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From Stockings To Stationery – What’s Your Story?

From Stockings To Stationery – What’s Your Story?

CNA has inspired my world for decades, and I’m pretty excited to share “My Story” and journey with one of South Africa’s most loved brands.


For me personally, being a small town girl, CNA was (and still is) our go to store for pretty much everything “stationary & gift” related. Whether it was Christmas presents, school stationery or the latest novels, it really was our one stop shop. I can remember as a child my excitement for the Christmas and “back to school” shopping trips we would do as a family at CNA.

Over Christmas, our stockings were filled to the brim with cute fashion stationery items and other quirky products from CNA. My sister and I would take out each item one by one comparing who had the best eraser or glitter pen. Evening entertainment over the holidays always entailed many a late night of board games with my extended family. We spent hours arguing over games such as Monopoly, Pictionary and even Cluedo (yes even Cluedo!).  These are family memories created that I will treasure forever, as we all grow up, move away and are all scattered across the globe.

The start of the new school year always brought the excitement of showing-off my new shiny stationery items. The first morning back at school always almost always revolved around who would whip out the coolest “space case”, or who had the best colour highlighters. A luxury that a lot of children in this world today don’t get, but all deserve. The years progressed and so did my love for stationery. CNA supported me throughout my university years, as I bought BIC pens and exam pads in bulk, maybe even picking up a few valentine cards while I was there 🙂

As a mother now, my favourite stationery is still there for me, it is my go to for all things arts and crafts for the boys, or the latest PlayStation games for my husband. It’s not secret that i have a love for educational toys and STEM related learning and the range that CNA offers is spot on, it doesn’t hurt that their latest fashion stationery range is right down mama’s alley 🙂

I love the fact that my boys share my same excitement when we walk into the store. They don’t know where to look, from books and stickers to craft supplies and toys. My eldest is developing a love of all things stationery like his mama and goes towards the latest notepad to create treasure maps on, or the brightest pen or stickers he can find.


It’s a special thing when you can share memories with your children and I look forward to creating many more arty/ “gamey” moments with my family and CNA.

Whats your Story?

Dream Big Little ones – with Adventure Clubs you can be anything!

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