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Not a day goes by where the topic of Home security isn’t mentioned here in South Africa, and If you have been looking at installing a home security option, there is no better time to do it than right now. Thankfully, gone are the days of complicated and expensive home security systems. Ring arrived in SA earlier this year, and it has made life so much safer.

I’ve actually been blown away by the features of our Spotlight Camera. I receive an alert on my phone if there is any motion detected,  I can watch the kids swimming from my phone while I’m at work and I can even use the microphone feature to talk to them or shout at them if they are playing too rough! The Spotlight Camera also has a Siren feature that sets off an alarm of 110 decibels, enough to deter any unwanted guests. It has an incredible night vision camera and with the Spotlight Camera, the light shines on when it detects motion.

Ring Africa’s home security offerings utilize HD cameras that connect directly to your smartphone via the Ring App and they have a huge variety of options on hand depending on your needs, from a Doorbell Camera, an Indoor Stick up Cam, to the Spotlight Camera which I opted for. There are options for everyone and can be set up in less then 15 minutes. Ring is really putting the power of home security into the hands of homeowners.

There’s no better time to order yours.

Remember when I mentioned there is no better time to set up your home security? Well, RING has extended their Black Friday Deals for the entire month of November! This month you can literally save up to R1000 on various Ring devices, massive savings!

Some of the more notable Black Friday deals include:
Indoor Cam R999 (R500 saving);
Stick Up Cam Battery R1999 (R500 saving);
Door View Cam (Peephole Cam) R1999 (R1000 saving);
Spotlight Cam Battery R2999 (R1000 saving);
Spotlight Cam Wired R2999 (R1000 saving);
Floodlight Cam R4499 (R1000 saving).

Head on over to my Instagram to see some of the features in my stories or visit TAKEALOT for more information.

To take into consideration before you install yours:

They really do mean it when they say that all RING cameras can be installed in 15 minutes or less, I set up ours and installed it myself! The hardest part for us was deciding where to put it, we initially ordered the wired option, which I thought would be a better option, we wanted it out by our front gate and we have a plug point there, however, our WIFI didn’t reach that far. So, we brought it in a little closer where our WIFI DID reach, and then realized we didn’t have a plug point (should have gone with the battery version). Eventually we settled on our backyard, which worked out perfectly for us, we can keep an eye on the kids and the garden!

Ring Africa products are now officially available in South Africa through: – Takealot, Builders Warehouse, iStore, Incredible Connection and Leroy Merlin.

Disclaimer- This post was written in partnership with Ring South Africa, but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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