Congrats you’re pregnant! Have you booked your dentist appointment?

So hey, congratulations! You’re pregnant? YAY, Ok, so here’s something they NEVER warn you about… your teeth !

In between all the hospital tours, doctors check-ups, name searching and nursery set up, a trip to the dentist is certainly not high up on the list. But, did you know, that pregnancy can lead to dental problems? Most pregnant women are affected by some sort of dental problems including gum disease, sensitivity and tooth decay. The increased hormones in your body, surprisingly, affect your body’s response to plaque and of course increase blood flow. Pregnancy “Gingivitis” is quite common making your gums more easily irritated and inflamed.


Lets not forget the glorious Morning sickness which can increase the amount of acid your mouth is exposed to. Effective brushing or flossing are often skipped because of gag reflex or tender gums. My mum warned me when I was pregnant with my first child that over and above all other checks and worries I should make a trip to the dentist my first priority (she learnt from a bad experience, 13 fillings after my brother was born). If you know me, you would know that I have a complete and utter paranoia about dentists. Ok, its not THAT bad, well actually, it kind of is. Naturally, I ignored her advice and didn’t go throughout my whole pregnancy. Fast forward 4 months post-partum and my teeth were so sensitive I could hardly chew anything! The first dentist I visited gave me utter heart failure and said I needed at least 9 fillings, but at that point, my teeth were too sensitive. She gave me fluoride and told me to come back in a week, thankfully, because as it turns out I didn’t need them and it was just a bad case of having zero enamel left on my teeth. A bit of fluoride treatment and a soft toothbrush did the trick. I was one of the lucky ones!

Many pregnant women are afraid to go to the dentist or think that you aren’t meant to get any dental work done whilst you are pregnant. Not only is that not true, but its even more important to see a dentist when you’re pregnant because of how it affects your teeth! That being said, the amount of women that I have since come across that have had to deal with teeth issues after having baby’s is shocking, so PLEASE mama’s take it from me, try to go at least once during your pregnancy and again within the first 6 months post-partum.


The main issues that pregnant women face are: Bleeding/swollen gums and Sensitivity of teeth. Swapping to a soft bristle tooth brush and using a toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth should help you along the way and don’t forget your pregnancy vitamins!

You got this mama, book that appointment so you can pose for all of those beautiful post baby pics with a happy, healthy smile 😉



5 thoughts on “Congrats you’re pregnant! Have you booked your dentist appointment?

  1. I wish I would have felt better during my pregnancy. I knew I should go in but it felt like the biggest roadblock! Now I have a cavity, and I am sure it is because I skipped. Good reminder to those that still have the chance!

  2. I went when I was pregnant with my daughter, and my teeth came out on the other side just fine! I didn’t go with my son, and you know what? Cavities. For. Days. So take the advice ladies, and book that appointment!

  3. I remember reading about this when I was pregnant as well and did go in to see the dentist just to make sure everything was okay. A good reminder for everybody!

  4. Great reminders. So important to get your teeth checked during pregnancy! You’ve reminded me to go schedule my cleaning ?

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