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Review: Childs Farm – Can it really help with Eczema?

Review: Childs Farm – Can it really help with Eczema?

Last week I was fortunate enough to meet an incredible women. Joanna Jensen is the founder and creator of the renowned baby skin care range, Childs Farm, that’s taking the world by storm. We first were introduced to Childs farm when it entered the South African market last year, so when I found out she was in South Africa, I jumped at the chance to meet her! Childs Farm products are not only reasonable in terms of price,  dermatologist and pediatrician approved, they are also packed with natural ingredients.

My first thought was that Joanna must have some kind of pharmacist degree or background, in order to create cosmetic products from scratch, but I was surprised to find out that she actually has a background in the legal field! Joanna grew up in a household that used a lot of natural medicines, and they had horses, so would often make up their own tinctures to treat the horses. After her kids were born, and they too suffered with sensitive skin, trolling the baby aisles she was shocked to find so many products were packed filled with harsh chemicals. She started to play around with various different plants and mixtures and voila, Childs Farm was born! Aptly named after their own Farm, and all the labels feature Joanna’s girls, their cousins, friends, and their animals, bringing authenticity to the brand, and helping to engage with little ones to enjoy using the products more.

All Childs Farm products are made using naturally derived ingredients to produce mild products that care for the skin, hair and nails of newborns, babies and children, but the products are suitable for adults too.  Made from 98% naturally derived ingredients, organic essential oils and free from parabens, SLSs, mineral oils and artificial colourings. The packaging is funky and bright, and for some reason my boys are obsessed with the bottles. Statistics show in the UK that one bottle of Childs Farm Sensitive Baby moisturizer has been selling at one bottle per minute since 2017 ! What an incredible achievement, from something that started out in her own home bathroom.

It hit retailers in the UK for the first time in 2014 and South African shores in 2018. In such a short amount of time they now have product available globally, including Australia, Ireland, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Middle East and Iceland. Last year a few of my readers commented that they couldn’t find it in clicks. Fear not, in the next few months you will see the product available not only in select clicks, but Dischem, Takealot and will soon be expanding to other retailers as well.

A quick google search on the products will show you that the world is raving about Childs Farm’s ability to keep eczema and psoriasis under control, so I asked Joanna if she has any intentions to expand into an adult range. Simply put, she doesn’t need too! Adults around the world are buying their products as well, a UK study shows that 27% of adults are using the products on themselves!

So what do I think?

I’ve documented it a few times but my eldest suffered with terrible eczema as a baby, he was put onto steroid creams from as young as 7 weeks old! He still has extremely sensitive skin so we are always very careful with any type of scented product or bath products. Aadam has had absolutely no reactions to any of the range we have tried. I’m currently loving the 3 in 1 swim, being Summer in the Southern Hemisphere we have been doing a large amount of swimming. The 3 in 1 swim wash is especially designed to remove all traces of harsh chlorine. I LOVE IT! The bubble bath is another one of our favourites, as it really does create bubbles! Theres nothing more annoying than a bubble bath that doesn’t produce a good bubble 🙂 The boy’s hair is softer and definitely more shiny since using the shampoos on them.

There are a huge variety of scents to choose from, depending on your preference. The strawberry and mint in the bath is delicious, as is the orange but I do find the grapefruit a little overwhelming. Our first trial with the baby moisturizer last year was with the grapefruit, and I have to admit it wasnt my favourite, recently, we have been using the plain unscented version and I am sold! It doesn’t just“sit on top” of the skin like the majority of aqueous creams, it actually sinks in and absorbs. The range also comes in a super handy travel pack, which is something I often struggle to find with kids products.

I would absolutely recommend Childs Farm products to any mum out there. We have fallen in love with them, I love most of the scents and the kids love them too. The newborn range (which clearly we haven tested on a newborn yet), is scent free, perfect for baby’s softer skin.

Whats in store for the brand in the future? There are some delicious new fragrances joining the farm family, including fig as well as watermelon and pineapple. For the drier climates (like South Africa and Australia ) there is a range in the works packed with all the coconut goodness specifically for dry hair.

Note: I have in no way been asked to review these products. I received products to trial and all opinions are my own and are based on personal experience.