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“Nursery” Reveal – Making The Most Of Small Spaces

“Nursery” Reveal – Making The Most Of Small Spaces

I’ve debated for a while now whether to do this post or not, because well, our littlest doesn’t really have a “nursery”. In fact, its something I only ever did with our eldest. With Aadam, I painted the room in a soft muted grey, found the cutest elephant decals, had candy stripe walls etc. It was fun, and I loved that room, I spent hours in there (obviously). With your second and third child though these things don’t matter as much. Lets be honest, for the first few months baby sleeps in your room, next to or in your bed. We have moved around a little and have been renting the past few years, so we aren’t as free to paint the walls any colour of the rainbow either.

All that being said, this is my first little girl, and I wanted a space especially for her. The problem is, we have 3 kids and a 3 bedroom house. The boys share a room, I always wanted them too, (Until they are teenagers anyway). I also want to keep my guest room. All of our family lives out of town so its important for me to have a room for guests to come and stay. So space for Raya’s room was very very limited.

I knew I wanted a neutral theme to blend a guest room and nursery together. I first spotted the tropical “bananas for you” Sleepyhead Pod and the Maccie Blanket with tropical leaves and I knew I wanted a tropical theme. I know its very “on trend” at the moment, and I normally steer away from “trends”, but this is too gorgeous and so refreshing. I then also found a gorgeous tropical bumper from “Delicious Monsters” on Instagram, a local company based in Durban. Claire from “Gathered by Claire” custom made me a felt banner for my little fierce princess, which fits in perfectly with our theme and when another friend of mine relocated to Amsterdam, I jumped at the chance to buy her white crib, literally having sold our old cot a month before I fell pregnant.

This left little space in the room for anything else (we already had the queen sized bed in it), but I still didn’t have a compactum, or any drawers for clothes, or shelving! I searched the net for a while, but everything I found was a little too long, or wide or bulky for the space.

Enter CoziCot πŸ™‚ I contacted CoziCot hand asked them to custom make me a compactum drawer set and some bookshelves based on a design I had seen and on the measurements I was working with. I wanted the bookshelf to fit flush against the back of the cupboard, as it was really the only space it could fit, and the compactum to squeeze into the corner next to the crib. They made up the furniture according to my requests and delivered it fully assembled. The quality of the finish is incredible and the drawers have a “soft close” to them. The bookcase is everything I imaged and the size and height are perfect! I am absolutely thrilled with the results and my hubby wants me to contact them again to do some drawers for our bedroom and the boys room.

So now I have a guest room and a baby room in one. Its not overbearing or screaming with pink anywhere, and I still have enough shelf space in the cupboards for guests to use. Its not complete yet, I’ve been looking for a hanging element to hand under the shelf above the changing mat for a while and I think I spotted the perfect one from Clever Little Monkey made by Tiger Lily that i think will complete the room perfectly!

Did you have a nursery for all of your children? Id love to see other shared spaces and how you have managed to balance the two. How would you style it?