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I Choose Love

I Choose Love

Valentines day is surrounded by controversy. It’s a completely commercialised day coercing consumers to unnecessarily spend money. It’s a pagan festival celebrating a “saint” we should not follow, there shouldn’t be only one day dedicated to love… I mentioned before, that now, more then ever we need love in this world. We need more people to open their hearts and love, with empathy.

So here’s a little bit about why I CHOOSE LOVE.

I remember during my psychology studies at University, coming across the story of a “Dr Emoto” and his “Messages from water” study. He basically had people “speak into water”. They whispered words of love and affirmation, and shouted words of anger onto the water. Those water samples were then frozen and photographed. He found that water that had been exposed to loving words created brilliant, complex, and colourful snowflake patterns. In contrast, the water exposed to negative thoughts, formed incomplete, uneven patterns with dull colours. This more than anything should show the world how our words and our energy impact the earth itself as well as our positive health. Another reason to say a prayer before we eat or drink 🙂 My favourite words (in terms of water crystal pictures) are happiness, gratitude and “I love you.”

I choose happiness. Of course the world can get you down, bad things will happen. In my family we have coined the term “Wilson’s law” instead of Murphy’s law as typically what can go wrong will go wrong, but it’s the way that you get through those things that make the difference. Your attitude. If you aren’t naturally a bounce off the wall “happy” person there are certain things you can do to choose happiness and positivity. Be the best that YOU can be, make a choice to surround yourself with the right person. As you saw above the power of another person’s energy on you has a dramatic effect on your wellbeing. I know personally if I have a fight with someone my body literally feels drained. I can’t quite explain the feeling but I physically feel weak and drained. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Everyone is in the same boat, whether you are the CEO of a global conglomerate or a street sweeper, we all have a same emotions and fears. Never be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone a little to see where your potential lies.

Choose to help others when you are able. There is no greater joy in life than the joy in seeing someone’s gratitude to receiving something, to helping someone in need.

We also get so caught up in our day to day world that we forget to tell those people closest to us how much we love them, we forget to show them through actions. So frankly, I love a day to use the excuse. I take my husband as an example. I honestly feel that in the past 2 years I could probably win the world’s crappiest wife award, and yes, I do think the title of worst husband could go to him too 🙂 (sometimes). We are caught up in life. Between work, school, raising our children and everything in between we often live “past” each other. Not even connecting with each other on truly how we are doing. For years in our relationship my husband was my sole priority. I did everything for him and he had my undivided attention and then came the job changes, the kids and with that my priorities shifted dramatically. He was bumped off his pedestal. So my dear husband, firstly I want to apologize to you, for not always giving you the attention you deserve, but you will always be my number one. Secondly I want to thank you, for supporting your family with such determination. I admire that so much. So this year my focus is you. My focus is showing those around me just how much I love them, how much I appreciate them.

My focus is on spreading the love and giving freely. If I could add a bit of positivity into just one person’s life it would be worth it. Choose love with me. Choose to rise above the hate and negativity in this world because there is far too much of it. Choose to be a BETTER PERSON. Yes there are horrific injustices in the world, which break my heart, but instead of focusing on how bad they are and blaming someone for them, CHOOSE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE YOURSELF.

So happy valentine’s day everyone, yes we don’t need a “DAY” to tell someone special that you love them, but sometimes it’s nice to have a forced reminder !