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Top Toys Guide 2020

Top Toys Guide 2020

We have focused on Proudly South African, I’ve spoken about my favourite educational toys and I have also helped you to have a look at my hottest selection from one of South Africa’s biggest retailers. Now, here in one consolidated list are my top choices across the board for Toys of 2020.

Starting from top left to right:

Singing Elsa Fashion Doll

Part of Hasbro’s Great Gift Guide for 2020, the Elsa singing doll is the perfect gift for your children that have now seen Frozen II a million times, it sings “Into the Unknown,” which is one of the biggest hits from the movie.

One of the toys that we reviewed was the Power Rangers Beast-X King Morpher, with light up lion eyes. When kids strap the morpher to their wrist and move around, they will hear show-inspired sounds and phrases. When they use the Morph-X key in the Beast-X King Morpher, it will enter Beast-X mode, for even more sounds and phrases! It’s actually reignited my boys love for the show!

Marvel-Avengers Titan Hero Iron Man, this 12-inch iron man figure from titan hero series features a classic design and comes with character-inspired accessories that attach to the figure’s arms, hands and back.. The perfect figurine for any Marvel fan and Iron Man in our house is ALWAYS a winner!

Enjoy some fun family time with Boggle. This brings back so man memories of playing with my dad, Boggle always sat on top of our fridge. Earn points by spotting words your opponents don’t before time runs out.  Shake the grid to mix up the letter cubes, players have 90 seconds to write down as many words as they can find on the grid before time is up.  It’s the perfect size to take with you on holiday and a great exercise in literacy for younger children too.

Lego – Always a firm feature on my lists, I’ve picked out the Disney Princess Cinderella Dream Castle. (My family knows how badly I wanted a castle growing up 🙂 Let your child re-enact their favourite scene from Cinderella, complete with a horse carriage and revolving dance floor. Or perhaps you have a house full of superhero fans, like me. If that’s the case you cant go wrong with any of the Avenger sets. From Spiderman to Thanos, pick your favourite figurine to build. On the top of my kids wishlist at the moment are the newer “SuperMario” sets which would provide a welcome relief to playing the actual game.

Melissa and Doug – Band-in-a-Box- This 10 piece set is the perfect gift for younger members of the family. From about 16 months kids love to shake, bang and smash.

Hatching Toothless from Hatchimals- If your kids are fans of How to Train Your Dragon, they will love watching as this interactive baby Toothless comes out of its shell, teaching it to fly, and taking care of it.

Peealots & Poopalots Big Wags Pets collection, probably one of the “toys of the season” and another expansion of the “Fureal pets”. Each “Peealots “pet comes with a leash system that allows you to take them for walks and a water bottle so you can give them a drink. Of course, after all that drinking, your pet will need to go! Just lift its tail and watch as your pet lifts its leg and pees – but be sure to clean up after them! Give your cuddly Poopalots pet a few of the included play treats, then take them for a walk to do their ‘business’, leaving a trail of poop nuggets behind! Luckily, your pet comes with its own poop scooper for quick and easy cleanups.  A pretty good introduction to the real thing I’d say!

Imaginext Mega Bite Shark – Another one the boys were lucky enough to review, and it came just in time for a certain shark obsessed little boy! He had just finished learning about sharks at school and this provided hours of education and entertainment. Its pretty realistic looking, down to the retracting jaw and it can even “swallow” the scuba divers whole. Roll the shark along and watch the realistic swimming motion and its head moves from side to side. We’ve taken our shark into the pool to add an extra element of play.

Playdoh Elastix and Playdoh Slime – Two new additions to the Playdoh family and the perfect stocking fillers. We always had Playdoh in our stockings growing up. Playdoh slime gives kids an extra dimension to play, its squishable, you can pull it and stretch it while the Elastix looks just like traditional Playdoh but is softer, more stretchy and extra flexible.

Tonka Mighty Metal Fleet – I think almost every child goes through a phase of being utterly obsessed with diggers. With my eldest we would literally drive around town scouting out construction sites as he would watch in awe. Tonka has a full range available in South Africa now, whether its the dump truck, garbage van or digger, these trucks are Tonka tough! Durable, long lasting and perfect for outdoor play, I know this would make the perfect christmas gift for many children.

Transformers Cyberverse Battle Call Trooper Class figures. A must in any transformers fan stocking! Each little figure includes a signature weapon, which disassembles and attaches to the figure to create “power-up armour”. There is a voice activation feature, with each figure, that sets off pulsing lights in the figurines chest. All figurines convert between vehicle and robot modes as well.

I mentioned the Playdoh Drizzle Ice Cream Set before and then I came across this Kitchen Creations Candy Delight Playset and had to mention it as well. Kids can create pretend gummy bears, peanut butter cups, and create their own candies with this awesome playset that comes with five cans of Play-Doh. I think I’m going to need a play room just for Playdoh soon!

Go Glam Nail Stamper – I’ve seen this mentioned by a few bloggers and it looks like the cutest set for any budding beauty. The Go Glam Nail Stamper makes it fun and easy to create custom manicures in minutes. With 125 nail customisation’s to try out, this is definitely a gift that keeps on giving, so pull up a chair and let your child create gorgeous nail designs on your manicure for the holiday season.

Instax Mini 11 – We have packed for our mini roadtrip and the first thing we included in the boys suitcase was our Instax. The perfect little camera for taking holiday snaps and memory books and the perfect present for any budding photographer.. The Instax Mini 11 provides on-the-spot photo printing, and features an Automatic Exposure for better-looking photos in darker lighting conditions. RSP R1299

The Ultimate Kids Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Kids Christmas Gift Guide

Its officially “Gift Guide Season” and I have been scouring the best toys across leading suppliers in South Africa to compile my gift guide for the Christmas Period. To make your life a little easier I’ve divided them into Toddlers, Kids and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math).


That’s every cute age where they don’t reaaally understand what the Festive Season is all about, but they do enjoy ripping wrapping paper apart quicker then you can put on a nappy! I speak from experience when I say these are fabulous from ages 1 to about 3, my little niece even has a few of them!

Here are my top picks:

From Top Left to Right:

Mini Mickey Plush Toy from Prima Toys (avaliable at all leading retailers) // Leap Frog Shapes and Sharing Picnic Basket R259 // Leap Frog Sweet Treats Learning Cafe // Playdoh Kitchen Creations Spinning Treats Mixer R329 // LeapFrog Popping Colour Mixer Truck R429 // Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Microphone R199.99 // LeapFrog Water & Count Veggie Garden // Playdoh “Wavy the Whale” Set R219


Kids Selection

I haven’t separated these into “Boys or Girls” as I really don’t believe girls should only play with girls toys and boys with boys. Children should be allowed to play with whatever they choose too! There are so many incredible toys out there, and I know I haven’t even included half they things my son asks for on a daily basis, including a “Paw Patrol Helicopter”, however, these are some of my top picks:

From Top Left to Right:

From Mattel we have the Barbie Colour Surprise Doll. Available across all ethnicity’s and body shapes, children can spray and style Barbie’s hair however they please! R489.99 // Prima-Toys Scruff-a-Luv is still one of my favourites. They arrive as a sad, matted ball of fur, but once you bathe them, dry them, brush them and love them, you’ll discover what kind of pet they really are and reveal their true beauty R360 // The Hot Wheels® Track Builder Epic Challenge Race Crate contains everything needed
for creativity, building, imaginative play, and problem solving R789.99 // Super Hero Super Stretch is one of my boys favourite, Stretch him, pull him, tie him in knots. When you release him he uses his amazing stretch to slowly return to his normal shape. R509 // Baby Thando speaks both English and IsiZulu and has proven to be one of the most popular dolls of this year R699 // Fingerlings come in a wide range of different animals including dragons, panda’s and monkeys. See how they react when you swing them, pet them, rock them, startle them or hang them upside down. R399 // Transformers are everywhere this year and Hasbro has released the Power Charge Bumblebee. Action figure converts from robot mode to
classic Volkswagen Beetle mode in 17 steps so kids can amp up the power in 2 modes R949 // LOL Surprise have taken the world by storm. Children unwrap the ball finding a surprise in each layer. Prices vary dependent on the type you buy.



From Top Left to Right:

Thomas & Friends Perfect for early childhood fans, this shiny assortment of durable die-cast Thomas & Friends large engines is suitable for age 3+. RSP: 114.99 // Treasure X, I love the sensory element to this toy! Treasure X is the ultimate surprise-reveal collectible with a multi layered reveal process, cool figures, and the chance to find REAL treasure! // Join the buzz with the Bumblebee Showcase Helmet that captures the cool swagger of the loyal Autobot scout R1400 // Barbie Dream Camper -The signature pink Barbie® DreamCamperTM transforms from a camper van into a campsite play set with the push of a button R1949.99 // The Barbie® Cooking & Baking Ultimate Kitchen is a must-have kitchen play set for little chefs aged 4+, complete with its Barbie® chef doll and 20 accessories R829.99 // The My Little Pony Equestria Girls fashion dolls, each dressed in a stylish outfit, complete with fashion accessories that match their character personalities // Little Live Pets: These little dogs are the cutest pups around. Lil’ Cutie Pups are full of life and love to show off their own personalities as they scamper about, beg and play with you.


This is an absolute passion of mine! Doing STEAM/STEM activities with my boys and broadening their thinking and problem solving skills. My educational gift guide from last year still has some fantastic choices that are still in store, added to my list from this year you’ll have no shortage of ideas.



From Top Left to Right:

VR Real Feel is the ultimate in experience in 3D. We got the racing one for my son for his birthday and the graphics are incredible! It works alongside your mobile phone and can be bought in a variety of options, including fishing and racing. R649.99 // Tower Products has an incredible arts and crafts range for kids, available from most leading toy and craft stores. Prices from R34 // V-Tech Light and Flight Discovery Globe . As they pretend to travel the world, the globe teaches kids basic geography skills with colourful lights, playful phrases and cool sound effects. R725 // GeoSafari Bug watch R349 // Magna Tiles are a firm favourite in our house. The options to create are endless ! Well worth the price! R2489 // Tower Products delivers again with their fantastic range of STEM home kits. Make your own slime, crystals or snow! R68 // I’m seriously crushing over National Geographics range of exploration sets. It varies from Dino Digs to Volcano sets and Shark Tooth Kits from R199 on Takealot // Toby Tower’s Bath Crayons are perfect for Picasso creations in the bath! RSP 60.


Cloud Dough Sensory Tray

Cloud Dough Sensory Tray

Its been a while since I’ve posted a sensory craft and to be honest I’ve missed the time with my boys. They get so excited when mama pulls out the activity tray and want to help with everything.

At a recent Prima Toy Event on of my favourite toys that launched (stay tuned for a full list of my favourites), was the Treasure X box. A little box filled with adventure and you have to try and retrieve the “lost” bits and pieces by digging through the “soft brick” around it. It reminded me of the some of the sensory activities Id done with the boys around dino excavations and got me thinking it was time to do something new.

Cloud Dough is a perfect base for sensory trays. It’s both mouldable and crumbly at the same time. It has a silky soft consistency perfect for little hands. You can see my previous recipe here, but generally I take about 8 cups of flour to one cup oil (vegetable or baby), this time I added in a few drops of essential lavender oil to add in a calming scent. The mixture of flour and oil is mixed to the consistency of a wet beach sand. It’s the perfect exploratory material for toddlers to play with and is 100% taste safe! The boys are at a fun age where I can start making sensory trays a little more challenging. So with this one, inspired by Treasure X, I made it a pirate theme and hid bits of metallic treasure into the “sand”, they had to find the treasures with a magnetic wand. Add in a couple of scoops and forks and use little shells or containers to mould your shapes. To create a pirate theme i took “treasure” from around the house, glass pebbles and sparkly pom poms as “gems”, plastic beads, gold coins, old treasure chests and pirate figurines.

Most of the time was spent burying their own treasure chests in the sand, acting out with the pirates before creating sand castles and shapes with the easily mouldable cloud dough. After about 45 minutes of beach play we packed away our cloud dough into an airtight container to be played with another day. Cloud dough typically has quite a long shelf life if stored correctly.


Have fun with your little pirates and never be afraid to get a little messy xx