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DIY Bathtime Playdough

DIY Bathtime Playdough

Any lush fans in the house? Since we made our own bath bombs ,I’ve really been enjoying reading up on the various different bath options we can create. If you are a lush fan you’ll be familiar with their “bath time playdough”, we’ve had the rainbow one a couple of times, and I never realised just how easy it could be to create! These are literally two of the greatest things in the world colliding into one ball of awesomeness. Playdough and Bath time are my boys absolute favourites, and this was just so much fun.

You’ll need 3 simple ingredients:


Your kids body wash/ Castille soap

Food colouring

Essential Oils (optional)

This does require a fair bit of kneading before it gets to a manageable consistency. I did the initial mixing an then let the boys get stuck in. Simply start with 2 parts cornstarch to 1 part body wash. I started with 2/3 cups cornstarch and 1/3 cup body wash. Stir the mixture together until it’s all combined. If the resulting mixture is too solid, add a bit more body wash and vice versa. If you are using food colouring, mix it in with the body wash first (I didnt, and it created a slight marbled effect).


Let them have fun and play in the bath. Roll off a small amount of the dough (about a tablespoon). You don’t want to use it all in one bath session. It will disintegrate in the water but stay solid as they rub it on their bodies. It smells amazing and they’ll get clean while they play! You coul also use it in sensory play, as part of a water table, for your kids to use when cleaning toys, or as a dry playdough.

Making this playdough is also a fantastic sensory experience and fine motor strengthening activity.

Have you tried making your own bathtime playdough? I’ve seen a couple of variations on the recipe and would love to hear how you made yours.