I hope you know

I hope you know how you changed my life forever, how you gave my life purpose and strength. I was scared in the moment of childbirth, but YOU, you gave me strength. As small and as tiny as you were, your love made me fearless. The day you were born is the day I truly started to live, I had a greater purpose. I hope you know that you are everything I need in my life, and so, so much more.

I hope you know that while the world is a confusing, sometimes unfair place, it is also beautiful, kind and a canvas to create your masterpiece. I hope you seek the beauty and joy in those everyday moments, the flower in between the dirt, the sunshine after a dark storm, a baby laughing or the giving that occurs – even in the most impoverished areas. I hope you will always remember to be kind and respectful. That each person is on a journey and that we have the power to impact each life, just as you did with mine. Be open, be caring, you are a life changer.

I hope you never give up, you will make mistakes along the way, but it is OK, we can’t grow without them. We cannot have courage without being discouraged. Pick yourself up, it was meant to be a part of your journey. I hope you will never give up on your curiosity or sense of adventure. Your admiration of the world around you. You have taught me to view the world through your eyes, the excitement of each new experience, the bravery of trying new things. It is a superpower, and it will help to you reach your dreams.

My biggest hope, is that you know just how special and loved you are. You are special even when I am shouting at you for sneaking in another cookie or for having a melt down in the store because I said no to another toy. You are loved even when I say β€œno more TV time” or get bad results in a test. When I am not physically there for you, because of a work event or because my mind is somewhere else, you are still special, and just as loved.

I hope you always remember how much you loved your siblings as a child and how they loved you. Keep that love and always nurture it. Bedtime is my favourite time in the house, we all snuggle together, you all giggle and play. Feeling that love between you all is something that is so incredible, I could never describe how much joy It brings to my soul.

I hope you know that your potential is limitless, that I will always be by your side, both physically and spiritually, giving you courage and love and guiding you along the way. I hope you know that I believe in you, I believe you can achieve whatever you set your mind to and even when I no longer have a physical body on this earth, I will always live inside your heart, I will always whisper guidance to you. I will live through your actions and the love between your siblings. I will always be your mummy.

I hope you know that you are absolutely perfect, and that everything I do in my life is for you. The day you were born, my life changed and I realised that my legacy in life is you and your siblings. You are my reason and my motivation. I love you, always and forever, I hope you know just how much.

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