Don’t let money get in the way of your travels – check out these “Black Flyday” deals

The idea of travelling with toddlers is not on the top of everyone’s agenda. Although I am not opposed to long haul flights with my kiddos, my husband thinks it’s less than ideal. As such, since having our two cherubs our family trips have been limited to Southern Africa. Actually I take that back, “limited” is not the right word to use as South Africa is blessed in abundance with so many beautiful places to visit.


Travelling with my boys has opened up my eyes to places in South Africa that I never knew existed and places I would never normally visit. I cant wait for our December explorations to begin. Most of us are feeling a little broke however, or are waiting for bonuses to kick in, but now you don’t have to! Black Friday is coming up just in time and if you are smart about things you can get great last-minute deals for your Summer Holiday.


Travelstart is famous for their “Black Flyday” deals and this year is no different! Have a look at their incredible promotions coming up from the 24th -27th November. (PS. They are also running an amazing “Spin to Win” promotion where you can spin the wheel and win some great prizes, including an entrance into a draw for free flights!)

Now there is really no excuse for not exploring our beautiful country. They are running specials across the country, take a look at any of the below flight routes to get more information on flying domestically.

If travelling around South Africa you can take a look at my previous posts on places to go with the kids in Capetown and Johannesburg. Durban you are next on my list, whenever I go I just feel there is no better place than the beach 🙂


My top tips for making flying with kids easier:

When booking, think about the time of your flight. If going long haul, the night time flights are often best as your child is more likely to sleep.  Try not to book at peak hours, your flights will be cheaper and you should have some extra space.

Get them excited – Kids are always super excited about aeroplanes and airports. Prepare them for what is to come. Talk about the flight, search for aeroplanes in the sky, help them to understand the process of flying and get them excited about the journey.


Be prepared – three areas that could cause potential disaster – tiredness, hunger and boredom. I have learnt that you can NEVER have too many snacks on hand. Pack as many as you can and let your child pack his own carry-on bag. (Make sure you have no super noisy toys in there unless you want annoyed fellow passengers). Colouring books, sticker sets, Ipads and activity books make great aeroplane packs.

If your child is under 2, consider whether or not to book an extra seat. With Travelstart’s amazing deals it wouldn’t cost that much extra. I remember travelling with my then VERY active 1.5 year old, wishing that I had paid for that additional seat.

If you have a baby make sure you have something for baba to suck on for take-off and landing. Breastfeeding, a pacifier or a bottle to suckle on will help keep their ears open for take-off and landing.


My final and probably most important tip for a relaxed flight, be the last to board the plane! I know they tend to let families with children board first but for me personally, I like as little time as possible between boarding and take off. I find that the long wait for everyone to board and the cross checks are a huge bore for the boys. It’s good to let them run around for as long as they can before boarding the plane.


Wherever you go this holiday, be safe and enjoy every single second of family time ! Children love to explore and seeing a place, even if it is a familiar place, through their eyes is always refreshing.



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