Our Favourite Family Board Games {GIVEAWAY}

Holidays are a time for family, food and fun. When I asked my 5-year-old son what is favourite part about Christmas was, he said “the games mama”. It’s about long leisurely meals with lots of hearty fun afterward. Well, it was and is for me anyway.

I agree with my son, my favourite part of family holidays is always the afternoon or “after meal” games. The boys are getting to the age now that they have started to grasp a lot of board games (well at least they think they do). Almost every week they will drag out the entire monopoly set to play ( I think its more about them getting all the money to be honest), but its creating memories, and its bonding. It also instills a little bit of healthy competition πŸ™‚ Snakes and Ladders is one of the best entry points as a board game for kids, its easy to comprehend and my boys are really enjoying it at the moment.

Heres a list of some of our other favourite games:


From Top Left to Right:

Mouse Trap from Prima Games. this variation is available from R199Β Makro

Snakes and Ladders is the perfect introduction to board games R91 from Takealot

Monopoloy has long been a family favourite. My sister and I would play one game that would last the entire weekend! R399 from CNA

Its Junior Scrabble for us, as the boys are still learning letters, and when we are tired mum and dad’s vocabulary is not too hot either. R399 from Takealot

Pictionary is a hoot in our house! Trying to figure out what the boys have drawn sometimes requires a teeny bit of imagination.

30 Seconds – This doesn’t need much explanation. Except, my team ALWAYS wins @ R249 from Takealot.com

Uno Cards are the perfect entry kit into the world of group games. R89.90 from CNA

Pie in your Face – We got this a few months ago, if you have seen my insta stories it is an absolute blast! My boys are suckers for punishment πŸ™‚ (Or they really like licking cream off their faces) R459 from Takealot

Last but certainly not least one of our absolute trending favourites is Boom Blast Stix. Think of a combination of pick up sticks meets Jenga. The aim is to pile your clips as high as you can without them snapping and flying everywhere! This had an entire room full of adults in stitches of laughter earlier this year! R319 from Takealot


I’ll be contributing to your family memories this holiday, together with Prima Games, by giving away one “Boom Blast Stix” Game.

To Enter:

Tell me about your favourite memory when it comes to playing board games. Its that easy!

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Open to residents of South Africa Only.

Competition ends December 19th 2019.

21 thoughts on “Our Favourite Family Board Games {GIVEAWAY}

  1. It would have to be when my daughters think that i constantly cheat but in actual event i let them win at every board game

  2. It would have to be playing monopoly with my parents as a kid. We had hours of fun and many laughs were shared. My mom would make a snack platter for us and we would play and eat our snacks and just have a great time. They are both not with us anymore so I hold those memories very close.

  3. My favorite memory playing board games is with my close knit cousin’s, we use to get together every weekend and play monopoly, scrabble, cludo, or any board games we could find.

  4. Monopoly was my absolutely favourite but I had to beg family to play it with me as no one else seemed to Like it lol

  5. Has to be the competitive nature of my 6 year old and the way she explains and re explains how the games are meant to be played to my husband and I πŸ™‚

  6. My favorite memory is playing board games with my family. We do it every 2nd Friday. Time to bond and have fun

  7. My earliest memories of playing board games was as a young child playing Snakes and Ladders with my parents. Though it was as simple as they come, it was enough to keep me entertained. I’ll cherish my childhood board gaming memories forever, but I’m hopeful for the kids of today and beyond when it comes to what board games they’ll play during their formative years. There’s so much better stuff now for players of all ages that I wish I could have been a kid growing up with this medium during its modern age.

  8. my favourite memeory is playing Monoplay with my sister and cousins and as soon as my sister starts to lose her money she used to just take the board and throw it and say she does not want to play anymore . lol and this used to happen all the time.

  9. Our family loves board games. A few Christmas’s ago we sat down for a marathon game of Risk. After about 4 hours my older brother was losing badly and just got up and left and said “this game is stupid”. His new girlfriend who we had met for the first time said “oh my gosh you are such a BABY! And you are supposed to be the oldest here!” So he went and sulked in his room. She won the game and we then started playing monopoly (which the baby loves but we wouldn’t let him join hahaha)

  10. I loved my childhood of boardgames. It was so much fun playing in the holidays with my sister and cousin. It was such bonding time and we all loved it…all the giggles and crying!

    I cannot wait to teach my kids. My eldest is learning how to play snakes and ladders. It’s so much fun to play as a family…. so important in these children’s lives.

  11. Whenever the girls and I play boardgames, I have to help them. And in the end I also let them win otherwise they think I cheated.

  12. I have fond memories of playing Scrabble with my mom. I think she actually encouraged my love of board games over the years. She’s no longer with us but I’m sure we would still be playing Rummikub and Scrabble if she were πŸ™‚

  13. We have a family tradition that on Friday Nights no matter how tired we are we will have a family game night!! Even the simplest game brings the most pleasure. Pie Face is our best game ever the excitement, anticipation and the surprise splat when it hits you right im the face, makes the best photo’s and memories!!
    We love ghe bonding sessions!! And it encourages family bonding without modern day electronics!!

  14. Board games have always been a part of my life. My brother and I would spend hours playing monopoly and ludo (always trying to kick each other off haha) . Now I have a son who loves all board games. We enjoy playing monopoly and cluedo (which I got for Christmas as a 9 year old….So it’s vintage ?) amongst others. He is just as competitive ?

  15. AWESOME competition – LOVE love playing mega championships with backgammon or rummikub and playing late into the night – even with candles and lanterns with loadshedding – super awesome!

  16. A special memory was playing Monopoly with my grandparents when I stayed over at their home during the school holidays. It was so precious to be with two adorable people I loved dearly and having fun playing our favourite boardgame.
    Miss them RIP
    I always think of them fondly when I play Monopoly.

  17. Our family loves playing a game called frustration. We play it at least once and our family has some good laughs. Its nice to spend some quality family time together

  18. At varsity one of our favourite things to do was have games nights… the funniest was playing “poker” with popcorn seeds as our money… and 30 secounds… gosh it could get intense, but so much fun!!

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