Edible Slime Recipes

If you are a huge fan of slime like we are in our house, then you will notice that a large majority of the slime recipes do contain harsher ingredients like glue, detergents or borax. This can irritate little hands (though we have been fine) and its also crucial that this play should be supervised at all times.

Hearing a lot of people ask, I decided to do some research into more “non-toxic” slime recipes. These slim recipes are both “edible”, though I probably wouldn’t suggest gulping them down in large batches. With their varying consistencies we are going to be using them in some super creepy Halloween sensory trays soon!


Slime Made with Jello (Jelly here in South Africa)

1 cup cornflour (Cornstarch)

I packet Jelly (Jello)

Water to mix

Mix up the cornflour and jello together in a bowl and slowly mix in warm water until all lumps have dissolved.



Continue to add a water bit by bit until the mixture starts to come together. Its almost impossible to mess this recipe up, if you feel that your mixture is too runny add more cornflour and vice versa. With the addition of cornstarch the kids were amazed that this slime could go from being a “solid” in one second to forming a gloopy liquid the next.

TIPS: Be prepared to get a little messy, that’s ok, this slime is actually easier to clean up then any glue based ones. I do these activities on a plastic tablecloth that I can easily wipe up.



2 Ingredient Slime

Yes, it seems makingย slime actuallyย does get easier. Though this slime is definitely used for more of a sensory box. I love how the tapioca/cornflour magically becomes clear when heated. You will need:

4-5 tbspย of tapioca flour ( you can use cornflour but it doesn’t blend together as well)

An equal amount of water


Mix up the flour and water until runny, add a little food colouring of your choice for a better effect. Microwave at 30 second intervals stirring in between (or you could do stove top). The mixture will come together but it still may be a little sticky, I found by pouring cold water over it and removing it from the water the stickiness disappeared. The Tapoica mixture did bind together slightly better, whilst the cornflour looked more like jelly bits (perfect for Halloween).


PS: If you are into Banting/ Paleo eating you should have some Psyllium Husk around, this works great as well!


Id love to hear your thoughts? Ill be testing out some of the Shampoo/ Dish wash based slimes next as well as an awesome one made with pudding mix ! Would you like to hear about any other crafts for kids?

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  1. This looks gross and awesome all at the same time! Thanks for sharing your creation. Something I could definitely try when my son gets older.

  2. We have done several slime recipes but have never tried these ones out ! Thanks for sharing , Iโ€™ll be trying these soon for sure .

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