Sensory Play – Easy DIY Dinosaur Eggs

Dinosaur eggs or suprise eggs are always a hit with the kids. We have done the more traditional “frozen” eggs a few times now, and my children love trying to get the little fish or dinosaurs out of the frozen eggs. This time we made more authentic looking “Dino Eggs” out of sandpit sand and cornflour.

This dinosaur eggs recipe is super easy, very quick to make, and is a ton of fun for kids to break open to reveal a cool surprise inside, you could use it for everyday play or for party favours.

Full video tutorial is at the bottom of the article. The whole reason for sensory play is to have fun WITH your children, so let them to the mixing and get messy. You are creating memories, have fun in the moment.


1.5 cups cornflour

3 cups playsand

approx 2 tablespoons craft glue and approx 2 tablespoons water.

Youll also need some small mini dinosaurs to hide inside and a big bowl to mix.

Mix up the dry ingredients together and then slowly add in the liquids until you get a crumbly consistency that sticks together. If it becomes more like “oobleck” and does not hold its shape then add in more playsand. Place your mini figurine in the center and build up around it to form an egg shape.

There are two methods of drying, you can either leave it to dry in the sun for 2 to 3 days until completely dry, OR, if you are impatient like I am, dry on a LOW oven heat (50-100 degrees celcius) for a few hours until dry.

Create a quick sensory tray with some sand and stones, you can even make a mini volcano using bicarbonate and vinegar to add to the landscape. Give your children some “tools” to use to try to free the hatchlings. We used scrapers, droppers, water and a mini hammer. The fun comes in seeing which one works best!

You can check out the full video, and more sensory play ideas on my instagram below:

Have fun with these, they last a while and my kids loved seeing the baby “dinos” born. Tag me if you try it!

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