Craft fun – Raised Salt Painting

We went on an arts and crafts spree last week when the boys were battling with fevers. Id seen a mesmerising video on instagram doing the rounds of the watercolours spreading through a “snowflake” and had been itching to give it a try.

This craft in paticular is fantastic because it’s combining science and art which for me is a win! Kids love salt painting and It’s one of those process art activities that never fails and you can do it so many different ways. As long as you have white craft glue in the cupboard, you can do this over and over, you’re kids will love it.

Materials needed:

Liquid Watercolours (we made our own with water and good colouring)

Droppers/ pipettes/ syringes or a good old paintbrush

Any kind of strong paper, cardboard or even paper plates


white glue

On your paper surface make a design with the white glue. It can be as thick or thin as you want. A wiggly pattern or something with crossed lines gives a better effect and will be more fun when painting.

Sprinkle salt all over your glue painting. Use a tray or container so you can knock the excess salt back into a bowl and reuse it.

Put the droppers into the watercolors and make small drops all over your salt painting. In the beginning the boys poured way to much paint onto the picture, the secret is small drops, if you prefer you can just dip a paintbrush in for more control, but I like the concentration that using the droppers requires. Watch as the colours travel and blend into each other to make a gorgeous painting.

When the salt dries it absorbs a lot of the color, so if you prefer you can use neon colours, for my boys though they were more interested in the experience.

Happy painting, I can’t wait to see some of your creations!

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