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Dear Mama – Because it all makes sense now

Dear Mama – Because it all makes sense now

Dear Mama,

I don’t quite know where to start. The day I became a mother was the day I could truly say I understood you. I understand the long days and tough nights, I understand you saying “Just try some” at every meal, I completely get the scrambled eggs for dinner on a Sunday night. At bedtime, when the boys wont stop wriggling, I remember you telling me to “stop wriggling and settle down”. I understand it all now.

You have never been one to conform. You certainly are not a conventional “Martha Stewart” mother, in fact quite the opposite. From what I can remember Dad did the bedtime stories and weekend cooking. Yet you are the perfect mother, to me.

You are a strong, free-spirited “Hippy” child. I’ve often thought that you always consider me to be a “bore”. The perfect example of a strong woman, you created an empire and had a passion and vision for what you did, you showed me that I can achieve anything! Through hard work and drive, I can do whatever I set my mind too. I remember as a child, I was often upset when you missed swimming galas or competitions, award ceremony’s or homework; wishing you could have been more like the mum’s who didn’t work in an office. Looking back, I hold none of it against you. You were a business woman, and thankfully, I never took it personally. You are the perfect example that as long as you have a passion, you can achieve anything. Growing up and seeing your ambition is what taught me to be strong and to not let every little thing life throws at me tear me down, but instead, build me up.

In my opinion, I had the perfect childhood. I grew up in the bush and either spent my afternoons swimming, playing some sort of ball sport, making forts under thorn trees and chasing snakes (yes you read that correctly). How I didn’t end up with any serious injuries is beyond me. Weekends were always spent at the Yacht Club, either sailing, swimming or paddle boarding. Thank you for not being a “Helicopter parent”, thank you for allowing me the freedom to explore and adventure.

As I grew older, you continued to give me freedom. Freedom to make my own mistakes and to learn. Thank you for always having trust in me. You and dad always treated me as an adult. You never gave me a “strict” curfew, you never stopped me from doing something I wanted to do. You trusted me, and I never had a reason to rebel. Your confidence pushed me to be the best that I could be. You gave me just enough freedom that I could explore and learn, but I always knew what was right and what was wrong.

When I had a meltdown because I wanted to go to boarding school (I know right?), I literally remember crying my eyes out because all my best friends were going, you held strong and said “I need you here”. When you forced me to take a gap year before university, even though I may not have wanted to at the time, you knew what was best. You always pushed me to explore, to travel, to adventure.

You are the “cool” mum. All our friends loved coming over and you loved entertaining.  I have the best memories of my birthday parties and all the amazing cakes you did. My love of events stems through your passion and expertise. You love a good party, and my social skills are certainly down to being your daughter. You believe that life is meant to be lived, and enjoyed, and everything should be enjoyed, in moderation of course!

While I was growing up we used to disagree a lot (we still do), on how life should be and what matters the most. Now that I’m a mother, I cannot tell you how grateful I am. For all the shopping trips to Woolworths, the grocery shopping and my endless nagging “Can I have this, can I have that”. The help you have gave me with the boys, straight after birth was invaluable. I couldn’t have done it without you. Yes you may not have been the best “night nanny” :), but You always looked out for ME, because without me being strong, the boys couldn’t be strong. You always put ME first. You’re also pretty darn good at singing babies to sleep.

I love you mama and you have been the best role model. I couldn’t be more thankful for all that you do, for all the little white lies you told to protect me, to protect my childhood, for all the times you pushed me out of my comfort zone. For all the times you simply didn’t ask questions, thank you for giving me the freedom to soar. Sometimes, I know I get busy, but you are so appreciated. Certainly I wouldn’t be the woman I am today if it weren’t for you. So, thank you – for absolutely everything.

You’re my hero.

PS.. Dad dont worry, fathers day is coming soon 🙂 🙂