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Fizz Dough Recipe

A soft, fizzy dough to make sandcastles with the magically turns into a playdough consistency, this recipe literally has it all for kids and may just have become my favourite !

We started off by combining equal amounts of cornflour (cornstarch) and bicarbonate of soda. I was running out of cornflour so I think my measurements were 1/3 cup each (I would recommend using more) .

Take a big bin/Tupperware as the mixing can get messy and just spray a whole bunch of shaving foam into the container. Add in your bicarb/flour mixture and mix (just get in there with your hands or better yet get the kids to do it for you). You can add food colouring as well.

You want the mixture to become like a sand/ breadcrumb consistency so if it’s too wet add more cornflour and vice versa.

I let the kids play with it like this for at least 20 minutes because once you start the fizz reaction with vinegar there’s no turning back. So make sure they have played enough with the fizz ‘sand’.

I put vinegar into little containers and let them suck it up with syringes and droppers. I also tried to start by sectioning off small amounts of the sand into cupcake holders for a more impressive reaction. Let them fizz away :).

Just as I though the fun was over the kids got stuck in there with their hands and started to “smush” it all together. I added a tiny bit more shaving foam and after a little bit it all came together as a dough !

Another 20 minutes of playing with this vinegar/ flour/ shaving foam dough!

The boys genuinely played with this for over an hour.

For younger children please remember supervised play. Vinegar and bicarb may not be “toxic” but you certainly wouldn’t want to ingest it in larger quantities !

Have fun playing!!


Shaving cream

Equal amounts cornflour/ bicarbonate of soda

Food colouring (optional)

Vinegar for reaction

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