party Inspiration – Racing Theme

Party Inspiration – Racing Theme

What do you do when your 5 year old insists he wants yet another “racing themed party” for his birthday? You get creative with colours πŸ™‚

A’s theme last year was F1GP and this year he decided to he wanted another racing themed MotoGP party, despite my best efforts to try and convince our little speed freak to have an “arty party”. Determined not to have your traditional “black and white checks” yet again I was desperate to put a swing on an old theme.

Our favourite junior traffic center was chosen by the birthday boy yet again as his venue of choice, and the fabulous thing for Johannesburg mums to know is that its free! It does require pre-booking and a little more effort with elbow greece and set up, but so worth it!

Bright yellow and red were decided as the base tones, with a deep blue being brought into accent colours to represent his beloved “Vinalez”.

For the backboard I picked up a piece of super wood from my local DIY store along with my favourite Dala Paints in the preferred colours. Two licks of paint brought sunshine into an otherwise dull theme.

I spray painted some cheap bikes that I found at China Mall and recycled some old silver trophies that we had left over from Yusuf’s Golf themed partyΒ as well as small wooden letters with the birthday boys’ name.

Sugar and Paper Parties came to my rescue yet again and saved this mama a whole lot of stress by making the birthday boys’s incredible cake and well as the most adorable sugar cookies. We decided to deviate from the “fondant” style (lets me honest, as pretty as it looks, who actually eats fondant?) and the cake was a gorgeous “charcoal” coloured buttercream topped with the most fantastic Vinalez sugar cookie!

The one nice thing about the racing theme is the food is always so much fun to make! Traffic light brownies proved a hit again and were served alongside spare tire doughnuts, Stop and Go coloured Veggies and Margherita Pizza Wheels.

Finally for the party bags, trying to limit the number of sweets, I made up some homemade playdough (it’s such a simple recipe) in traffic light colours, with a little motorbike that my friend Liezl stumbled across and a chocolate racing medal. I completely underestimated the effort that was required to roll out 81 balls of playdough (I may not attempt it again haha). The bags themselves were plain black gift bags yet again with some white road lines drawn on with Tip-ex. They were not perfect, in any way, but hey, nor are South Africa’s roads πŸ™‚

There you have it, a little bit of a twist on the conventional black and white themed racing party. I hope it provided you with a bit of inspiration for your next party! Once again a huge thank you to my amazing friends and family. Meg, Liezl, Medi, Mum and Halima for all your help and organization x It takes a village ! πŸ™‚

Happy planning!