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Lets get creative {Win a Hot Wheels Hamper worth over R1500}

Lets get creative {Win a Hot Wheels Hamper worth over R1500}

Hip Hip Hooraaah ! For most of our kids it’s the first day of the Easter Break, mums’ are worried about what to do with their kids and how to keep them “entertained” for the holidays, I’m here to get your creative juices flowing.

With most children, toys are typically obsessed over for the first week and then thrown into a toy container and “forgotten about”. As parents we should try and re-ignite the imagination, show them different things to do with the toy, different ways to play. Imaginative play allows their minds to develop and think “out of the box” (excuse the pun).

My boys love to play with toy cars, trucks, buses, trains, diggers…. you get the idea. Toy cars can be played with independently, but children also love to race each other! It lets them learn about friendly competition and teaches them negotiation. They learn about cause and effect, what happens if the push or drop the cars from different heights. I love encouraging my boys them to test boundaries and to discover “what if”.

Its no secret I love creating things for the boys, we do this together and they often step in to give me “grand designs” or help with the painting. We love creating things to play with our cars in different ways.

Here’s a few things we have made recently:

A Mini “city” out of an old takealot box, complete with tunnels to drive through.

A parking garage made with crates and PVC piping.

An Outdoor/offroad track driving through “mud” and “rainforests”. This was possibly the biggest hit. Boys and Dirt? Always a winner.

A race track “ramp”, made with cardboard boxes.

A race car slide/ramp made with pool noodles cut in half

So heres the exciting part:

This Easter break I challenge all parents to get creative with their kids and their Hot Wheels®. By sharing your creation you stand a chance of winning a Hot Wheels Hamper worth over R1500

Heres the challenge:

  1. Create a unique way to play with your Hot Wheels Cars. I’m giving you free reign, you can use whatever you want, however you want. Cardboard, metal, real toy tracks, pretend toy tracks, mud, water…whatever your imagination allows.
  2. Post a pic of your creativity and Tag me (across Facebook or Instagram) as well as the Hot Wheels South Africa facebook page using the following : #hotwheels #hotwheelsSA #challengeaccepted
  3. Make sure you like the Hot Wheels SA Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hotwheels/
  4. Share your creation and tag and challenge a friend to try and top your masterpiece!

By sharing your creations you are not only spending time with your children but are encouraging others to get creative. So start your engines and lets get creative !!


Winners must reside in South Africa.

Competition closes on April 8th at midnight.

Hot Wheels® hamper includes:

Various Hot Wheels® Car packs

Hot Wheels® Track Set

Hot Wheels® Track Builder™ Accessory Pack Assortment