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Winter has officially arrived and with it comes a sleuth of Viruses and Germs.

Having two boys in playschool it’s safe to say trips to the doctors’ office are a pretty common occurrence in our household. My husband is the OCD hygiene policeman in our house. He is constantly telling us to clean up, wash hands etc. I’m not sure if it’s his OCD kicking in or more a germ phobia but safe to say its due to him that we wash our hands all the time. He is absolutely correct though, educating our kids from a young age about hygiene is half the battle won.

Creating Healthy Habits

Recently, I’ve made one small change to our hygiene routines and I’ve seen a world of difference. Immediately after fetching the boys from school I give them a dollop of Dettol Instant Hand Sanitizer In the car and then immediately when we enter the house, the first thing they must do Is wash their hands. This year (touch wood), we are yet to suffer from any major tummy bugs or viruses.

Luckily at my son’s school, they have already taught them to combat the spread of germs, they need to sneeze or cough into their bent elbow. I made the mistake once of sneezing into my hands and my 4-year-old was very quick to correct me and tell me how it should be done.

Together with Dettol here are some ways to teach our children the importance of hygiene. You know that hygiene is important, but how can you make your child understand to prioritize it? Energetic kids have no time and patience for hand-washing, nose-blowing, and tooth-brushing!  By making learning fun, it’s more likely to become a good habit.

Tips for promoting healthy hygiene in kids:

  • Sing a song while washing hands. They say the correct amount of time to wash your hands is to sing happy birthday twice over (or 20 seconds for children that can count). Use a proper disinfecting hand wash, lather (Without leaving the tap on), getting in between all the fingers, and sing! It’s actually not as long as I initially thought and the kids love it, they keep asking whose birthday it is today.
  • Play games and make it fun! To add to the hand washing, we played a simple paint game to highlight the spread of germs, and just how much washing you have to do to get them off! Paint your hands and pretend to sneeze into your hands. From there go about your regular day. I placed disposable items around to ensure easy clean up. We pretended to “have lunch”, drink some juice, played ball etc. Then step back and look at all the paint everywhere! Aadam has a little melt down when he saw just how many “germs” had spread. He started to cry and said he wanted to wash them all off! Straight to the basin we went where he immediately washed his hands, and then earned a star on his rewards chart.


  • Feather activity – We all know the struggle in trying to teach kids how to blow their noses. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to get your 3-year-old to “push air out” through their nostrils, Yusuf ends up sniffing his back in! Try the Feather activity – Get two feathers. Cover your mouth with your hand, and then blow the feather across the table using only your nose. Show your child how to do it, and then have a race! Whoever can get their feather to the other side of the table first, wins. Once your child is used to blowing air out her nose, introduce tissues. Don’t forget to wash your hands after!
  • Reward good hygiene – Dettol have made it easy to make learning fun by creating a hygiene hero toolkit for kids. You can download yours from here, and it includes a hygiene chart, a fun game, activity book and a rewards chart. Making learning fun is the best way to remember the importance of hygiene. Download yours and you’ll suddenly see an increased awareness of hygiene in your kids. Of course, they are waiting for a prize once all the stars have been filled in.

  • Make it Special – Keep it engaging for your children. For example; I know when I buy liquid soaps for Aadam’s favourite colour is purple, and Yusuf’s green. I buy soaps in their favourite colour and I quickly see how they run to make sure they get their favourite colour. Another great way to make it special is to buy matching wash cloths or a special stool.

I think it’s important to remember we don’t want to create any OCD disorders in our kids, we also don’t want them to be “afraid” to do things as they will get dirty. Nothing we do could ever avoid all the germs our kids are exposed to. I’m a firm believer in a child SHOULD be exposed to dirt and a few germs to build up strong effective immune systems. My boys love playing in mud and getting dirty, they love animals and pretending to clean the kitchen. A sign of a good day for me is when they come home super dirty! Thanks to Dettol we are equipped to make clean up a breeze. The boys take their handy hand sanitizers to school. Accessorised with a handy silicon strap this waterless hand sanitizer goes everywhere with us. From the car, to the bike park and even attached to the boy’s school bag, it’s always available when they need it. The convenient wet wipes are also in mummy’s bag of tricks, ready to be pulled out when we need it. Dettol has also recently launched another convenient way to protect your family. The Dettol “Soft on Skin” Disinfectant Liquid with Aloe Vera. Launched at the end of March this contains Aloe Vera which is so soft on skin, its perfect for bath time! A pop a little into their bath at night, or especially after an active day to ensure that we are protected. Ease of mind helps me sleep peacefully at night!


Just by practicing simple hygiene habits and encouraging them in our children we can help raise strong, confident, healthy children. Thankfully Dettol makes this so much easier for us by providing us with products that have the incredible disinfectant properties that Dettol is known for.


I’ll be giving away one incredible Dettol Hamper to a lucky “In these Stilettos” reader. Taking care of all your hygiene needs this winter.

To enter all you need to do is tell me how “you are a Dettol mom”, how do you encourage healthy hygiene in your children?

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43 thoughts on “{GIVEAWAY} Tips to Encourage Healthy Hygiene In Our Kids – Win A Dettol Hamper

  1. Im definitely a Dettol Mom.. I grew up with Dettol.. and now I use it on my kiddies too.. they are forever getting cuts and scratches.. (especially when the cats have had enough play time with them). I like to keep Dettol wipes in my handbag for emergencies.. and its come in handy many times. I have just started a reward chart for them.. me not having to tell them every night before dinner to wash hands earns them a star.. and its going quite well ?

  2. I am definitely a Dettol mom been using this brand of products for years and encouraging the kids to use it as well and explaining the neccessity of using Dettol products for hygiene purposes. Its so important to educate them about hygiene and what needs to be used.
    Dettol is the best investment I made for my family.

  3. I am a huge dettol mom fan I love dettol since forever, I am a hygienic person an I love a fresh clean scent
    I always pour a little dettol in the bath water after the kids played outside it washes away all the germs , I always encourage the whole family to wash their hands regularly because germs spend quickly and I also buy a pack of hand sanitizer for each child for when they on the road.
    You can never go wrong with dettol in your household it’s a must have especially when you have toddlers.

  4. I’m definitely a Dettol mom. I do Dettol everything
    Every bathroom has Dettol hand wash at the basins.
    Every shower has Dettol shower gel and every bath has dettol soap.
    The kitchen also has Dettol hand wash.
    I have realised the best way to keep germs away as well as my children and family healthy and not getting sick is hand washing. Hand washing is crucial and I find that Dettol is the only soap that makes our hands feel clean as well as smell fresh.
    I can’t live without it!
    We stick when we wash hands and I have taught my children to wash hands from young so it’s in our routine!

  5. I am definitely a Dettol mom! My daughter has a very strong immune system and I think it is partly because of all the Dettol products in my house – from wipes to cleaning agents to Dettol on cotton wool for scrapes. I welcome her playing outside and getting dirty, but then we come inside and wash our hands (we “make bubbles”) which she loves! With a new baby in the house it is extra important for me to have a clean house – well, as clean as I can expect with a toddler around! Dettol never disappoints!

  6. I use the Dettol Antiseptic Liquid, a house is not a home without a bottle of Dettol Antiseptic Liquid. Versatile product and a trusted brand which i will recommend to everyone. Protects your family against germs

  7. My kids wash their hands before breakfast, lunch and dinner. And after they went to the bathroom. I also disinfect cuts with Dettol, and poor some in the bath.

  8. I just love the smell of Dettol!! I have the handwash at all the basins in the house. I love the tile cleaner, especially when my kids were crawling. Once a week we pop a capful in the bath to get rid of any beasties and it is always my go to for cuts and scrapes.

  9. I’m definitely a dettol mum Dettol has been in my family for many generations It hygienic it’s clean what more can I say We all want our kids germ free and dettol is the way to go I always my kids to wash their hands at all times especially after using the toilet They still little a forget at times It now a routine

    1. And Dettol makes it so easy to help with that routine ! Lots of fun games and charts you can download!

  10. I grew up using Dettol products and still make sure I have it in my home. I use the dettol soaps at bath time. I use the dettol handwash in the bathroom. I always have dettol antiseptic on hand for scrapes.

  11. We use Dettol at home and in my classroom at school. It’s the one way I get little ones to wash their hands and keep germs at bay.

  12. I am the hugest Dettol mum ever. I’m very fussy about hygiene but at the same time I know we have to live life to the fullest. I keep a small bottle of sanitasier in my bag so disinfect after we go shopping or out somewhere. Dettol wipes are also incredible. Germs are everywhere. I keep Dettol soap in all bathrooms and kitchen to wash after meals and going to the toilet. Bathing is with Dettol soap and some Dettol in the bath water is soothing. I rinse my bath tubs with Dettol. When we get scratched or cut I use Dettol on the wound. It’s great to rub down tables and the sink. Much safer than other household cleaners. So you can imagine how much Dettol I go through in a week. It’s a must have in every home especially with kids you can never be too safe and clean. Dettol safeguards my family against germs. I highly recommend Dettol every home should stock it. It’s a life saver 10/10

  13. We love Dettol. Growing up we had this and now all 3 kids Dettol.i am a super duper Dettol mom

  14. I love Dettol & always used it in my home .I always encourage my kids to use it all the time, I even put one to my little girl bag so that she can continue used it at Day Care Centre. I’m hygenic mom always & everywhere.

  15. The smell of Dettol brings back so many memories.. its such a clean smell. Every household should at least try and keep germs at bay, and with all the different Dettol products nowadays, its definitely possible.. I use it everywhere I can ?

  16. Being an educator I come into contact with a lot of sick children everyday so I always use the Detol hand wash which not only keeps my hands clean but also kills 99% of all germs so it also protects me at the same time especially during cold and flu season

  17. Detol products are the best I’ve used. It’s the best protection for me and my family at a very affordable price. My 7 year old son absolutely loves using the hand wash and sanitizer. He reminds me to use it, so it’s definitely a winner in my household. I feel completely disinfected after I use the products.

  18. Im a kinda freak when it comes to hygiene. Always ensuring my daughter washes her hand , from sanitisers in our bags, back pack to mini wet wipes and in the car as well. Not allowed to touch the escalators as we go up or down. Wipe the seats in public toilets with a wet wipe. Wash hands before eating, too many germs in the air, so I try minimise contact as much as possible. So yeah Im a Dettol mom…

  19. Our Family love to use the Dettol antiseptic liquid in our bath and we wash with the dettol soups. We also love to wash our hands with the dettol liquid soup.

  20. I am definitely a DETTOL MUM as I encourage my two daughter’s to wipe their hands after lunch and especially after going to the school toilets..they must remember to wash their hands ..I told my small daughter who’s 6..remembet to blow out your nose gently..one nostril at a time and remember to wipe using Dettol Wap Wipes..a definite investment to keep all germs at bay..When they are at home..whether they coming in from playing outside or just laying on the carpet..I remind them to use Dettol Soft on Skin Disinfectant..now my little ones kinda lazy to wash..so I encourage her saying let’s make it soapy or bubbly and she quite enjoys it..at the same time she’s having fun while cleaning up using only the best protector #Dettol…Its important for my girls to be taught on how to keep clean..keep the germs away and how important good hygiene is..Thank you Dettol..kids pick up all sorts of illnesses at school..but knowing Dettol brands and products are in my home..Im definitely saving a trip to the doc.. #DettolRocks..

  21. I am a Dettol mum and have taught my toddler to always wash his hands with the Dettol hand liquid as soon as he walks into the house. I also put a little bottle of sanitizer in his bag to use at school.

  22. Dettol is part of our everyday lifestyle. We love the soap ,hand sanitizer and the lovely smell. I am a dettol mum

  23. I am definitely a Dettol Mom ,I encourage healthy clean habits to my kids ,we use Dettol products in our home best for the entire family .Very effective in keeping germs at Bay and great hygiene .Love Dettol ,love to win this amazing products

  24. I grew up with Dettol in the home and therefore my children grew up with Dettol in the home. It’s a fantastic antiseptic and a scratch cleaned with Dettol, then a plaster and a bit of sympathy makes everything right again. The wonderful thing is now that Dettol has so many products available for protecting one from all the nasties that go the rounds. I believe prevention is better than cure so use them all. I even use Dettol liquid in water to give my cats litter tray a good clean and fresh smell every time I change the litter.

  25. Dettol mummy n Dettol daddy n Dettol babies
    we are the Dettol family.

    I remember as a kid when we u graze our knees n elbows , mummy use to dilute Dettol n water n clean our wounds . That was the only Dettol product we use to use .
    Now Dettol is my favorite product for hygiene.

    The liquid soap works like magic to keep the kids hands clean . I even soak their little feet in a bowl of warm water . I do this just before bedtime , it is so relaxing for them that short while thereafter …… they gone into dreamland . Fresh n relaxed !!!

    Dettol is my life!!!

  26. I only ever use Dettol soap for bathing. .no other soap comes close.. i always keep a bottle of Dettol antiseptic liquid at hand for the little accidents that may occur

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