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Party Inspiration – Lightning Mcqueen

Party Inspiration – Lightning Mcqueen

Its been a while since I last shared party inspiration (apart from the last Golf themed party). Racing is always a hot theme and when its lightening Mcqueen you are guaranteed a win. I shared our last racing party here but we recently attended one that took my breath away! Liezl’s attention to detail is impeccable and as always her baking skills are on point. You may remember that I used her to make Yusuf’s birthday cake, cake pops and chocolate dipped oreos.

I have so many highlights from this party:

The Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Insanely detailed Cake, have a look at that checked inside!

Sensational Sugar Cookies

Custom made frame made from used tyres

Inflatable tires in the Front

Red, Yellow and Green Traffic light toothpicks

Over to Liezl and her fantastic Mcqueen Party:

Ka-Chow! Diego turned three and celebrated with an awesome Lightning McQueen party! 

The party was held at the Randburg Junior Traffic Centre, (our favourite for anything racing related) where kids spent the day racing their bicycles around the kid-sized roads, even stopping at the traffic lights too.

As a freelance Graphic Designer and part-time Party Planner, I tend to always go a bit crazy when it comes to my children’s birthday parties! Diego is mad about the Cars movies, so it was a no-brainer to include the racing references like checkered flags, McQueen’s signature red and yellow, as well as cacti for Radiator Springs. The food was also Cars-inspired and guests appreciated the special touches, like traffic light toothpicks of cheese, tomatoes and cocktail onions, as well as the themed baked goods.
In lieu of the typical candy-filled party favors, I opted for traffic light playdough packs and Cars stickers, and I think the parents appreciated them just as much as the kids did!
Suppliers details below:
Decor, Food platters, Jelly, Cake, Sugar Cookies, Cake pops, Chocolate Covered Oreos – http://www.sugarandpaper.co.za/
Printed temporary tattoos – https://nutmegpartyboxes.co.za/
Pin the teeth on Tow Mater & Ramone Tattoo Sign – http://www.sugarandpaper.co.za/
Playdough for party favors – http://www.partyplaydough.co.za/ 
If you have any party’s that you would like featured you can email any submissions through to inthesestilettos@gmail.com .