Living life through the eyes of my children

“If we could see the world through the eyes of a child, we would see the magic in everything…”

Every day when I wake up, feeling a little grumpy because my sleep was broken or not long enough, I look at my children in amazement. Every single day these tiny humans beg me to wake up and jump out of bed. It’s a new day, it’s a new day filled with promise and adventure for them. Endless possibilities lie ahead and their imaginations are eager to take them places.

I’ve often thought I want to live just one day in my life like my children. Filled with boundless energy and hope. Ever wonder how it would change your life or your outlook?

These are some of the things my children have taught me and why I think we should all try and view the world through a child’s eyes.



  1. Every day is brand spanking new


The excitement when you wake up in the morning of what the day COULD hold. Don’t think about yesterday’s problems or issues weighing down your brain, that was yesterday. This is a NEW day, a blank slate filled with possibilities. Today is what you make of it. Clear your mind and handle every task as you receive it. Anything can happen and if you are open to opportunities with a smile on your face, the world often recognises that and throws a little sparkle your way.

2. Positive mind-set


My life’s motto is literally from “Finding Nemo”. “Just keep swimming” is without a doubt my take on life. Through it all just keep moving forward. When presented with a situation Children never see the worst. They see the best in people and believe every new opportunity is an exciting adventure. I’m not saying there aren’t bad people out there, unfortunately as we grow older we do see the sad realities of the world, BUT, what I am saying is do not let those “bad things” grey or cloud over your skies. I truly believe there are still way more good people and wonderful things in this world then there are bad. Positive thoughts create real value in your life and instil greater self-confidence. “YES WE CAN”.


3. Open your mind


“Why, why, why, why?” How many times have you heard a child say but why? Kids are interested in learning as much as they can, their brains are like sponges, absorbing everything around them. They don’t take no for an answer because they know there’s something more behind it. Keep learning, keep digging until you get to the origin of something and your mind is truly satisfied that that is the right answer.

  1. Everyone is a new friend

Ok, we don’t need to take it as far as “friend” but being open to new people introduces us and opens doors to new possibilities. Networking. It’s the basis of all successful businesses. What’s the harm in talking to someone when you are waiting in a line? They worst they could do is tell you to bugger off, but you never know, you may spark a conversation that could lead you to lifelong friendships or opportunities. Children are always open to meeting new people, they want to smile and make friends with people. If we had to embrace this mind-set when meeting new people or running errands your network would expand dramatically.



  1. You can be anything

Why do we lose this? The ability to dream! Ok so far my children have wanted to be soccer players, golfers and racing car drivers. When I was growing up I was adamant I wanted to be a few things in my life, I wanted to be a “businesswomen” walking down a corridor in a grey pencil suit carrying a grey briefcase (I was very specific), I wanted to be a teacher and I wanted to own my own coffee shop and work with animals in some way. As I got older I still want to do all those things and I still believe that there is a season for all parts in life. I like to believe I have accomplished the “Businesswomen” side of things, now that I have children I often substitute at my kids playschool and who knows as they move through their schooling years maybe I can teach more. Once they get older perhaps ill open my coffee shop and once I hit “retirement” age who knows, maybe I can volunteer my time at an aquarium like I had envisioned. I’ll put it out to the universe now as well that one day I would also love to counsel people, to perhaps further my psychology degree and put it into private practice. My point is we CAN achieve your dreams. Hold on to them. Factor them into your everyday life. Put them up somewhere so you can see them and your mind can work towards them. Too often we pick career paths we “think” we should or because someone told us to. It’s never too late to follow your passion!! If you are stuck in a career you don’t enjoy, obviously one can’t just quit and start studying again, but we can take little steps towards our new focus. Take a course on the side, align yourself more with people in the profession. Do little tasks every day to build up towards it. Life is far too short to be doing something you don’t enjoy. We need to value and appreciate every day!

In my ballet class the other day there was a woman who was 75 years old. She is my hero! If you have a dream, DO IT! The world is full of possibilities and you can get in on any of them.


  1. Live without inhibitions

Kids wake up in the morning, decide they want to wear their favourite rainbow striped shirt with polka dot shorts and wellington boots. Why? Because it’s their favourite and it makes them happy. They are proud of their clothes and run into school to show their friends. Imagine how free we would be if we didn’t care as much what people thought? When was the last time you played on a swing set or went down the slide? When was the last time you did cartwheels on the grass or danced around on the beach? As adults we worry too much about what others may think of us. Whilst we need to, to keep society in check at times, it’s also important we let our inner “free child” out to breath. Take the time to live in the moment. I have two cousins that I admire more then they know because they just “do”. They will erupt into cartwheels or song whenever they are inspired, and it’s beautiful!! Take the time to just feel the sunshine on your skin, be in the moment. Don’t let your fears inhibit possibilities and adventure.

  1. Don’t stop moving

Seriously. These kids never stop. EVER. The only time my toddler boys will sit down is when forced to sit and eat, and even then you constantly have to put them back down in their seats. They are on the go from the moment they open their eyes to the second the finally sit down and crash. What happened to that energy? How the world would be rid of obesity if we could all just have an inch of this energy. I made a vow to try and keep up with them wherever they go. Whilst I may not be able to scoot around the house broad sliding my plastic motorbike, I can run next to them when we are outside. I can dance around with them or play hide and seek 200 times. Be in the moment, play with them.



If you have the chance to watch or be with a child, you will notice the authenticity they live with. They feel and release every emotion (as frustrating as it can be sometimes as a parent), if we can incorporate this child-like behaviour into our daily lives: we can learn to live more from the heart. We can open up and truly connect, smile and feel. Our energy levels would increase dramatically because we aren’t weighed down with negativity. Children naturally embrace being in the moment and not having another care in the world when they are engaged in a certain task. Let’s aim to take these aspects from our kids to make us better people, better parents, better humans.

7 thoughts on “Living life through the eyes of my children

  1. So true Becky. Thank you for this reminder. Sometimes it’s he simple things in life that really make a difference to your outlook and experiences.

  2. Awesome post – makes you think of things a little differently. And helps me not be so mad when my son jumps on me before 7 every morning. Haha.

  3. This is so true! We can learn so much from them. Their energy is always incredible. If we took more days and lived them through their eyes, we would truly be unstoppable- all of the time! Great article!

  4. Such a sweet post! I totally agree, my kids wake up so happy every day (well most days lol) and always have such a positive outlook on life!

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