Cybex e-Priam Review – When strollers meet technology

Hands up to all the parents out there who use a pram for more than just transporting a kid? Let’s face it, a pram is essentially a compact trolley. Yes, sure, they transport your precious kids, but they also carry nappy bags, groceries, blankets, jackets, bottles of water, coffee and numerous toys. When loaded up, they’re heavy. Ever pushed a heavy pram up a hill? You can feel it in your shoulders and back right? Takes me straight back to Au Pairing in Colorado; pushing the kids to play school in the stroller, and feeling the burn in my calves on the way back up the hill; what a work out! Tackling steep hills or rough terrain is difficult.

Well, the future of baby transport is here and it is clearly very “electrifying”! Baby gear brand Cybex, are known for their fashion forward designs, and they recently launched the first ever “e-stroller”, the e-Priam. Kitted out with a discreet battery, the e-Priam uses its power pack to both relieve the strain of uphill pushing and slow the roll of downhill strolling, all while making complicated surfaces; such as trekking over sand, gravel, or cobblestones seemingly effortless. It is the perfect combination of glamour and power.

A pram with an “engine”, I’m sorry what????

The e-PRIAM has a battery and a switch hidden in the rear axle. Deactivate the footbrake, and tap the switch with your foot to switch on. A row of five LEDs will light up to let you know the e-PRIAM is on and activated. The lights also tell you how much battery life is remaining. Once activated, sensors in the handlebar can detect “pushing and pulling pressure”, when going uphill and downhill. Cybex calls it “Smart Hill Support” and it is basically an algorithm that takes data and activates the motors to either help you get to the top of the hill or assist you from rolling away on the way down. Yes, a pram that has algorithms, that’s how cool it is. When you come across uneven cobblestones, sand or any other uneven surfaces, the e-PRIAM’s “Uneven Surface Support” performs a similar function, counterbalancing the stroller to make the ride feel smooth. You can check out my video review by clicking on this link here.

So how does it work?

It takes about 6 hours to fully charge up the battery, which plugs into a regular outfit. The battery life is dependent on how much weight is in your stroller, or how rough the road it, but typically lasts anywhere between 8 to 40 kilometres. If you pick up speed quickly (for example you are running), the assistance will end for safety reasons. The electric motors are fitted inside the frame between the wheels and kick in when travelling uphill. Support is added when walking downhill, to slow the pushchair down. An algorithm is able to detect the incline and amount of pressure and adjusts the pram accordingly.

The finer detail…

This technology does add an extra 2.4kgs to the frame. You can also still remove the battery from the axle of the stroller and use it as a “normal” Priam while the battery is powering up. It has the full capability of the normal Priam has such as reversible seating, full-recline capabilities and one-handed folding. The e-PRIAM frame comes in four different colours and can fit a variety of seating devices, including a standard Seat Pack, LUX Carry Cot, and car seat.

The new Cybex e-Priam is available exclusively in South Africa from Chelino Baby.

** This post was done in Collaboration with Chelino Baby, but all thoughts and opinions are my own**

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