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Bring On The Clean – With Housewife’s Cleaning Products

Bring On The Clean – With Housewife’s Cleaning Products

Let’s face it, lockdown has pretty much brought out the inner “Martha Stewart” in us all. Whether its baking, cleaning or DIY-ing, we have all focused on things we usually wouldn’t have time to do ourselves. For a large portion of South African’s, that includes cleaning.

Now more then ever we are more focused on keeping things clean and hygienic, with an uncertain economy we are all more cost conscious but we also need to focus on supporting local. Enter Housewife’s Cleaning Products. A proudly South African brand that produces a full range of cleaning products, from a braai and grill cleaner, all the way through to a “spot stain remover”. It’s a proven fact that cleaning helps to curb anxiety, and with products that are so affordable, we can all get in on it!

I was sent the range to review pre-lockdown and over the past 40 days, I have been testing them throughout my home. There are a few “hero” products in the range that I would certainly recommend to anyone who is unsure where where to start.

Firstly the super economical, lemon scented, Housewife’s Dishwashing liquid, compares strongly to leading brands. Trust me, my sink has been used multiple times a day throughout this period and I have really been impressed with how long this lasted. The Thick Bleach is another winner and I use it on my toilets and down the drains to keep them fresh and deodorised. The Multi Purpose Cleaner is a fantastic all round surface cleaner and I have been using this on counter tops and bathroom basins. Our floors have been mopped daily (actually sometimes multiple times a day) with both the Floor and Tile Cleaner as well as the Pine Gels (my favourite being the lavender).

Pine Gel has a bit of a “bad rep” in South Africa, for being a “cheaper” or a more “low budget” cleaning product, but I challenge this. When diluted to the right ratio, it creates a wonderful floor cleaning agent with minimum wastage and no residue and is an incredibly versatile multi-purpose cleaner. Housewife’s pine gel creates a wonderful foam, which for some reason always leaves me with a sense of satisfaction. Talking about floors, Housewife’s Carpet Cleaner is also on my #itsrecommends list.

Lastly, I also highly recommend the Grill and Braai Cleaner, having tested this on my most stubborn, grease riddled grills. Leave them to soak overnight and in the morning you’ll have a grill that looks new!

Overall, I have largely been impressed with this extensive range of cleaning products, seriously, they literally have every room and every appliance in your house covered. They even offer a range of luxury hand wash and bubble bath, so after burning all those calories cleaning, treat yourself to some me time with a bubble bath!

Housewife’s cleaning products are available through selected retailers, including Spar, PicknPay and OK Stores.


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