Love Local – LABEL Collections

The “love local” series focuses on local, South African, women who are making waves in their industries. Breaking boundaries, creating empires and being the best inspiration of strong, driven women to society. This week I’m featuring the incredibly talented Nadia Turton, Founder and creator of “LABEL Collections”. Nadia began working in the retail industry where… Read More Love Local – LABEL Collections

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Blaze and The Monster Machines: how simple toys and TV shows can spark creativity and imagination

We all know we should be limiting screen time for our kids…. right? Well I will be the FIRST to admit there are certain times in the day where TV is my LIFESAVER, and I am not afraid to say it. Yes I try to “limit” their screen time, but I also need my sanity.… Read More Blaze and The Monster Machines: how simple toys and TV shows can spark creativity and imagination


I Choose Love

Valentines day is surrounded by controversy. It’s a completely commercialised day coercing consumers to unnecessarily spend money. It’s a pagan festival celebrating a “saint” we should not follow, there shouldn’t be only one day dedicated to love… I mentioned before, that now, more then ever we need love in this world. We need more people… Read More I Choose Love

Activities for Kids

Valentine Themed Sensory Bin

There are so many wonderful ways to fill and to play with sensory trays and I love any excuse to find a theme to create one. If you follow my instagram and facebook pages you will see a lot more of my other ideas for sensory bins, we do slime, animal environments, snow, rainbow rice, anything I can really! Sensory play has a lot to do with the nervous system… Read More Valentine Themed Sensory Bin

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{WIN} Are Antenatal classes really worth it?

Are antenatal classes really worth it? Perhaps one of the most highly debated topics of pregnancy, should you spend the extra money attending antenatal classes? Most of us studied Biology and have googled enough information, surely a women’s body knows how to “Give birth”? Here’s some of what I remember about my antenatal classes –… Read More {WIN} Are Antenatal classes really worth it?