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Finding My Balance

Finding My Balance

I’ve always been a believer that if you manage your time properly then you can fit most things into your life and for the most part I still believe that. Managing your time and prioritising what’s most important is hard and takes practice  but it’s not impossible. However, something I’ve realised lately is that there is only so much time in the day and it’s not physically possible to do it ‘all’.

I was up last night thinking about balance, well the concept of it anyway. Everything you see these days points to “Finding a Balance”, magazines, health seminars, articles on how to create the perfect “work/life” balance. Is it possible to actually achieve a balance? Honestly? I don’t think so . You will never be able to balance all aspects of your life all at one time. Life has seasons, and chapters, and it ebbs and flows. “Balance” is not static, it’s a state of constant flux. The pressure we put on ourselves to try and equalize “life” and “work” is ridiculous. I honestly think the drive to achieve “a balanced” daily lifestyle could lead to put so much additional pressure on ourselves.

Raising children is hard enough, and then there’s building your career. Life is a constant balancing act of work, time with children, school runs, lunch appointments, if you are lucky you get to squeeze in a gym session, but when do we stop? When do we just breathe and take a moment?

If we just accept the fact that some weeks may be easier than others, some weeks you may get to gym 3 times a week, and others you may skip completely, but you know what, that’s OK! As long as you don’t lose sight of your greater goal/intention, you can only do the best you can. I LOVE my time at New Body Studio. I adore my Pilates, Yoga, Ballet and yes SOMETIMES even Rebound. More than the exercise itself I love connecting, having a good chat and spending time with like minded people. I am far from a fitness freak, but every person needs their “something” whether its immersing yourself into art classes, cooking up a storm, walking in the wild or perfecting your tree. Its important to take time out for self care, to reconnect your soul and mind. Try and find your thing and always keep sight of it.

We have to stop thinking that there will be a magical moment where it all pans out. A place where we will suddenly juggle work, family, self-goals and still roll into bed at 10 pm. There are not enough hours in the day! Life involves constant adjustments and priority shifts. You put focus into one area, and another area has to step back for a while. Some weeks I may work until 3 everyday and get to do fun activities with the boys, and others I may only get home in 5, just in time for dinner, bath and bed time routines. On those nights, I cherish my snuggles and kisses that much more. Not being able to take my boys out and about when they are on holidays and I’m in the office pushes my mommy guilt through the roof! I wish I could just show them everything the world has to offer, It doesn’t make me a bad mother, it makes me a normal mother! Trying to balance life in heels. Months may fly by where I don’t make one on one time with my friends, I feel like I’m the worlds crappiest friend or sister. Yet other months we may see each other 3 times in 2 weeks. The ability to see beyond the “black and white” balance is what I’m trying to get at. I need to stop focusing on trying to cram all things into one day, but step back and evaluate what matters and reallocate time to those things.

Let go of “trying to be perfect”! People living “perfect” lives and posting about them online can be daunting for those who live a normal life and are constantly scrolling. Don’t succumb to the pressure, the idea of perfectionism is hugely subjective. If you can accept that no one is perfect and absolutely no human being has the perfect balance you will let go of the guilt. Go easy on yourself mama, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other.

So yes some weeks I may cram in a million crafts and adventures with my boys, and other days I am a Martha Stewart extraordinaire. Sometimes I even get it right and manage my 3 days of exercise per week, or push out 3 blogs in a week, but mainly I’m just trying to find a way to get through my to do list, one point at a time. From high heels to high chairs, trying to balance work, life, motherhood and marriage. Life is beautiful! With all of its chapters and seasons. If I ever find the magic formula I’ll let you know 🙂

Living life through the eyes of my children

Living life through the eyes of my children

“If we could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything…”

Every day when I wake up, feeling a little grumpy because my sleep was broken or not long enough, I look at my children in amazement. Every single day these tiny humans beg me to wake up and jump out of bed. It’s a new day, it’s a new day filled with promise and adventure for them. Continue reading “Living life through the eyes of my children”

Happiness is……

Ok its official, my work life had taken over the last month or so. Im sorry 🙁 On the plus side the results are showing, but a blog is way way overdue.

Seeing as though ive set aside 2012 to be the year for me i thought I’d write about me, and who I am.

Sometimes life gets in the way of “happiness”. It’s hard to stay focused when people, events and dreams blur around you. Before you know it you work, come home and crash, wake up, work, come home and crash again. The cycle pulls you in. Holding on to what’s important sometimes feels as though it’s slipping away…But I’ve got a strong grasp 🙂

Sometimes when im feeling lost, I need to reconnect to happiness. It’s best just to be alone, take a “time-out”

I need to remind myself of what I love. It’s noticing the beauty that envelopes me. It’s being surrounded by children or animals, both give you unconditional love. It’s wearing the baggiest sweater ive had since high school. It’s driving with the windows down and the music up. It’s feeling the wind through my hair and the sunlight on my face (The ultimate).

Then it’s silence. And warmth. And love. And coming home to my very best friend. And for that, I am reminded and grateful for all the sweet blessings in life.

How do you reconnect to keep your happiness?

Who I Am…

                                                                           I am…unique

I want…a proper home, with a garden

I have…so much happiness.

I wish…to travel the world.

I hate…judgemental people

I fear…losing the people I love

I hear…life all around me, laughter.

I search…for the good in people

I wonder…about the stars and what life will bring

I regret…nothing, because I am where life needs me to be.

I love…my family. More than anything.

I ache…when I see suffering in the world.

I always…try to be better today than yesterday.

I usually…listen to my music really loud.

I am not…going to allow anyone to define me, ever.

I dance…when someone is watching, and when they aren’t, in fact I dance all the time

I sing…when no-one is around

I never…go to bed with makeup on.

I sometimes…wish I was born into royalty

I cry…every time I watch Grey’s Anatomy

I am not always…rational.

I am confused…by mean people.

I need…to live up to my dreams

I should…never stop trying.

Who Are You?

(Post idea from Our Love Never Fails)

A-Z (of things i love..)

A-Z (of things i love..)

A – Almonds. Best healthy snack.
B – Baking… have always, and will always be obsessed (when I have energy)
C – Cats (or dogs?) I neeeed a pet so badly at the moment, however it’s not the right time in my life. I’m a firm believer that pets have a telepathic connection with us and know exactly when we need extra attention
D – Dresses for Summer – I’m loving the feminine lightness, now I just need to follow-up with toned legs and a great tan?
E – Eggs Royale. Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon, Hollandaise sauce, enough said
F – Fun filled weekends.
G – Gardens ! I LOVE the Outdoors there is nothing better to do on the weekend then laze around a huge patch of grass under a big tree

H – HAPPY – what I am right now and counting the days till the December break!
I – Ice – Cream – specifically Hagen Daaz ! Perfect for the Summer
J – Jewellery – statement pieces, rings, dangley earrings. I can’t get enough.
K -Kindness. Be kind to people. You never know what they are going through in their lives.
L – Laughing. My best is when you get a stitch from laughing and tears run down my cheeks. It’s simply the BEST. (although I always end up with Hiccups afterwards
M – Maldives – ah yes my dream destination that I will get to one day

N – Nature Reserves – There is nothing like heading back to nature for TRUE rest and relaxation.. T – 43 Days till I bask in the beautiful Botswana Heat of Chobe !

O – Oats. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I’m a big fan of oats. I also love adding blueberries, or strawberries 🙂
P – Photography. I really love seeing things through a lens. It’s a whole different view on life and add to beautiful memories
Q – Quality time with friends and loved ones.
R – Rainy days under a duvet.
S – Summer, Sun-Kissed Skin….
T – Tea !! What is better in life then curling up with a beautiful cup of tea
U – Underwear – it has to always match and it has to be comfortable.
V – Vision Boards. At work we call them Dream Boards. Create one for yourself every year and look back ! I love setting goals and dreams.
W – Watermelon. It’s slowly starting to come into season and I’m like a little girl at Christmas over this fruit.
X – Xenon Headlights – and my future car that will have them ………
Y – Yacht’s – some of my best memories have been island hopping on yachts. There is no other word to describe it other than Bliss!

Z – Zebra Print … in fact any animal print. I always accessories to an extra feel of sexy-ness