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Giveaway + Review : Natralogic, South Africa’s Leading, All Natural Maternity Skincare Range

Giveaway + Review : Natralogic, South Africa’s Leading, All Natural Maternity Skincare Range

Something about becoming a mother changed my whole outlook on life. My overall awareness of dangers around us and what we put into and onto our bodies. I became more aware of all the harsh chemicals in the products we use (particularly on my children), so why should the products I use be any different? Lauren, founder and creator of Natralogic, felt the same way when she became a mother. Most products for pregnant mothers contained harmful ingredients that are actually not recommended for use during pregnancy and are associated with a number of health issues. She saw a gap in the market and jumped on it, and I’m so very glad she did!

A few weeks ago I featured Natralogic on my “Love Local” series, and I have been using the products close to 2 months now. I wanted to do my review as always, after a using the products consistently over a few months. I have to be honest, at the time Lauren contacted me I had never even heard of “Natralogic”, but now that I’ve started using it, its something I want to continue to purchase, even after baby is here. You can read more about Lauren and her story here.

Let’s dive into my review of these proudly South African, all natural, maternity skin care range.

First up and most important, in case you weren’t aware: Natralogic products are cruelty free (certified by Beauty Without Cruelty), COSMOS NATURAL certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to COSMOS standard, Certified Vegan by the Vegan Society, Clinically and Dermatologically certified and are formulated with Certified Organic Ingredients – Did you get all of that??

The full product range currently consists of (available online):

Cooling Leg Gel – To be honest, I would not even call this a gel, as that conjures up images of a thick sticky solution. It’s almost like a liquid lotion, does that make sense? All active ingredients are focused on healing and anti-inflammatory and it has a fabulous peppermint smell that is an instant pick me up. In fact, across all of the products, the natural scents are deeply relaxing. This cooling leg gel improves circulation and reduces water retention and is a welcome relief after a long day at work or running after the boys.

Exfoliating Crème – This instantly transports me to a spa. It’s an absolute treat to rub this into my tummy and thighs before jumping into the shower. The only two improvements I could think of are that  I would like to buy it in a slightly bigger bottle, and I feel the product could be a little bit thicker. That’s me really trying to think of a reason it could improve. The idea behind the Exfoliating Crème is to remove dead skin cells, to speed up cell renewal, and to boost the skin’s natural repair process. It prepares the skin for better product absorption of the toning massage oil. It’s recommended to use the two together to maximise benefits and minimize stretch marks! It leaves my skin fantastically smooth and it has literally become a pre shower “treat” to use.


Toning Massage Oil – An absolute winner! It has a subtle citrus undertone that instantly uplifts your mood. The unique blend of natural oils and ingredients are meant to help shape your contours and reduce the appearance of cellulite. To be perfectly honest, the appearance of cellulite is not high up on my priority list whilst pregnant so I haven’t actively looked or noticed a difference in that regard, but I do know that its kept my skin wonderfully hydrated it, and I literally feel like I’ve had a full body treatment at the spa. Its fast absorbing and doesn’t leave an oily residue at all.

 Tummy Crème – I want to call this “Yummy”, I know that’s a weird word to associate with a beauty product, but that’s exactly what this cream is. Its luxurious and well, “creamy”. It was specifically designed to prevent and improve the appearance of stretch marks and I’ll be using it well after pregnancy too. The ingredients focus on promoting collagen and elastin which improves overall skin tone and elasticity. Again, my only complaint about this product is it’s not big enough!!! I also wouldn’t mind seeing in available in a tub as an option, but that’s just so I can scrape out every last inch of it 🙂

Nipple Crème – I’ll be honest in saying I haven’t really “tested” this yet, because I’m still patiently waiting madam’s arrival. I can speak however from the perspective of a mum who has breastfeed two kids so far in saying a good nipple crème is a huge in your breastfeeding journey, and I have tried and used a lot of brands. Natralogic use 100% ultrapure medical grade lanolin and it’s consistency did not come across as sticky at all. I’ll report back on this one after a few weeks, but so far I like what I have seen.

So there is my honest review on the range and I mentioned it in my previous post, but I want to emphasis it again, I am completely and utterly impressed by the luxury and feel of these products. To have something of such a high standard, created by an incredible woman, just blows me away. If you have any questions on the products feel free to comment below, I would would love to hear from you!

Natralogic is available to purchase through their online store – shop here.

Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

This review is sponsored by Natralogic, but all views and opinions are my own. 

GIVEAWAY – Here comes the exciting part!

Together with Natralogic I’ll be giving one lucky mama to be a hamper worth over R1000. This range is truly luxurious and is the ultimate treat! I honestly want to spread the word far and wide over the quality of this range.

You can enter either via Facebook or Instagram, by clicking on the relevant links.

Competition closes at Midnight on April 17th and winner will be announced the following morning.

Top Tips For Travelling With Kids {Giveaway with Trunki South Africa”}

Top Tips For Travelling With Kids {Giveaway with Trunki South Africa”}

As families across South Africa start gearing up for their annual summer holiday, a load of parents may be faced with anxiety about flying with their kids. My boys have been fortunate enough to fly a few times and I’ve put together some of our “flight saver” tips. I’ve spoken about general travelling tips with children before, but today I want to focus on packing the perfect in flight bag.

Before you fly

Thinking about the time of your flight. If it’s a long haul night time flights are often the best so you can prepare your child for a night time sleep. Try not to book at peak hours as hopefully there should be a little extra space.

Get them excited – an airport is probably one of the most exciting places in the world for kids. Prepare them on what’s to come, read stories about flying in the sky, get them their own little suitcase and let them choose their own comfort items. Trunki South Africa plays a huge part in creating this excitement. They believe that “travel is about creating new experiences, creating memories and making every journey just as exciting as the destination.” Every little traveler needs a Trunki, and trust me mama’s it will make your life a whole lot easier. It’s great for keeping the kids entertained during long waits in the departure lounge and it can also be a handy way to pull them along when little feet get tired. The design options are incredible and it was a tough choice between mummy’s favourite “Pedro the Pirate” or the boys choices which were “Rocco Racer” and “Tipu Tiger

Preparation of your in-flight bag

It all comes down to careful planning.  I map out essentials needed for the flight so we are never left in an awkward situation. Separate packets that contain snacks, medicine, entertainment, so its easy to quickly whip out.

Activities to keep to them entertained.

You want to pack non bulky items that are easy to grab and don’t have a thousand and one pieces involved (no lego please).

Melissa and Doug make the cutest “On the go” range which are always included in our travels. One or two small toys – for us that’s super hero figurines and cars of some sort. Activity books – these range from colouring books to sticker albums and our favourite Tower Kids activity packs for easy and convenient entertainment. Of course we bring along a tablet with our favourite Netflix series downloaded when we need quick saves.

Emergency Medicine

My kids are typically quiet healthy the whole year around, bar birthdays and travel. Isn’t life funny? All of a sudden my healthy 5 year old will come down with a fever or tummy bug the day of travel.

As they are a little older now so thankfully our medicine pack is a little smaller but I never travel without Panado/Nurofen, celestamine for pesky post nasal drips, and a saline spray. Alongside that I pack in Tissues, some Dettol Wipes and the water-less hand sanitiser.

Comfort Toy/ Warm Jacket

We never travel anywhere without our favourite travel pillow and the boys best teddy or toy. It’s no secret that aeroplanes are freezing, I always pack a warm hoodie and extra socks to change into.


You can never have too many snacks on hand when travelling with kids. Our favourites include the Kiddylicious snack range with its yummy wafers, coconut rolls and cheesy straws. Yoghurt covered rice cakes are a staple in our house as are good old apples. Crackers, raisins and of course you need a few bribery items for meltdowns. Mini Marshmallows are our trick!

The right luggage

A durable suitcase is a must for flying, you don’t want to be dealing with sore shoulders or broken zips. Our Trunki came just a few days after ordering and I can safely say these things are darn durable. They have been through the wars already with the boys racing around the house, so that 5 year guarantee is pretty handy! It has convenient lockable latches and a and handy key keeping all your secrets safe and sounds, with the key cleverly added into the tow strap, so you will never have to dig in the endless pit of your handbag. The 18 litre storage capacity carries all you need and then come and when comes to the actual flight itself, preparation is key.

All of this fits into their very own Trunki Suitcase which they pull along. Once we are on the plane I pull out the essential items and away we go! PS the Trunki can also double up as a foot rest on the plane for the kids. Slide it between the seats and the kids can sleep with their feet up!

You can find out more about Trunki here:

Website: https://trunki-sa.co.za/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trunkisouthafrica/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrunkiSA/


I’ve been giving you sneak peaks into our favourite Trunki’s on my insta-stories, and now its your turn to share yours! Together with Trunki, I’ll be giving away one lucky reader their very own Trunki worth R1000, just in time for Christmas!

  1. Comment below on what your favourite Trunki Character is.
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  3. Make sure you are following Trunki South Africa on Facebook and on Instagram

Winner will be randomly selected on December 13th to allow for delivery time.

*We received a Trunki suitcase to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Winter Proof Your Car Battery ! {Win With Battery Centre}

Winter Proof Your Car Battery ! {Win With Battery Centre}

As a mom, what are some of your fears? I deal with some of mine daily, being stranded on the side of the road with a puncture, or a flat battery is right up there on mine, particularly if my kids are in the car. I spend so much of my day in my car; dropping and fetching kids, getting stuck in traffic, driving to and from work – the thought of something happening to my car literally sends shivers down my spine. I’ve had two experiences this year alone with flat batteries (two different cars). Thankfully, I was at home and both times my local Battery Centre was able to come to me!

Car batteries are hardcore. They are designed for 5 years’ service and, apart from starting the vehicle, they power every electrical component, from the lights and radio to the air conditioning and mobile phone charger. That said, a car battery is generally out of sight, out of mind – until it dies without notice and leaves you stranded.

With all these freezing weather we have been having, did you know that your car’s battery is more prone to failing? When the terminals are connected, an electrical current is generated by chemical reactions in the battery. Low temperatures like this past week, slow down chemical reactions and can result in insufficient supply of electric current. One of the reasons your battery acts up in cold weather, and something I only found out recently.

There’s not much you can do about the weather, but there’s lots you can do to winter-proof your battery.

Here are 5 tips to keep it charged up all winter long.

Know where you stand

Depending on your driving habits, car batteries generally need replacing every three to five years. The battery specialists recommend getting your battery checked twice a year. Not only can you get a free battery check done at any Battery Centre, you can also get your starter and alternator checked for free. I popped into my local Fourways Centre and they did a free check and clean, in and out in under 20 minutes and I didn’t need to book before hand. Most of us only think of doing a “full check up” before a long journey, but chances are a failed battery can occur when you are closer to home.

Stay warm and keep moving

Park your car in a sheltered area such as a garage or car park. A fully charged battery minimises starting problems so go for regular drives to allow the battery to recharge itself. I recently looked after my parent’s car for a few months while they were away. My only instruction was to give the car a good run every week. It’s amazing how weeks fly by, because sure enough, just as I was about to go on a long journey with said car, I tried to start it and the battery had run flat. This was one of the examples where the kind folks at Battery Centre drove to me. Yet they didn’t just try to shove a new battery down my throat immediately, the honest technician said he should rather test it. He helped me jump it, we warmed up and car and tested it twice, before leaving.

Have patience

Don’t expect magic on the first turn. If your car won’t start after 2-3 seconds, give it a short rest before trying again. Make sure there is sufficient starting power for your engine by keeping all electronics, such as your radio, lights and air conditioning off until after you have started your car.

Clean up unwanted residue

My dad taught me this handy tip on the weekend. Increased electrical resistance causes your battery to work much harder. Clean off any build up or corrosion on your battery terminals with some water. Corrosion on terminals can lead to a poor connection and battery failure. Any additional grime or corrosion on your battery can lead to a poor connection and battery failure. You can also get your battery checked and cleaned for free at your nearest Battery Centre.

Residue build up around the terminal

Be ever-ready

A few basic checks on our car can prevent us from living out our roadside nightmares.

Engine oil tends to thicken and flow slower in winter. Enhance the overall working condition of your car with an oil change. Check your battery twice a year. Check your tyre conditions (tread) and pressure on a regular basis. Always keep a set of jumper cables close by and get your battery checked regularly. With a little bit of attention, your battery and car will go the extra mile and get you where you need to go.


Here’s the good news to warm up your bones, Together with Battery Centre, I’ll be giving away a brand new Raylite car battery, which will be provided and fitted at Battery Centre. If you aren’t in need of a battery fear not, the voucher will be valid for 12 months! The winner will receive a complimentary Raylite Battery replaced and fitted to the value of R2500.00.


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  4. Giveaway ends on 26 July at Midnight.

For more information visit Battery Centre’s website or follow them on Facebook.

{GIVEAWAY} Tips to Encourage Healthy Hygiene In Our Kids – Win A Dettol Hamper

{GIVEAWAY} Tips to Encourage Healthy Hygiene In Our Kids – Win A Dettol Hamper

Winter has officially arrived and with it comes a sleuth of Viruses and Germs.

Having two boys in playschool it’s safe to say trips to the doctors’ office are a pretty common occurrence in our household. My husband is the OCD hygiene policeman in our house. He is constantly telling us to clean up, wash hands etc. I’m not sure if it’s his OCD kicking in or more a germ phobia but safe to say its due to him that we wash our hands all the time. He is absolutely correct though, educating our kids from a young age about hygiene is half the battle won.

Creating Healthy Habits

Recently, I’ve made one small change to our hygiene routines and I’ve seen a world of difference. Immediately after fetching the boys from school I give them a dollop of Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer In the car and then immediately when we enter the house, the first thing they must do Is wash their hands. This year (touch wood), we are yet to suffer from any major tummy bugs or viruses.

Luckily at my son’s school, they have already taught them to combat the spread of germs, they need to sneeze or cough into their bent elbow. I made the mistake once of sneezing into my hands and my 4-year-old was very quick to correct me and tell me how it should be done.

Together with Dettol here are some ways to teach our children the importance of hygiene. You know that hygiene is important, but how can you make your child understand to prioritize it? Energetic kids have no time and patience for hand-washing, nose-blowing, and tooth-brushing!  By making learning fun, it’s more likely to become a good habit.

Tips for promoting healthy hygiene in kids:

  • Sing a song while washing hands. They say the correct amount of time to wash your hands is to sing happy birthday twice over (or 20 seconds for children that can count). Use a proper disinfecting hand wash, lather (Without leaving the tap on), getting in between all the fingers, and sing! It’s actually not as long as I initially thought and the kids love it, they keep asking whose birthday it is today.
  • Play games and make it fun! To add to the hand washing, we played a simple paint game to highlight the spread of germs, and just how much washing you have to do to get them off! Paint your hands and pretend to sneeze into your hands. From there go about your regular day. I placed disposable items around to ensure easy clean up. We pretended to “have lunch”, drink some juice, played ball etc. Then step back and look at all the paint everywhere! Aadam has a little melt down when he saw just how many “germs” had spread. He started to cry and said he wanted to wash them all off! Straight to the basin we went where he immediately washed his hands, and then earned a star on his rewards chart.


  • Feather activity – We all know the struggle in trying to teach kids how to blow their noses. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get your 3-year-old to “push air out” through their nostrils, Yusuf ends up sniffing his back in! Try the Feather activity – Get two feathers. Cover your mouth with your hand, and then blow the feather across the table using only your nose. Show your child how to do it, and then have a race! Whoever can get their feather to the other side of the table first, wins. Once your child is used to blowing air out her nose, introduce tissues. Don’t forget to wash your hands after!
  • Reward good hygiene – Dettol have made it easy to make learning fun by creating a hygiene hero toolkit for kids. You can download yours from here, and it includes a hygiene chart, a fun game, activity book and a rewards chart. Making learning fun is the best way to remember the importance of hygiene. Download yours and you’ll suddenly see an increased awareness of hygiene in your kids. Of course, they are waiting for a prize once all the stars have been filled in.

  • Make it Special – Keep it engaging for your children. For example; I know when I buy liquid soaps for Aadam’s favourite colour is purple, and Yusuf’s green. I buy soaps in their favourite colour and I quickly see how they run to make sure they get their favourite colour. Another great way to make it special is to buy matching wash cloths or a special stool.

I think it’s important to remember we don’t want to create any OCD disorders in our kids, we also don’t want them to be “afraid” to do things as they will get dirty. Nothing we do could ever avoid all the germs our kids are exposed to. I’m a firm believer in a child SHOULD be exposed to dirt and a few germs to build up strong effective immune systems. My boys love playing in mud and getting dirty, they love animals and pretending to clean the kitchen. A sign of a good day for me is when they come home super dirty! Thanks to Dettol we are equipped to make clean up a breeze. The boys take their handy hand sanitizers to school. Accessorised with a handy silicon strap this waterless hand sanitizer goes everywhere with us. From the car, to the bike park and even attached to the boy’s school bag, it’s always available when they need it. The convenient wet wipes are also in mummy’s bag of tricks, ready to be pulled out when we need it. Dettol has also recently launched another convenient way to protect your family. The Dettol “Soft on Skin” Disinfectant Liquid with Aloe Vera. Launched at the end of March this contains Aloe Vera which is so soft on skin, its perfect for bath time! A pop a little into their bath at night, or especially after an active day to ensure that we are protected. Ease of mind helps me sleep peacefully at night!


Just by practicing simple hygiene habits and encouraging them in our children we can help raise strong, confident, healthy children. Thankfully Dettol makes this so much easier for us by providing us with products that have the incredible disinfectant properties that Dettol is known for.


I’ll be giving away one incredible Dettol Hamper to a lucky “In these Stilettos” reader. Taking care of all your hygiene needs this winter.

To enter all you need to do is tell me how “you are a Dettol mom”, how do you encourage healthy hygiene in your children?

Comment below and If you want an extra entry comment on the “In These Stilettos” Dettol Giveaway posts across Facebook and Instagram. Make sure you have Subscribed to the blog!

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