Healthy School Lunch Box Ideas + Giveaway with Kiddylicious

Hands up to all the moms of serial snackers !! From the moment my kids wake up to the second they lay their heads on the pillow at night, I feel like they are constantly asking for snacks. I am always on the look out for new snack or lunch box ideas so when Kiddylicious approached me to “swap out” the unhealthy snacks, I jumped at the challenge!

I’ve found myself in a bit of a rut recently with school lunches. Whether its lack of time, laziness or just uninspired because its the end of year, I’ve been feeling like a pack the same lunch for the boys every day of the week. I previously shared some lunch ideas on the blog which kept me going for some time, but preferences also change. For example, I have been told that I’m not allowed to pack pizza anymore, because its cold (turns out his preschool teacher used to warm it up for him all this time) – so that quickly eliminated that option. Schools also place restrictions on bringing nuts or granola bars with peanut butter in etc, so it limits our options a little more.

I sat down to create 4 new lunch ideas, swapping out the cookies and chip treats I added in the last one, with healthier options from Kiddylicious.
Why 4? Well, because once I week I let him order tuck ๐Ÿ™‚ Every mama needs a break right?

We always use Sistema lunch boxes because of the bento style layout. These are perfect for serial snackers and allow me to separate everything comfortably.

Option 1: Tomato and cheese skewers, biltong for a protein, Kiddylicious cheese stars, a citrus, grapes and our cult favourite, Kiddylicious coconut rolls.

Option Two: “Crustless quiches” (egg muffins are sooo quick and easy to make), popcorn, grapes, cheese, Kiddylicious fruit wriggles and some veggie straws.

Option Three: Chicken pops, rice crackers, strawberries and watermelon with Kiddylicious cheese straws and a strawberry fruity bake as a treat.

Option Four: There is nothing wrong with a good old sandwich, I try to steer away from them too much as the kids get a sandwich and fruit for their first break at the school, so I don’t give them everyday. Yes, this is on white bread and yes, my kids do eat brown as well (just in case there is judgement here). A cheese sandwich with cucumber and carrots, a citrus served with Kiddylicious strawberry fruit wiggles and the divine apple soft biscotti.

Option Five: Tuck Day ๐Ÿ™‚ He always orders a toasted cheese sandwich in any case, but if you really wanted one; go with some mini meatballs (woolworths does a great option for kids), yoghurt covered rice cakes, apple slices, yoghurt served with Kiddylicious banana coconut rolls!

Its so easy to make sure no unhealthy treats slip in with brands like Kiddylicious helping us to tackle good food options.

GIVEAWAY – Win a hamper filled with Kiddylicious snacks and a Sistema Lunch Box

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Comment below on what you would swap out in your lunch box?

Competition is open only to residents of South Africa, winner will be announced on Friday 15 October 2019.

20 thoughts on “Healthy School Lunch Box Ideas + Giveaway with Kiddylicious

  1. I would swop out the muffins for the veggie straws, saw these kiddilicious products in store and would love to try them

  2. I usually give my son flings, I would swop out flings for the veggie straws! The different veggie tastes will expand his pallet and hopefully make him more open to veggies as opposed to flings that have one taste. Also, flings have no nutritional value so I would add the veggie straws for the nutritional value.

  3. Both my kids love chips, so swopping them out for something a little healthier would be great! And these snacks are so yummy, I might have snuck in a couple of coconut rolls myself

  4. I feel very sorry for my son as he a plain old cheese sandwich everyday.
    It is hia favourite though. He also gets a fruit (apple, naartjie or banana)
    His school is very strict. So no treats ever.
    Would love to swap out a sandwich for the soft apple biscotti and include the strawberry fruit wiggles.

    Although i might still have to include half a cheese sandwich ?

  5. I would swoop out fried savouries. He lives then but I believe a tasty alternative would make a difference !

  6. My kids have unite a healthy lunchbox. But Iโ€™d love to add some of these. Would probably swop some of the rice cakes and GF crackers for some of these.

  7. I would definitely swop my son peanut butter sandwich and chips for Option Two: โ€œCrustless quichesโ€ (egg muffins are sooo quick and easy to make), popcorn, grapes, cheese, Kiddylicious fruit wriggles and some veggie straws. It looks amazing I would pack this in for myself also.

  8. o my kids only want peanut bread juice and crisps. I used to make the chicken pops or chicken strips but them they found peanut butter or if im lucky the eat the cheese bread I make them now and then. It would be nice to win this, as I have two tots one is 2years and the other is 4years then I also have a older daughter she is 10 years old. All girls and they are have their own tastes and to make them happy it take a lot out off us as parents but we do it with love. I would really like to win this as it will show them their are other things they can have in their lunch boxes and not the same ols peanut butter / cheese sandwiches lol

  9. Hiii
    I literally stress about what to pack every day… I usually pack a sandwich a box of juice a packet of cheddars or biscuits because it’s so so easy… But I guess I would swop the biscuits and cheddars for the veggie straws and fruit wriggled also quiche is another really good idea don’t know why I never though of it instead of boring sandwiches… The fruity bakes is also a good one instead of cupcakes and cakes I will Def be trying that out!!! My daughter would really loves these she loves trying new things even more of its something to eat.

  10. I misread and thought we had to comment on insta ? i would swop out his beloved oreos with some coconut rolls or biscotti. He gets some fruit cubes or flakes (why so they cover it in sugar) with some fruit wiggles.

    I have a cupcake maker (appliance style, so i don’t have to use the oven if i make a small batch of cupcakes) that I’m gonna dust off and make some of those quiches. I’m personally not a big fan of sandwiches so i can make a few for me and my son and pack them in instead of sandwiches.

    And I live for Fridays. Friday is tuck day and my husband is off so it’s my only sleep in day of the week while I’m on maternity leave lol.

    I’m weaning my baby now and there’s so many snack options now vs when my son was little so she’ll be a kiddylicious babe

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