Edible “Pudding” Slime

I did it! I finally got around to trying out this “slime” recipe and I am ecstatic, it is by far the most favourite one I have done. I say “slime” because it’s not really a “slimy” texture. It’s more of a super soft playdough, or a combination of playdough with theย viscosity of slime. Think melted prestik? Whatever it is, the texture is truly addictive and I could happy squish this around the whole day. Who needs fidget spinners?


I was inspired by “The Soccer Mom Blog”ย and her fabulous take on the “emoji poop”. Looking at her recipeย ย for Edible Chocolate slime, I just adjusted it slightly to what I had on hand.


One packet of instant pudding mix, you can use any flavour

1 cup corn flour

About 1/3 cup warm water

Vegetable based oil for your hands

Mix about 1/4 cup of the pudding mix into a bowl with half of the cornflour. Add in the warm water and stir together until a sticky clump forms. Adding a little corn flour at a time, mix until it’s too hard to mix with a spoon anymore (and you think it may be too dry).


Take out and knead on a flat surface. The more you knead the better it gets. Adding in the remaining cornflour continue to knead until all stickiness disappears. Slime is never an exact science, if it is too sticky add more flour, too dry add in more water.

I then took a small drop of oil into my hand and mixed that into the mixture. This took away any residual stickiness, added in a great sheen and made it softer.



That is literally it! The more you stretch and play the better it gets. The one thing about this recipe is you MUST keep the mixture in an air tight container. I noticed when not using it, even if it is left out for 5 minutes it dries very quickly. If it does get a little dry, add in a touch more oil.


It is the softest, most stretchy, playdough slime thing you have ever come across ๐Ÿ™‚ You MAY want to do it outside or in the kitchen. If your kids are like my boys they like to get “hands on” and I had to do a sweep up of flakes of the “play-slime” everywhere.

Have fun and keep experimenting!


20 thoughts on “Edible “Pudding” Slime

  1. Hey Rebecca I just made this recipe and it is looking good! I have actually just made up two of your slime recipes for our open day tomorrow so I really appreciate you!
    I find you didn’t really need to add much of that second half cup of cornflour. Just a little. It really is like play dough. Perfect for two year olds! I did a second batch as well to use up the carton of pudding.

    1. Oh fantastic Heather I’m so glad! Take pics for me ! This is literally one of my favourite recipes I think the texture of this is just so “playable” , I couldn’t stop playing with it

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