Design A Friend Doll Review And Giveaway

Still wondering what gifts to get for the festive season? Well look no further for the perfect gift for little fashionistas 🙂

The girls were recently sent a “Design a Friend” Doll and they are besotted, to say the least. She goes everywhere with them.

I never thought I would have “girly girls”, being a boy mom for so long, I hardly even know how to plait hair, let alone have daughters that love dolls, tea parties and all things pink. Funny how life works because my daughters ask to wear pretty dresses everyday, and their toys of choice? Any doll or baby.

We got “Candy” – she’s a gamer, just like my daughters brothers 🙂 As her name suggests she’s as sweet as can be but when it comes to gaming she’s as competitive as they come.  Each “Design a Friend” doll has their own special character, with a unique outfit and special charm bracelet.

Candy Girl measures 46cm tall, I love that she is so big, the girls “walk” with her and it really does make her feel like a “best friend”.

Candy wears the cutest pink ‘Gamer At Heart’ sweatshirt, a skater skirt, trainers with satin laces & super cute unicorn gamer headphones, can we make these in real life child sizes please?

She has blue eyes that close when lying down & super silky pink hair for styling in the latest trends. A super soft, huggable body for lots of cuddles, but can also raise her arms and legs in life like positions. Design A Friend dolls celebrate childhood, encourages imaginative play and inspires children to be themselves.

Designed for the love of fashion, every Design-a-Friend doll comes dressed in on-trend, fashion quality outfits so you can dress her, style her, change her outfits as you do every day. A little girl’s dream.

To find out more about the full range, check out more at 


To celebrate the Festive Season, I’ll be giving away 1 x Design A Friend Doll (Candy) and 1 x Design A Friend Doughnut Time Pyjamas.

To enter:

Drop a quick comment below (In the comment section)

Make sure you are following @inthesestilettos on Instagram, and like and comment on the Design A Friend post there too.

That’s it! Quick and easy and you could be wrapping one of these beauties up as a gift

This post was written in collaboration with Design A Friend

51 thoughts on “Design A Friend Doll Review And Giveaway

  1. This doll is like my daughter, but in doll form…such an incredible giveaway, hope we are lucky, fingers crossed!!!

  2. Wow this is absolutely gorgeous ? I love the little details, like the charm bracelet. My daughter would definitely love this

  3. Wow this is the most amazing gift for my granddaughter she love to dolly up their hair and dress them up,would be amazing if i could win

  4. Oh my gosh she is so cute! My daughter will go crazy over her especially being the only child and wanting lots of company all the time!

  5. I love the review. Also glad you got a taste of complete girly girl ??. My daughter loves all things pink and girly and I’m here for it

    1. This is so awesome! I love that it’s unique and so tall. This is a great review and gives all necessary details about the dolls. Our little one would love a ‘Design a doll’ doll. ?

    2. This doll is super cute.. my sister and I have 5 girls between us so this doll will definitely be loved all around

  6. This is a perfect gift for every little girl. Thank you so much for the lovely review, my baby girl would definitely love this doll. We’re both super obsessed with pink and dressing up❤

  7. Wow. I am that girl exactly. Who grew up a tomboy and now a mom of 2 girls who love everything pink, girly and unicorns and ive and sleep with their dolls. They spend hours playing with their dolls and accessories. I would love these for my daughters. ♡

  8. This is a perfect gift for my Lil princess, I love everything about and she will be over the moon to own one

  9. It has to be the silky pink hair , my daughter loves playung with her and trying new styles , this would be an absolute treat ?

  10. My daughter had her birthday 2 weeks ago, this would be a lovely spoil for her ,love this stunning doll

  11. My 3 and a half year old daughter would absolutely love this? she is besotted with her “babies”? and would be amazing if she could have a “baby” best friend!❤️

  12. My 5 year old princess would love this,perfect for christmas and her birthday which is next month.She would be over the moon.Fingers crossed

  13. I’m sitting in the same boat. Girly girl vines that loves all things pink and make up! I don’t know the first thing about make up.

  14. As busy and energetic as my 2 daughters are they still love wearing princess dresses and playing with dolls. I love it when my 2 year old makes her baby to sleep, and don’t forget the baby needs to eat and drink as well ?
    They would really love this doll!!

  15. This would be amazing as a gift for my niece, who is just such an amazing little girl. At her young age of 7, she’s been through so much. From being a premature baby and spending days and nights in hospital, it’s been tough on our little fighter. Last year, her mum was expecting her little sister and sadly she passed away just a month in NICU and my niece ? ? was devastated. Being the only girl, she was so looking forward to her sister and now she’s just a bit lonely. I think something this special would make her life a little bit better.

  16. This doll looks amazing! I love the the pink! My little one is just getting into imaginary play and this doll will be an amazing new friend ?

  17. My daughter would love looking after this doll since xes de only girl surround by boys..she will feel like a mommy to de doll.

  18. My daughter and I would both love this ? I grew up a tomboy and having a daughter changed that. It’s only dolls and glitter ? This is such a wonderful giveaway

  19. Wow my granddaughter would have so much fun with this beautiful doll,she love to do their hair and style them up

  20. So very special for you to do a giveaway for someone’s princess at this festive period. Blessings upon Blessings?
    My Lil cutie pie will carry CANDY all around with lots of kisses ?

  21. My nephew lost his little sister , 7 months ago. Baby saajeda was only 5 months. He was so attached to her n a big brother he loved her so much. He would feed her n even dress her . Every morning before he left for school he would kiss n hug her n when back home first thing he would hug n greet saajeda . He misses her so much he is so small himself n my heart just pains to see him these days. A very sad n depressed child only 8 yrs old n he looks like he got lifes burdens on him ? would be amazing to win this doll for him n help him heal.

  22. Growing up I was beyond obsessed with dolls! Then I had my own real life doll who I get to dress and treasure every day. Now she loves her dolls even more than I do. She would love and cherish this beautiful doll so much! Good luck everyone x

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