Dream Big Little ones – with Adventure Clubs you can be anything!

Are you are a new mum, feeling isolated, looking to connect with others (it’s a very daunting phase), maybe you have just moved to a new city, or are even just looking for idea’s to do with your children?

This was me, a few years ago, returning to a big city with my two toddlers in tow and not knowing any other “work from home” mothers. I was desperate for some stimulation, for both me and my kids. I’ve lived in Johannesburg for years, but the city is a very different place once you become a parent. There are only so many “shopping centers” and restaurants you can take.

Enter Adventure Clubs. My life, and my children’s lives, have forever changed. One of the most important things we can give to our children, as parents, is spend quality time, invested in them. Adventure clubs is an app that you download on your phone (the app is free), and families are invited to browse through and find adventures specific to their families location and preferences. Participate in child centred adventures alongside other families. It’s literally education, socialization and stimulationβ€”for the whole family.

Adventure clubs has opened up eyes up to so many new places in Johannesburg that I would never even have known about. I have made the most amazing friends, whom typically I wouldn’t have crossed in my every day life, and then we have my children…

This year alone they played chef numerous times, learning how to make their own pasta and pizza at Casalinga, created their own desserts at Bright Young Chefs , designed their own doughnuts at Krispy Kreme and have picked vegetables, and turned them into vegan delicacies with Antonia at Leafy Greens.

They have gone on Garden Safari’s at Random Harvest Nursery, learnt about farm animals while planting indigenous trees at Willow Feather Farm , fed Alpacas and observed what we can make with their wool with Alliepad Alpakkas. There is nothing better than getting your own personal tour of raspberry fields or enjoying a freshly made smoothie like you can at The Field Berry Farm. Or picking your own pomegranates whilst learning about all the amazing properties of the fruit at Ganico.

They have danced, climbed trees, zip-lined, learnt ball skills, taken horse rides, gotten up close and learnt about reptiles and flown in helicopters. Painted, mosaic, crafted, sculpted. They have played. They have adventured.

However, more than all the adventures, more than all the incredible experiences you can give your children. It’s about the community. The coming together of families. Roasting marshmallows by a bonfire or having a tug of war on the beach, reading books together at the library or giving back to the community. The friends we have made and the bonds we have created. It’s the little things, and the love.

Whether you are a work from home, stay at home or work full-time mum. A single mother, a single father, a family. You will find amazing memories with Adventure clubs. With something on all the time, and an adventure for every budget, this little app will change your life forever. Its even changed the way I holiday! Whenever I visit Cape Town or Durban now, one of the first things I do is see what adventures are on in the city. Adventure Clubs operates across all 3 cities in South Africa, recently launched in London and will be re-launching in the USA next year.

I hope that you can learn, and grow closer to your children through some of these amazing adventures, targeted at children from the age of 6 months through to 10 years.

Just in time for the holiday season I will be giving one lucky reader and their child, a chance to experience an adventure in South Africa. Head on over to my Facebook page, In these Stilettos, to enter !

Lets make childhood memories great !

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