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When Did You Last Play?

I can feel the connection slipping. As I was lying next to the boys the other night I realised, that between work and baby I don’t think I am spending enough time with them. I often catch myself saying “OK just now”, or “in a minute” when they ask me to do things. I am so very sorry my sweet boys, you deserve more. I have to keep reminding myself that its the quality of time you spend with your child that counts, not necessarily the quality. Its just so hard to spend the quality time when you get home from work, have to feed baby, make dinner and to be honest, just to have a moment of “zen”.

The latest campaign launched by Hasbro struck a real nerve with me. I urge you all to have a look at this video.

Hasbro asked kids how much time they spend playing with their parents, and try to persuade their parents to come and play with them. My heart broke into a million little pieces. I saw me.

The evidence of the benefits of play is overwhelming. The latest World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines prescribe active play for kids under five to increase their mental and physical wellbeing as they get older. Play as been recognized as an essential right for every single child and the latest health trends are showing how doctors are actually prescribing playtime for stressed, depressed children and their equally anxious, always-connected parents. When did you last PLAY WITH you child? Just put down all technology and stresses and actively engage in play? I thought I was pretty good at playing with the kids, but my husband has to win dad for the year award here. He comes home from work and still musters up the energy to play full on games of hide and seek before bed.

Since Hasbro launched its #SavetimeforPlaytime video I have made it a focus for us when we come home from work to do one connection activity, whether its me playing connect 4 with them or Dad playing card games or hide and seek we take it in turn to have connection time. The difference in the boys is noticeable and in all honesty we are happier and less grumpy. So from here on I pledge, to all of you reading that once a week we will have a family games night. Lets be honest, when did you last play cops and robbers?

It doesn’t have to be conventional “play” either, if dressing up like a fairy and floating around the room doesn’t do it for you, keep it simple. Make a challenge out of cooking at mealtimes, have a tea party or picnic outside. Make a game of getting dressed in the morning, you can dress the fastest? Its about carving out quality, active time with our children and being engaged.

Head on over to Facebook, to @monopolysouthafrica and pledge to #SaveTimeForPlaytime and you could WIN a R1000 voucher and a Hasbro game of your choice! Have you made your pinky promise yet?

Thank you Hasbro for this pertinent reminder to be actively present in our children’s lives.