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Easter Craft Ideas

Easter Craft Ideas

Easter is around the corner and I think we all have a little more time on our hands to do some arts and crafts with the kiddos.

I have 5 simple art and craft ideas to create some Easter themed artwork to brighten up your days. The key thing you will need in all of them are recyclable items. Egg cartons, toilet rolls etc. From paper crafts to egg decorating ideasโ€‹, these Easter crafts for kids make excellent art projects for toddlers, preschoolers, and children of all ages. Some of my favourite Easter memories growing up was sitting around the table painting and dying eggs with my mum, so I want to recreate those memories with my children. Making things special, with everyday items from around the house.

I also have a wide range of non sugar alternatives for Easterto have a read through, with some cute activity and gift ideas.

Egg Carton Easter Bunnies

We first made these about 2 years ago and they have proved a hit ever since. Simply glue two egg cartons together with some hot glue at one end (or tape), and paint. Grab some googly eyes and pom poms for a nose and you have an Easter bunny! Fill the cavity with your favourite mini eggs. You can also make mini chicks by swapping out those bunny ears for feathers.

Carrot Playdough

Make up a batch of homemade playdough, and fill up small icing bags to get a carrot shape. These are perfect treats for the Easter table, or to give away to class mates.

Make your own “Hatch Animals”

These were so much fun to make! Save all your plastic egg shells, they really are invaluable with kids around. I filled a few with mini finger puppets or any collectable style toy, wrap it in some air dry clay, leave to dry and paint/decorate as you wish. The kids aren’t allowed to peak inside the egg before they finish!

Toilet Paper Crafts

Would it be an activity list without these? Last year we made some little bunnies and chicks out of toilet paper rolls, which recently the boys actually asked me to make again. So whip out those pipe cleaners and empty toilet rolls and get crafting.

Toilet Roll Stamps

These were an absolute winner! So easy to make and we had such fun stamping and decorating. Cut up some toilet roll and attach “ears” or “wings” with some glue. Stamp away ๐Ÿ™‚

What are some of your favourite Easter themed crafts? I’d love to have a look and get some inspiration ! Drop a comment below .

For more fun idea’s and some great Easter themed printable activities, check out Momsartelier .

“Egg-cellent” Non Sugar Alternatives for this Easter

“Egg-cellent” Non Sugar Alternatives for this Easter

Itโ€™s a few days before easter, and as most families will be rushing out to stock pile their chocolate eggs and bunnies, take a moment to think, do I really need ALL of this sugar?

Last year I probably gained about 3 kilograms over the Easter period. I kid you not. We had some friends over on Easter Sunday for a lunch and of course the kids had an egg hunt, the week prior my mum and dad had visited and of course, we had another egg hunt. In addition to the dozens of chocolates the boys received from those activities, my husband is a serial egg addict. It would not be โ€œEasterโ€ without at least two boxes of marshmallow eggs being consumed and at least half a dozen of the white candy chocolate ones. SUGAR OVERLOAD!

So this year, Iโ€™m mixing it up.

Iโ€™m expecting the boys to receive chocolate from my mum and dad, thatโ€™s a given and every grandparents right ๐Ÿ™‚ I also do have our iconic Lindt Bunnies adorning the tables, it just wouldnt be easter without them. This year for the boys however, apart from one or two hidden eggs for the hunt, we are largely going sugar free.

This year for our โ€œhuntโ€ Iโ€™m going back to old school. We get so caught up in the consumer trap and we wonder why our kids end up with diabetes, obesity and other diseases. The excessive lifestyle just gets worse every year. I always notice if the boys eat too many sugary treats that we often end up sick afterward. Sugar = Inflamation so I like to mix it up a bit.


Here are my top tips to do Easter, sugar free:

For our table decorations/activity/egg hunt I’m using good old hard boiled eggs. Soaking them in vinegar and painting our own little creations. What a perfect way to keep kids entertained. Iโ€™ll be hiding some of those in the garden too. Remember, the reward of the hunt is not โ€œsugarโ€. Kids LOVE a treasure hunt regardless of what the treasure is! Its about the adventure, the challenge. Im also giving out cute little “carrot” playdoughs that I made up (using playdough and small piping bags). They make a gorgeous addition to the table and keep the kids entertained at the same time.

The base of our hunt is going to be the plastic eggs that are easily available at Westpack Lifestyle or Plastic land. They range from R3 to R12 per egg dependent on the size.ย  We also use these for sensory play and to make musical instruments so they dont get wasted at all!

I’m filling these with a number of โ€œcandy freeโ€ options, such as:

1.Hair clips/ties


3.Slime (homemade or store bought)

4.Coins (as in money) โ€“ My boys are obsessed with money, the joy on their faces if they were to find eggs with actual money in would be second to none.

5.Mini erasers

6.Mini โ€œTicketsโ€ โ€“ You can create vouchers such as โ€œTrip to the Zooโ€ or โ€œMovie nightโ€

7.Finger puppets

8.Lip Balm

9.Mini soldiers/ cars

10.Arts and Crafts Supplies

11.Seeds (if you had a mini gardener), the kits from my ecosprout are a great idea!

12.Bouncy Balls

13.Spin tops

14.Little Pet Shop toys


16.Magic grow animals

17.Magic grow beans

18.Bath fizz bombs, we made our own here

19.Dried fruit





As you can see the possibilities are endless, a perfect way to eliminate some of the unnecessary chocolate and candy, although we need a little, in moderation of course ๐Ÿ™‚ If you have a child with allergies, this list is invaluable ! All of these items are available from the local China Mall/ Dollar store.

What other non candy/chocolate idea’s would you do?