Homemade Bath Bombs

I’m jumping on the latest internet craze once again. Its safe to say bath bombs are pretty much everywhere. I was surprised to see how much these balls of scented goodness can retail for. Everyone loves baths, with my boys we often use little fizzies in the bath to colour up the water, and I just use them for their glorious scent and healing properties.

With mothers day coming up they are the perfect gift to give to someone special. You can customize color, scent, and shape to perfectly suit the person, and its a heck of a lot cheaper to make them at home. It was such a fun activity to do and the boys loved watching their balls form.


1 Cup baking soda (Bicarbonate of Soda)

1/2 cup Epsom salts

1/2 cup Citric acid

2 tsp Essential Oil (I used Lavender)

1 tsp water

3 tsp Coconut Oil

Plastic moulds/ egg shells (I used those little plastic ornament shells for Christmas as well as egg shells). Silicon moulds work really well as well.

All these ingredients are natural so the bath bombs are safe for kids and toddlers. I chose to omit glitter, as pretty as it is, on purpose. Most glitter is made out of plastic and I have become quite conscious of what goes down our drains and into our water system. You can choose to add dried petals, or even those little magic grow beans to hide inside.

  1. In a bowl whisk together the baking soda, citric acid, Epsom Salts.
  2. In a separate small bowl combine the melted coconut oil, water and essential oil
  3. While whisking, very SLOWLY drizzle the liquid ingredients into the dry ingredients until well combined. You can choose to do this with a spray bottle. DO NOT be tempted to add more liquid. If the liquid gets too wet it will activate the fizzy part of the bath bomb too soon!
  4. TIGHTLY pack the mixture into each side of the mold then press the two sides together. Ideally let it stay in the mold overnight, then lightly tap around the mold with a spoon to very carefully open and remove bath bomb.

What I learnt:

It is so important to add in the liquid as slowly as possible. I have seen some people using a spray bottle for this step, just to ensure a thin mist. You do not want the Citric Acid to start reacting.

Some recipes contain Corn Starch, I chose to omit that on purpose as I wanted the bombs to be as natural as possible. My little guys suffer from Eczema and I didn’t want the corn flour blocking up their pores in any way. I would like to try that recipe in future though.

This is a messy activity so do it somewhere that’s easy to clean up. Citric Acid is easier to find then i thought, i searched Dischem and Clicks and ended up finding it at good old Pick n Pay, right next to the Bicarb.


This is one fun activity and now that I have all the ingredients on hand its time to play! I want to try mixing up essential oils and colours. Its a little addictive, and the boys loved it!

7 thoughts on “Homemade Bath Bombs

  1. Your final bath bombs looked like they came from Lush! So impressed. You’ve also inspired me. Think I might try this out when I have some down time 🙂 I’m obsessed with bath bombs but you’re right, they cost WAY too much in store.

    1. hahaha thank you Sam ! There were a few flops in between though! It really isnt hard, as long as you dont get them too most and they dry out properly you will be good to go. At least this way you know exactly what oils etc are in them! Thanks for reading!

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