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So I’m sure you are all well aware that Halloween is right around the corner, and it’s one of those “holidays” that traditionally, I do not celebrate.

By choice, I feel that something that was once about dress up and fun has largely been turned into something deeply evil and sick. As my children grow up however, I think back to my childhood and the fun we would have dressing up and trick or treating. I grew up in a rural area in Botswana. Halloween in not largely celebrated. For a couple of years however, along with a few friends (we all lived on farms), I would dress up and my dad would take us from farm to farm “trick or treating”. I LOVED IT.

So I’ve come to comprise, and yes while I still don’t agree with what Halloween represents, I do agree with a good old excuse to dress up, and of course, I have 2 boys, so how could I resist getting stuck in with some ooey, gooey slime.

That being said for the next few weeks I’ll be featuring some fun ways to get your children excited. You won’t be seeing any zombies, scream masks, blood or gore (that’s the part I dislike) but I can promise lots of slime, cute ghosts, bugs and beetles 🙂

Here are some cute meal ideas I came up with to bring in some excitement 🙂


Mummified Sandwich

PB+J Sandwich sliced diagonally with fondant eyes

Half an apple with raisins skewered onto toothpicks

Pumpkin clemintine (citrus fruit)

Nuts, pumpkin seeds and dates for a cockroaches delight

For dessert: a simple “mummy” Jelly


Wormy Noodles


Coloured spaghetti – I boiled the spaghetti as usual and then added in a drop of food colouring at the end, mixed it up with some pasta sauce and lentils to look like wormy goo.

Cucumber spiders with cheese squares for eyes

Apple Spiders

For dessert: A yoghurt mummy – Yoghurt that I added natural colouring too and topped it off with a little granola for the earthy effect.


The possibilities are actually endless, using a little imagination you can create anything.

All of the food items used here are sourced from Woolworths and PicknPay

You can check out a summary of some more awesome Halloween inspired lunch boxes from “I should be mopping the floor” here and some easy to create ideas with “Passion for savings” here.

One of my absolute favourites for inspiration is this fruit platter from “Whats baby eating” to prove that Halloween does not all need to be about unhealthy candy.


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