Giving Back With Cadbury Dairy Milk And “The Little Generosity Shop”

We all have toys that our kids don’t play with that we want to give away or donate right? We often never know where to drop them off or run out of time to do so. You may have noticed, a few weeks ago I shared a very poignant advert done by Cadbury. It showed paper planes floating down the centre of the iconic Ponte building, highlighting the fact that 3.7 million orphans in South Africa have very little opportunity to experience the smallest things in life, things like toys and books. In a bid to help turn things around Cadbury Dairy Milk has launched “The Little Generosity Shop” across the country.

What is the shop exactly? Its a mobile store that has been set up for you to drop off your toys/ books that Cadbury will distribute to orphanages and homes across South Africa. Today marks the official opening of the store to the public, and yesterday we popped around for the launch and to drop off our donations. When visiting “The Little Generosity Shop”, you can leave any toys or books you may have and get the opportunity to write a personalized message to a child that will be receiving it. In addition, you can learn about the history of Cadbury Dairy Milk and pick up tips on how to spread your generosity further with “Cadbury Chronicles”. The aim is to collect 3.7 Million toys in this period, and you can watch the counter move as each person donates toys. How cool?

Over the past few weeks we have been sorting through our toys, choosing ones we don’t play with anymore. Giving the boys the authority to choose makes the separation a little easier, but to our surprise we received an exchange of chocolate bars in return, which was a lovely treat for the boys parting with some of their precious toys.

I urge all South Africans to get behind this fantastic initiative. We all have old toys and books that our kids don’st play with anymore, and there are so many children who have never had a chance to play with any. Cadbury Dairy Milk is making it easy for us to drop them off and do the distribution, so there is no excuse not to take part!

You can find “The Little Generosity Shop across the country at the following points:

  • Johannesburg: Sandton City, Checkers Court (29 May – 17 June)
  • Durban: Gateway Theatre of Shopping, Centre Court (25 June – 8 July)
  • Cape Town: Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Centre Court (19 July – 5 August)

There are mobile shops in the following cities:

  • Bloemfontein: Loch Logan (7,8 & 9 June)
  • Port Elizabeth: Baywest Mall (15 & 16 June)
  • Pretoria: Irene Village Mall (28, 29 & 30 June)
  • Nelspruit: Riverside Mall (12, 13 & 14 July)

To find out more visit , lets make South Africa a better place together!

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