Slime Sensory Box

If you follow me on instagram you would have seen that this week we were given some awesome products fromย Zimpli Kids to try out with the boys.

Gelli Baff and Slime Baff were designed for bath time or water play. They are 100% Safety and dissolve away completely.

We tried out Gelli Baff first, which turned the bath the most vibrant shade of pink and quickly expanded to form millions of jelly type balls. Think small tapioca type balls. The water in the bath turned into a thick, swamp style consistency and the boys absolutely loved it. I know alot of you may be thinking , wouldn’t it block the drain? ZimpliKids thought of a solution, in the pack of Gelli Baff comes a packet of “salt”, add it into the water and the balls magically disappear.



On day two we tried out the Slime Baff. I have to be honest, my eldest (soon to be 4) was not convinced initially by the texture, but as soon as I mentioned it was similar to the slime fromย one of his favourite TV shows,ย “Swashbuckler pirates”, he quickly saw the fun of it and bathtime was extended by another 20 minutes.


The texture inspired me to create a Halloween Sensory Slime box.

I mixed up the Slime Baff with some Water beads and spagetthi that I had coloured with some food colouring. You can really see the consistency of the slime here.

I thenย added in some Halloween bugs and creepy crawlers. The boys had to dig out the bugs with tongs and tick each item off their list.

It’s a great activity to develop fine motor skills and held their attention for at least an hour. The slimy texture of Slime Baff was exactly what I wanted !

In South Africa, ZimpliKids products will be avaliable from mid October through Toys R Us.

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